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    UK is Removing All COVID-19 Traveling Restrictions

    Mar 16,2022

    UK is Removing All COVID-19 Traveling Restrictions from Friday, 18 March

    In the last two years or so, we are witnessed one of the deadly pandemic situations. There were many detrimental effects we have seen due to this Wuhan COVID – 19 virus. people not only lost their near and dear ones but also lost their jobs, shut down their businesses, broke financially, and eventually, suffered a lot. The UK is one of the countries of the world that has faced devastating situations during the pandemic. Their economy goes down significantly.

    Despite the critical situation, the UK has fought back by inventing COVID vaccination, improved health facilities, and a positive approach. As a result, they get themselves out of the condition precisely and quickly. The government has slowly and gradually removed the COVID 19 restrictions and due to that, the economy is back on track.

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    During the pandemic, the government kept improvising the rules for the UK Study Visa.  Because of that not only did a huge number of international students successfully get the visa but also safely travelled to the UK. Even till today, the UK government is improvising their travelling policy and in the hierarchy, recent they have announced one of the biggest news.

    As per the news – The UK Government has announced that they are going to remove all the remaining COVID 19 restrictions from Friday 18 March 4 AM. It means,

    • From 18 March 4 AM no travellers will be required to take the COVID test before entering the UK.
    • The rule is also applicable for even those passengers who are not fully vaccinated.
    • Additionally, the travellers will also not require to fill Passenger Locator Form.
    • Apart from this, managed hotel quarantine capacity will be withdrawn from the end of March month.
    • The UK government is planning to make the UK one of the first economies of the world who end all the COVID 19 international travelling rules.

    The government is deciding to set out the Living With COVID Plan. As per the vaccinations numbers, there are almost 86% of the population has the second dose whereas, 67% of the population has the booster dose or third dose. However, the authorities are also ready to maintain the range of the contingency measures. Suppose, any harmful variants will occur in the future. On top of that UKHSA will also closely monitor the spread of the harmful variants and keep an eye on the international data.

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    Based on the announcement, the UK is expecting the best outcome out of it. However, authorities also do not deny the impact of the changing variant. So on one side, the government is ready to remove the restrictions but on the other side, they are also taking enough precautions to control any contingency. With the certain step, those aspirants will be benefited more who are looking to Study in UK.

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