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UK-India Young Professionals Scheme 3,000 Indians Will Be Benefited Each Year

Nov 18,2022

Key Highlights Of The Uk-India Young Professionals Scheme

Recently, on 15th November 2022, the seventeenth G20 Summit was held in Bali, Indonesia. Plenty of discussions, meetings, conferences, and bilateral meetings happened during the summit. As far as the Indian perspective has concerned and on top of that especially, immigration has been concerned, the summit has brought one of the biggest news of the year.

Two significant leaders Mr Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister) and Mr Rishi Sunak (UK Prime Minister) have done a bilateral meeting and gifted a new “UK-India Young Professionals Scheme to the nation.”

The scheme will be benefited young Indian professionals who would like to Work in the UK. As per the scheme, each year UK Immigration will issue 3000 visas to eligible Indian professionals. The new scheme is expected to open in early 2023.

Want to Work Or Live in UK?

Key Highlights of the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme

  • As per the scheme, 3000 young Indian professionals will be allowed to live and Work in the UK.
  • The scheme will be applicable to only those candidates who have aged between 18 to 30 years.
  • Moreover, professionals may be expected to hold a degree that is relevant to their jobs.
  • Once candidates will qualify for the program, they are allowed to live and work in the UK for up to two years.
  • This new route is expected to open in early 2023.
  • One of the key features of the program is that The British Government claims, India will be the first visa-nation country that is going to get the benefit.

Feedback From the Dignitaries

  • Mr Sunak who has an Indian descent gives a promising reaction to the announcement. As per the UK PM “I know first-hand the incredible value of the deep cultural and historic ties we have with India. I am pleased that even more of India’s brightest young people will now have the opportunity to experience all that life in the UK has to offer — and vice-versa — making our economies and societies richer
  • Sanam Arora, chairperson of NISAU, UK (National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK) is fairly confident about the latest declaration. As per her feedback “The scheme would be oversubscribed from India’s perspective. On the other end, many young Brits as possible are also encouraged to take up this scheme to go to India.”
  • A positive reaction also came from the City of London’s lord mayor Nicholas Lyons. In his wordings the scheme “allows top talent to move smoothly between markets”


Other Important Factors

  • India is the first Visa-National country that will get the benefit of such kind of UK Scheme.
  • The scheme is a reflection of the UK – India migration and mobility partnership that is agreed upon in the year 2021.
  • The MoU has been signed between the two countries in May 2021 to increase the mobility between both countries.


There are a huge number of candidates who are approaching toward UK Study Visa because of the lenient and promising approach from the UK government and UK immigration. On the other side, such sorts of schemes highly encourage more and more Indians to apply to study in UK and further settlement options.

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