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The Decision to Study in New Zealand Now – Wise or Worst

Jul 13,2022

The Decision to Study in New Zealand Now - Wise or Worst

From 31 July 2022 New Zealand is expected to reopen their borders for international students. During the Wuhan virus pandemic, the country imposed the world’s strict border controls. As a result, when most countries have already started to allow migrants, international students, and skilled workers to move to their country, New Zealand is thinking to open. This recent update may raise a question in plenty of students, yet another country is about to open then is it a wise or worst decision to Move to New Zealand on a study visa now in the year 2022 – 23? Let’s try to figure it out with this article.

About New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A country where nature is living, it is a country of natural beauties, flora & fauna, and surrounded by the sea as well as mountains. Moreover, the kiwi’s land is also known for its low crime ratio and high longevity rate. The people are friendly and supportive. The country is in the top five lists of honesty. As far as, immigration has concerned, New Zealand has mixed opinions.

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New Zealand Education System

New Zealand’s education system has derived from the early European and British education systems. In the present scenario, tertiary and higher education is based more on practical learning as compared to theoretical learning. The education system is divided into the levels that are given below.

  • Level 10 – Doctoral Degree
  • Level 09 – Master’s Degree
  • Level 08 – Postgraduate Certificate/ Postgraduate Diploma/ Bachelor Honours Degree
  • Level 07 – Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree
  • Level 05 & 06 – Certificate / Diploma
  • Level 04 – Certificate

New Zealand Study Visa Criteria

The country has their specific criteria for the student visa. Here is an overview of the criteria.


  • Like other countries, New Zealand has two main intakes February and July but they have rollover intakes.
  • Practically intake every month in some of the other institutions resulting in recruitment throughout the year

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For Diploma & Bachelors Degree: 12th with 50% to 70% range.
  • For Graduate Diploma, PG Diploma, Masters: Bachelors with 55%

Language Requirement:

  • Diploma & Bachelor’s Degree & Graduate Diploma
    • IELTS/PTE 6.0 with no bands less than 5.5.
    • Post Graduate Diplomas & Masters
      • IELTS/PTE 6.5 with no band less than 6.0

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New Zealand Study Visa After Wuhan Covid – 19 Virus

New Zealand is another country after Australia that has put strong restrictions during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Now the country is going to ease them for the country’s residents as well as those who Want to Migrate to New Zealand. Because of certain reasons the government is looking to allow foreign students and skilled immigrants.

  • New Zealand is facing some serious labour shortage issues. The issue has been raised due to some non-cooperative steps taken by the immigration department.
  • According to some government reports, in the last 12 months, nearly 11,000 immigrants left the country due to pandemic restrictions.
  • Although there were no restrictions to leave the country, on the other side, still there is no specific planning for returning migrants. The policy discourages several immigrants who have valid visas but no pathway to return to New Zealand.
  • As per the latest data from “Statistics New Zealand,” the country has fallen into negative figures in net migration.


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Is this the Right Time to Move to New Zealand?

As per the above analysis, there is a certain question raised, is this the Right Time to Move to New Zealand? However, the real answer is based on the individual’s perception.

  • Based on the analysis, there is a sure potential for skilled workers. However, if you are Looking to Study in New Zealand on this basis then you should think twice.
  • As per the current Student Visa Rules of New Zealand, you will at least get one year of study plus one year of post-study work visa rights. However, based on the programmes, cities, duration of the course and post-study work visa rights changes.
  • Though there is a list of jobs currently available in the country, you should check whether it will lead to a further visa like work visa or permanent residency.
  • On the other side, if you are just looking to study abroad and particularly in English speaking country, also do not want to spend much amount or add a foreign education degree to your kitty, then New Zealand is a better place.
  • The country does not have more industrial, manufacturing or production units due to the weather and climate conditions. It means, there are fewer opportunities for the mechanical or industrial-related workforce.
  • The country is surrounded by major service sectors like insurance, finance, banking, logistics, supply chain and others. As a result, there are likely chances to study courses in such industries.
  • Based on the recent experience of the international students that is more non-cooperative. Because due to the COVID 19 situation, there were plenty of students have lost their jobs and faced survival issues. However, the government has helped them in the tough time but several students and post-study work visa holders left the country.

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There is no doubt that New Zealand is one of the countries that one should target to get a better education. However, apart from education, there are plenty of things that a student should look for. Between the years 2014 to 2017, the country has invited plenty number of international students. In certain cases, the country has also given student visas without IELTS as well.

Although, the immigration policies are decided by the government. At end of the year 2017, the government changed in New Zealand and they changed the immigration rules. Due to that, several work visa applications were declined between the years 2018 and 2019.

Eventually, the decision of sending back the migrants went wrong for the government and at the end of the year 2019 the government declared some relaxation to attract international students. In the year 2020 pandemic hit the world and all the calculations went reverse for all the immigration-oriented countries. Now New Zealand once again would like to come into the picture and again attract international students.

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