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    SkillSelect Invitations to apply to migrate – Round 1 August 2012 Results

    Aug 01,2012

    On 1 August 2012 the first automated round of invitations to apply to migrate under the skilled independent and skilled family sponsored visas was completed under SkillSelect.

    As SkillSelect is a new system, the first run of invitations was reduced in size, to allow us to ensure that all elements of the SkillSelect and electronic lodgement system are working smoothly. While this first round of invitations was small, we expect to be increasing the number of invitations issued in future invitation rounds, so that Australia can benefit from the high quality client submitting Expressions of Interest through SkillSelect. It is anticipated that the next run of invitations will occur on 1 September 2012.

    Automated rounds of invitations to apply to migrate result in invitations for the following visas:

    • Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa; and
    • Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa (Family Sponsored)

    This process does not include nominations by state and territory governments, which also result in invitations being issued. State and territory governments have been nominating clients since 1 July 2012 and data on outcomes is provided below.

    1 August results

    The number of invitations to apply to migrate issued under the August 2012 round was 100 places. This is a significantly lower number than the numbers that will be invited for future rounds. The table below shows the allocation of places by the subclass of visa:

    Visa subclass Invitations for 1 August
    Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) 90
    Skilled – Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) – Family Sponsored 10
    Total 100

    The following table shows points claimed by the clients who were successfully invited to apply in this round.

    Visa subclass Points Score Invitations
    Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) 85 5
    Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) 80 32
    1Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) 75 53
    Skilled – Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) – Family Sponsored 80 3
    Skilled – Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) – Family Sponsored 75 7

    Invitation process and cut offs

    In each round of invitations to apply to migrate, the highest point scorers for each subclass are invited to apply for the relevant visa. For clients who have the same level of points, the time at which they reached their current points score in that subclass (referred to as the visa status date) determines the order of invitation. EOIs with earlier visa status dates are invited before later status dates.

    In this round, the lowest points score invited, and the latest visa status date invited were:

    Visa Subclass Points Score Visa Status date
    Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Permanent) 75 18/07/2012 11:40AM
    Skilled – Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional) – Family Sponsored 75 11/07/2012 13:52PM

    If you wish to compare your EOI against the outcomes of the invitation round, you can check your points score and visa status date at any time for all visa subclasses covered by your EOI.

    Occupational Ceilings

    Invitations to apply to migrate are subject to yearly occupational ceilings or upper limits. In the August round, no occupation reached its ceiling.

    The numbers of invitations to apply to migrate in each occupational grouping July are available at the following link:
    See: SkillSelect Activity Summary July 2012 (28KB PDF file)

    Nominations by State and Territory Governments – July 2012

    The number of applicants to migrate who received nominations from State and Territory Governments during July 2012 is shown in the following table:

    Visa subclass ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA Total
    Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa 12 25 1 0 20 0 25 18 101
    Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 1 6
    Business Talent (Permanent) (subclass 132) visa 0 0 0 0 1 1 5 1 8
    Total 12 25 1 0 26 1 30 20 115

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