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    Safety Tips for International Students While Study Abroad

    Jun 24,2022

    Safety Tips for International Students While Study Abroad

    As an international student, one should be aware of such safety measures while Studying Abroad. Being a student, when you are going to study in a completely new environment, then you have to take an initiative toward your safety. As a result, it is necessary to understand such safety steps that can help you to keep safe from unnecessary troubles.

    As globalization is expanding, more and more countries are coming close. They are developing reciprocal relationships in terms of culture and trade. In addition, they are interchanging their students and traditions as well. In addition, plenty of students run to the western world, some middle-east countries, and some Asian countries for their higher studies.

    On the other side, travelling has increased especially, among students that bring much positivity. However, along with that, some dark side has also been revealed. During the past few years, we have seen that the crime against international students and migrants has increased. Students are facing some challenges while studying in abroad such as racism, robberies, harassment, fraud, scams, etc.

    Countries like the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have low crime rates. As a result, students would prefer to move there. However, in recent years we came to know about the crime against international students even in such countries as well.

    These types of incidents tend to us to acquire the knowledge of safety during abroad studies. Here are some tips that may help you to enhance your security during your study abroad.

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    Do Research About Study Destination

    Plenty of measures that students should find out about the destinations where they are going to study

    • Suppose you are about to fly then take some online survey of the destination. Keep an eye on the regular updates of the place.
    • You can be registered and monitor the local news channels, and newspapers to take the latest update on the city.
    • If you are looking for accommodation then you should research the surrounding areas and the distance between your university or college.
    • Before landing in the country, enrol in the university’s alumni and current students group through social media.
    • Search your country’s people’s community and try to contact them.
    • If you have any relative or friend is belong to the city or even from the country where you are going to study, take their advice before flying.
    • If you have already landed in the country, then search for neighbourhood and near community support that can help in case of emergency.

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    Learn Local Legal Terms and Customs

    It is always advisable to take the best knowledge of local laws while studying overseas. Each country has their laws so here are some of the tips that can help to learn the local laws.

    • Generally, it has been seen when students go the abroad studies they feel free and independent. In the scenario, sometimes students break the laws knowing or unknowingly. So before visiting anywhere in an unknown country take some knowledge of such laws like
      • Getting Social Security Number rules
      • Banking Rules
      • Work rights and hours rules
      • Traffic rules
      • Owning or renting the properties
      • Drinking habits
      • Local neighbourhood rules
      • Some countries have specific rules that may affect if you may be in support or against any caste, creed, religion or organization.

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    Be Ready for Emergencies

    As it is an ancient quote, one should always be ready for the battle. Especially, while studying overseas students should develop the mindset of being ready for emergencies.

    • If you are staying in sharing apartments then keep your important documents secure and in lock & key.
    • Keep handy your emergency numbers not only on your mobile phones but also keep them in your diaries, and notes and also share them with your friends.
    • Know the country’s emergencies like police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency numbers save in your phones and keep them handy as well.
    • Some countries might have different weather and climate situations so before reach there keep your belonging accordingly that can support you in the extreme situations.
    • Especially, international students should be aware of their country’s embassy/consulate address and contact numbers so that if in case any major difficulties may happen then they can approach them directly.

    Pick Your Accommodation Wisely

    The shelter is one of the important things that all international students should take a serious note of.

    • Usually, students search the accommodation that is nearby to their institution. However, sometimes students forget to check the surrounding areas, transportation and safety measures.
    • Secondly, to save money students usually take the sharing apartments but sometimes due to community differences or ethnic differences or cultural differences, they face unusual situations.
    • Especially for the first-year students, it is advisable to select the university accommodation that can be in the campus area. Such type of accommodations provides additional safety to the students.

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    Apart from this, students can take some other measures as well to protect them from any challenging situation. Firstly, the network building is one of the best things to enhance the community support. Better to avoid travelling in unknown places during the late evenings and if you have to then better to go in the company of known person or group of people. Moreover, you can download government’s safety applications, tracking apps. Therefore, here are the steps that may support you and make you feel safe while taking Education in Abroad.

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