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New Zealand is Reopening It’s Student Visa From 31st July

May 13,2022

New Zealand is Reopening It’s Student Visa From 31st July

According to the latest announcement by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the government is reopening the New Zealand Study Visa from 31st July 2022. Previously, it was supposed to open in October 2022. Additionally, the government is also planning to do some immigration setting changes in terms of post-study work permit rights.

During the Wuhan virus pandemic, most countries have closed their international borders due to that, no foreign skilled workers or international students are allowed to enter the country. Later on, as the vaccine has developed and vaccination drives have initiated in each country as result, countries slowly and gradually have started opening their borders and allowing the vaccinated foreign workers, international students and international travellers. There are two countries – Australia and New Zealand have taken the Wuhan virus pandemic more seriously. As a result, not only they have extended the lockdown so long but also remain their international borders closed longer period. However, these countries have less number of cases on the ground.

Although, last year Australia has conducted the vaccination drive aggressively and once they achieve 90% of the vaccinated population target, the government has started releasing the restrictions and announced the opening of the borders.

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Key Highlights of The Announcement

  • Over the past two years, New Zealand has faced challenges in their international education sector. This news has brought great relief to all the stakeholders of the sector.
  • Along with the announcement, the government also decides to makeover the immigration settings and rebalance the work. These changes may include the international students’ post-study visa rights and other students’ visa rights.
  • As per the recent border exception up to 5000 international students will be allowed to arrive in New Zealand soon.
  • Changes are applicable from 11th May 2022
    • All the international students who are looking to pursue bachelor’s or post-graduate courses or higher studies will continue to receive post-study visa rights.
    • Students, who are studying Level 7 or lower non-degree courses (except Bachelor’s degree) will only be eligible for the post-study work visa rights if they fall in the relevant occupation.
    • The work right duration depends on the length of the Study in New Zealand taken by the candidates. (Master & PhD students will remain on the 3 years of post-study work permit)
    • Currently, there are no major changes in Post-Study work visa rights. However, the government may declare update the policy after 31st July 2022 when students start arriving in New Zealand.
  • Living costs & fees change from 31st July 2022
    • The amount that students need to demonstrate as the living expense will increase, for tertiary education it will be NZ$ 20,000 PA,
    • Students need to pay the tuition fee for one year program or the first programme (whichever is shorter).

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After the vaccination drive, Australia has declared some significant changes in their immigration policy and as a result, it will be benefited the aspirants who are looking to Study in Australia or want to Migrate to Australia. Because of the reciprocal and bilateral relationship between Australia and New Zealand, generally, New Zealand follows the pathway that has been opted by Australia. Therefore, there are likely chances that New Zealand may also declare some liberal rules to attract more international students.

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