Important Update On UK Study Dependent Visa

Oct 18,2022

Important Update On UK Study Dependent Visa

As newly, appointed Home Secretary Suella Braverman has recently stated her long-term aim at the Tory party conference in Birmingham. The newly formed government is looking to make the immigration rules strict for the dependent of international students. UK Immigration is about to bring new visa policies that may affect the upcoming international students who would like to study in the UK and would like to bring their dependent family members.

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Some Key Points Of The Statement

  • As per the statement by the home secretary, the new government is targeting to reduce the new migration due to certain specific reasons.
  • A particular idea to tighten the rules by the ministers is considering to tackling a “bad migration”.
  • Moreover, an argument also supports that the government is looking to bring an immigration system that encourages growth and maintains balance.

Reasons Figured Out Behind The Announcement

  • The home office data of international students is one of the first concerns identified by the ministers.
  • Parallelly, another major concern is the increasing number of unskilled dependents of foreign students.
  • As per the home office data, visas granted to the dependents were increased five times in the last three years.
  • As per the statistics, in the year 2019, the granted visas were 13,664, which raised to 81,089 in the year ending June 2022.
  • Another cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi has told in a TV interview that as far as international students are concerned “a really positive thing for our universities, for our communities”. On the other side, the minister is in not favour that international students bringing their five or six dependents’ to the UK. In the interview, he reminds the first and foremost law of the UK study visa and said “we have to make sure that they’re coming to legitimately study here.

Reflections On The Announcement

  • As the news spreads, the reflections are coming from here and there. On one side, the ministers and supporters are favouring the declaration. On the other end, several international students’ associations, students and political personnel criticize the proposal.
  • According to some experts, the cap may discourage students to come to the UK and that affects the economy. Because international students bring a huge monetary benefit to the economy and this decision may directly harm the financial contribution.
  • As per the research and statistics of the Higher Education Policy Institute and Universities, in the single year 2021, the net profile of the UK economy has raised by £25.9bn due to the contribution of a huge number of international students. Out of the amount, a total of £2.9bn spend on the use of public services.
  • An argument has been raised as well that each student who would like to bring his/her family members must have to pass the immigration checks. Students must have to prove that they have enough funds to support their families.
  • According to the spokesperson of the Universities UK – “The Home Secretary and Cabinet Office minister seem to be overlooking the fact that only postgraduate students can bring dependants. “These students tend to be older and therefore more likely to have families, so putting up barriers to them bringing those loved ones with them is simply going to drive them to study elsewhere. “We risk losing their huge contribution to research and the skilled economy, at a time when we need it most.”


Students who would like to go for a UK Student visa and would like to take family members along with their need to understand certain things. As per the government to reduce the “Bad Migration” putting a cap is the only solution. However, they have not finalized anything. The final decision is yet to make and till then some more suggestions and strategies are likely to come.

Moreover, even the UK government is also aware currently Indian students are coming to the UK in huge numbers. Secondly, until the October end, PM Narendra Modi is going to visit the UK for the final negotiation on FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between India and the UK. The changes in the immigration laws may affect the deal that may not fruitful for the UK. Therefore, it is too early to judge anything before any further clarification. However, on the safer side, if you have a strong desire to study in the UK then you must act fast and proceed ahead to secure your position.

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