Last Updated Jul 04,2024

Important Update: Changes to Australian Visa Application Fees




Effective from 1st July 2024, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has implemented new visa application fees. This newsletter provides a summary of the changes for various visa categories.

Key changes:

  • Modest increases for most other visa categories: The majority of visa fees have seen increases ranging from 2.36% to 10.22%.
  • Some visa categories with minimal changes: A few visa categories, such as Post-Study Work visas (Subclass 485) and some Skilled Migration visas (Subclass 189, 190, 491, and 186), have experienced minimal fee hikes (between 2.64% and 2.80%).
  • Significant increase for Student Visa (Subclass 500): The fee has more than doubled, rising from $710 to $1,600 (a 125.35% increase).

For a complete picture, please refer to the tables below

VISA CATEGORYOld FeesNew Fees%Increase
500 Student Visa$710$1600125.35%
485 Post Study$1895$19452.64%
189 Visa$4640$47652.69%
190/491/186/491 Visa$4640$47702.80%
485 Subsequent$745$7652.68%
820/309 Spouse Visa$8850$90952.36%
VISA CATEGORYOld FeesNew Fees%Increase
462/416 Working Holiday$635$6502.36%
870 Parent Visa (3 Years)$5735$58952.79%
870 Parent Visa (5 Years)$11470$117852.75%
143/864 Parent Immigration Visa$4765$48952.73%
103/804 Parent Immigration Visa$4650$512510.22%
101 Child Immigration Visa$2710$314015.87%
BVB Bridging Visa$155$18519.35%


Investing in a Brighter Future: While some visa application fees have been adjusted to ensure efficient processing and continued program development, the majority of visa categories have seen minimal increases. This ensures a smooth application process for those seeking to build a life in Australia.

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