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    Canada Extended Distance Learning Date for International Students

    Aug 26,2022

    Canada Extended Distance Learning Date For International Students

    As per the latest update, the IRCC has announced an extension for distance learning until 31 August 2023. This time has been given to international students to return to Canada. Moreover, students who applied for their study permit before 31 August 2022 will be able to complete up to 100% of their program online. However, despite having online studies they will be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Visa.

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    Key Highlights Of The Update

    • During the Wuhan virus COVID – 19 pandemic, international students were not allowed. As a result, the IRCC permitted the students to take their entire studies online whether they are in their home country or in Canada.
    • In addition, the department has also considered that the students will be eligible for post-study work visa rights. However, two things were still unclear until now – first, when students can come to Canada was not sure. Secondly – whether the distance learning study points will count for Canada Permanent Residency process or not.
    • Before the pandemic, as per the IRCC rules no more than
    • Eventually, as per the latest announcements, the IRCC has removed all the dilemmas and approved the extension for distance learning.
    • In the previous announcement, the IRCC also considered distance learning in their Permanent Residency criteria.
    • As per the latest announcement not only an extension be approved but also a post-graduation work permit will be issued 100% to the candidates.

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    Important Notes

    • Students who are currently studying online from their home countries or abroad or students who have submitted their Canada Study Visa application no later than 31 August 2022, are eligible to continue to complete their studies 100% online.
    • These students also do not need to worry about their post-study work permits. As it would not be affected.
    • Additionally, if study time will be completed from the home country or abroad after 01 September 2023, will be deducted from the length of the post-study work permit. Here the department will not consider when the program has started.
    • The specific measure will be applicable for those candidates who will start their program from 1 September to 31 August 2023. The listed below measures will be applied to them.
      • Students who will earn no more than 50% of the credits while studying outside Canada will remain eligible for a post-study work permit.
      • If studies are completed from outside Canada after 1 September 2023 will be deducted from the length of a future post-graduation work permit.

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