Canada Declares Latest Express Entry Draw #228

Aug 05,2022

Canada Declares Latest Express Entry Draw #228

A new month has begun with the latest Express Entry draw. The new draw is declared on 3rd August with the CRS cut-off of 533 points. The No Program Specified draw has included Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee Program, and Canadian Experience Class categories. A total of 2000 invitations are issued under the draw.

Key Points of Latest Express Entry Draw #228

  • This is the third continues to draw under the No Program Specified.
  • After waiting for a long one and half years, the IRCC declared the first No Program Specified draw on 6 July 2022. The first resumed draw has closed with the way high 557 CRS points. Canada invited 1500 overseas and in-land candidates through this draw.
  • Afterwards, on 20 July 2022 Canada Immigration invited another 1750 invitations with the cut-off of 542 CRS points. This draw has closed at 11 points lower than the previous one. Whereas, a total of 1750 candidates have received the invitation to apply (ITA).
  • There are 250 more candidates were nominated than in the previous draw.
  • On the other end, in the latest express entry draw, Canadian immigration has reduced more than nine points from 20 July 2022’s draw.
  • Moreover, this draw has also invited 250 more candidates than the previous one.
  • This is the third time in a row the cut-off CRS points goes down and the invitations count has raised.
  • The tie-breaking rule applicable for the draw was January 06, 2022, at 14:29:50 UTC.
  • Here is the in-detail information of the latest draw and their comparison,

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Draw’s Number Date of Draw Immigration Program Invitation  to Apply CRS Cut-off
228 August 3, 2022 No program specified 2,000 533
227 July 20, 2022 No program specified 1,750 542
226 July 6, 2022 No program specified 1,500 557
Total No Program Specific Invitations till now 5250

Changes to Canadian Educational Credential Points

Moreover, there is a significant update has just come on 29 July 2022 regarding the Canadian education credential. As per the update, candidates who have completed their studies in Canada during the Wuhan virus pandemic are eligible. Students who have obtained their credentials in a study or training program completed (in whole or in part-time) between March 2020 and August 2022 will now be eligible to claim the full Canadian education points in their Canada Permanent Residency application.


The regular No Program Specified draw is raising the bar of hope among overseas applicants. As per the trend, this is the third consecutive time the CRS cut-off has reduced draw-by-draw. As per the numbers per draw, the cut-off reduces by 15 points to 09 points. On the other side, the invitations graph is increasing by 250 candidates per draw.

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