Canada, Cap On International Students – Myth Vs Fact

Sep 01,2023

Canada, Cap On International Students – Myth Vs. Reality

As per recent updates, Canada is facing a housing and accommodation crisis where there are a less number of houses available in comparison to the overall population. Some people believe that the crisis is been raised due to the increment in the international student population. As a result, one of the rummers is floating that Canada may be going to put a cap on upcoming international student numbers. However, there is no official declaration from the government or the IRCC.

The rumor is raising certain doubts in those students who would like to Study in Canada such as,

  • Does Canada Restrict Students’ Numbers?
  • Does this affect students’ Canada Study Dream?
  • Are there any possibilities to move further?

Some Important Aspects

  • As far as the whispers are concerned, the Canadian government and the IRCC have yet not declared anything about it.
  • Some Canadians believe that the record immigration target is the primary reason for these accommodation difficulties. However, recently Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau clarified that Canadians should not blame a specific group like International Students and new immigrants for the crises.
  • According to an analysis by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC), Canada needs to build an additional 3.5 million new homes by 2030.
  • On the other end, the Canadian job market does not have enough skilled workers who can address this issue.
  • There is a huge civil, construction, supply chain, and other construction-related fields skill shortage faced by the job market.
  • Here we may have a chance to focus on such prospects who can fit these profiles.


  • As per the former immigration minister Mr Sean Fraser’s August 22, 2023, interview, he responded to the question “Will there be a cap on international students?” He said; This is one of the options that we may consider. However, there are some other alternatives as well.
  • The government may focus on quality profiles more than quantity.
  • Institutes may advise enrolling students as per their accommodation facilities
  • Encourage the students to enroll in institutes that are in Saskatchewan, Quebec, or the Atlantic provinces.
  • IRCC may ask the confirmation of the accommodation within the DLs or outside the students before the final application.
  • Private colleges may face strict rules for the arrangement of students’ accommodation because of their restricted infrastructure.

The Occupations in Demand

There are likely chances that because of such a situation, the listed below occupations will come in demand sooner or later. As far as student visa is concerned, the listed below occupations will come under the skill shortage list so it is advisable to opt for the programs accordingly.

NOC 2021 Code NOC 2021 Label NOC 2021 TEER
00015 Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities 0
22233 Construction inspectors 2
22303 Construction estimators 2
70010 Construction managers 0
72014 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers 2
72400 Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics 2
73402 Drillers and blasters – surface mining, quarrying and construction 3
75110 Construction trades helpers and labourers 5
21300 Civil engineers 1
22300 Civil engineering technologists and technicians 2
12102 Procurement and purchasing agents and officers 2
13201 Production and transportation logistics coordinators 3
14301 Correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks 4
14402 Production logistics workers 4
62100 Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade 2
65312 Janitors, caretakers and heavy-duty cleaners 5
72013 Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades 2
72014 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers 2
72021 Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews 2
72320 Bricklayers 2
72310 Carpenters 2


As the global diaspora is changing the accommodation crises will increase day-by-day. However, as it says each obstacle brings an opportunity to grow so in this situation as well, there are plenty of opportunities to grow as a student and migrant. Canada cannot afford to lose the international students’ attention due to the house crises because international students are generating more than $22 billion in revenue per year.

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