Brings a Smile to Canada PR Aspirants & Inland TR Holders

Apr 26,2022

Brings a Smile to CanadaPR Aspirants & Inland TR Holders

Canadian Immigration minister Mr. Sean Fraser has finally put a full point of several speculations and dilemmas. Recently, he has declared an important announcement that touches not only thousands of immigrants who would like to settle in Canada permanently but also the announcement has brought a smile to plenty of students visa and work permit holders who are currently in Canada.

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As per the announcement, two significant updates may create an impact on the recent upcoming immigration process as well as Set the Pathway for Canada Immigration’s Future.

  • First, finally, a great relief has been declared for Canada PR aspirants, as the IRCC will resume the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) draws by early July.
  • Second, the IRCC has now extended the open work permit duration up to 18 months for the Post-Graduation work permit holders.

Highlights of The Announcement for Canada PR Aspirants

  • The IRCC is also planning to introduce the new Express Entry Application process pattern
  • As a part of the new process early July 2022 will be the restarting point for the IRCC’s FSWP, CEC & FSTP draws.
  • The new Express Entry Application system is targeting to complete most of the new applications within the six months of service. The current EE process is taking at least seven months to 20 months.
  • Due to the Wuhan virus pandemic, and the travel restrictions the IRCC has stopped declaring the FSWP draws. On the other end, they required skilled migrants to fulfill the labour market shortage. As a result, the IRCC has increased the focus on CEC class candidates.

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Highlights for Inland Applicants

  • All the candidates whose PGWP is expiring between January 2022 to December 2022 are eligible to get an additional work permit up to 18 months from the upcoming summer.
  • According to the IRCC’s statistics, almost 95,000 candidates’ PGWPs are expiring in the year 2022, and out of them around 50,000+ could be benefited from the new announcement
  • The applications will be still under the process, though the candidates are not in Canada in between.
  • Those candidates who are already on the open work permit and also put their permanent residency application can also be eligible for this new work permit criteria.

Announcement’s Impact on Indian Candidates

  • The announcement will be benefited most Indian candidates whether they have applied for the Canada permanent residency from outside of Canada or from inland. Because in both of the cases the IRCC has received the highest number of applications from Indian aspirants.
  • During the Wuhan virus pandemic year 2020, more than 50,000 Indian citizens received the Canada PR invitation. In the year 2021, as the restriction has been removed more than 100,000 Indian citizens become Permanent Residents of Canada. According to the “Canada Immigration Levels Plan,” Canada is supposed to invite 400,000+ new immigrants and Indians get the highest benefit out of it.
  • Till December 31, 2021 data, over 622,000 foreign students are currently Studying in Canada, and out of them, almost 217,000+ students are from India.

Now, this significant change not only benefits the Indian fraternity but also clears the pathway to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

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