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    Brief of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

    Feb 16,2022


    In the recent parliament session, the immigration minister Mr. Sean Fraser has announced the new Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024. The announcement on this new immigration levels plan came on 15th February at approximately 3:35 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. According to the immigration minister, the goal of the plan is to strengthen the Canadian economy, reunite the families and provide help to the refugees. Additionally, it focuses on increment of retention of newcomers in the regions under the actual economic, labour, and demographic constraints.

    In these upcoming three years, Canada Immigration has targeted the given-below number of immigrants.



    2022 431,645
    2023 447,055
    2024 451,000

    Analysis of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

    As the announced Immigration Levels Plan have been covered some of the specific and significant analyses. Additionally, there are certain forecasts have also been disclosed. Here are the analytical and forecasting of the plan given below.

    Analysis of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

    The plan has includes all the Canada immigration programs such as

    Economic Programs

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program,
    • Canadian Experience Class.
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Atlantic Immigration Program
    • Quebec Skilled Workers Program

    Pilot Programs

    • Agri-Food Pilot Program
    • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
    • Caregivers Program
    • Economic Mobility Pathways Project

    Family Class

    • Spouses, Partners, and Children
    • Parents and Grandparents Program

    Refugees and Protected Persons & Humanitarian and Other Programs

    • Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad
    • Resettled Refugees – Government-Assisted
    • Resettled Refugees – Privately Sponsored
    • Resettled Refugees – Blended Visa Office-Referred
    • Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other

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    Additionally, this year the government has also introduced a new Temporary to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) stream. It has includes the Start-up Visa Program and the Self-employed Persons Program as well.

    Under the economic pilot programs category, the Municipal Nominee Program will be followed by the program launch. Moreover, programs like Home Child-Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot, caregiver pilots programs through the interim pathway.

    Quebec region is also included actively in the plan. However, there are two categories family class & protected persons excluded.

    In the Refugees and Protected Persons & Humanitarian, and Other Programs the human rights defenders in need of protection, including women, journalists, and LGBTQ2 people streams have also been considered.

    Apart from this, Canada supports the Afghanistan situation and include the admission for persons selected on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, for reasons of public policy, and in the permit holder class as well.

    Moreover, the plan has also aimed to reach a significant number of Francophone immigrants; the government has set a target to increase the French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec by 4.4% until the year 2023.

    Canada Immigration


    Forecasting of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

    There are certain sorts of forecasts are targeted by the Canadian government through the immigration levels plan speculations are as per below.

    • Till the end of the year 2022, nearly 56 migrants are expected to arrive in Canada under the economic class programs (Express Entry, PNP) and the Temporary to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) stream.
    • According to the IRCC, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will be the key program. The program has targeted almost 84,000 newcomers this year.
    • As per the recent memo, the IRCC has reduced the range of the Express Entry Draws in half for particular this year. However, as per the plan it is expected that by 2024 the Express Entry draws will be normalized as for the year 2024 the plan has targeted 111,500 new immigrants.
    • For the year, 2022 and 2023 the immigration plan has launched the new stream TR2PR and out almost 40,000 immigrants are expected to land in Canada by end of the year 2022. Whereas, final 32,000 immigrants are likely to be landed by 2023.
    • As far as the family class has concerned, in the year 2022, there are 105,000 in total family class candidates are predicted and out of the 24 per cent that is 80,000 immigrants will come under the Spouses, Partners, and Children Program whereas, 25,000 immigrants set to arrive under the PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program).
    • As per the plan, the remaining 20 per cent of immigrants are falling into the refugee and humanitarian programs category. With this immigration levels plan Canadian government is looking to accommodate nearly 40,000 Afghan refugees in these upcoming years. There are also likely chances that the government may reduce the share of refugee and humanitarian programs as the Afghan resettlement operation completes.

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    Immigration Class Wise Immigration Levels Plan Targets

    YEAR 2022 2023 2024
    Economic Class 241,850 253,000 267,750
    Family Class 105,000 109,500 113,000
    Refugee Class 76,545 74,055 62,500
    Humanitarian Class 8,250 10,500 7,750
    Total 431,645 447,055 451,000



    Though the Express Entry Draws range has been reduced by the IRCC for this year, biweekly draws will be processed under the Provincial Nomination and other class categories. During the pandemic, the Canadian provinces and territories are declaring the draws frequently. They are also inviting a good number of candidates. As a result, last year Canada Immigration has set a new record by inviting 405,000 new permanent residents. As per the announcement Immigration Levels Plan every year by 1st November. This year on November 1, the government will be announced Immigration Levels Plan for the year 2023-2025. Last year the immigration plan did not take a place due to the September federal election in Canada.

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