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    Australian Government has Waived off the Visa Application Fees of AUD 630 for International Students

    Jan 20,2022

    Australian Goverment - Has Waved Off The Visa Application Fees Of Aud 630 for International Students

    In recent times, the effect of COVID-19 is reducing day by day. As a result, many countries announce visa changes for foreign travellers, international students, and immigrants. Now, Australia has also jumped into the race and started declaring frequent changes. The Australian government is declaring the relaxation in visa conditions.

    As per the recent announcement by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, all the international students who arrive in Australia will get a visa rebate of 630 Australian dollars. The rebate of the visa application fees for the students and working holidaymakers are expected to be valid at least for the next three months. The purpose of the rebate is targeted to fill the critical workplace shortage created due to the Wuhan COVID – 19 virus.

    This is consecutively second relaxing news especially, for the international students. Previously, PM Morrison has announced the relaxation for the onshore international students by removing the 40 hours-a-fortnight caps to work. That means international students from now onwards no longer are under the restriction of working for limited hours.

    The visa rebate initiative will organize by the Department of Home Affairs, and it will be in consideration for the next eight weeks.

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    Australia Visa Application Rebate Initiative

    The Australian government is expecting a good number of international students with this rebate announcement. Additionally,

    • PM Morrison is also hoping to return nearly 150,000 students who already have an approved visa to come and study in Australia but currently, they are stuck in their home countries.
    • Moreover, Prime Minister has also clarified the quarantine and vaccination regulations for the upcoming students and homemakers.
    • PM has also said the international students who are returning to the country must have to be fully vaccinated.
    • Secondly, students need to follow the requirement of the quarantine arrangements that are imposed by the state governments.

    Purpose of the Australia Study Visa Rebate Initiative

    • Australian government want the maximum number of temporary workers and international students to fill the critical workforce shortages.
    • Especially, those candidates who are working and/or trained in health care, elderly age care, and such sectors.
    • Australia Study Visa application rebate has the purpose of encouraging more and more students to return to Australia and start their study at Australian universities.


    As the Government of Australia will be investing almost AUD 3 million behind the marketing campaign of the Australian tourism sector to attract more backpackers, working holidaymakers, and international students. Here the Treasurer of the Australian government Mr. Josh Frydenberg added that this Australia Study Visa rebate initiative will cost the government nearly AUD 55 million.

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