Australia Increases the Permanent Residency Intake By 35000 for 2022-2023

Sep 07,2022

Australia Increases The Permanent Residency Intake By 35000 For The Year 2022-2023

As far as the Australia Permanent Residency has concerned, it is not wrong to say “Achhe Din Aane Wale Hai”. After such a long wait finally, the time has come that brings smiles to many faces who would like to move to Australia permanently.

As per the recent announcement by Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil Australia increases the permanent residency migrant ceiling by 35000 and reached up to 195,000. Previously it was declared 160,000. However, to understand and address labour shortages the government has decided to increase the intake. O’Neill speaks at the Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra, Friday, Sept. 2, 2022.

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Key Highlights of the Latest Announcement

  • The minister speaks among 140 representatives of governments, trade unions, businesses and industry personnel.
  • The duration of the announcement increases for the year ending 30 June 2023.
  • At the summit, the minister explains the current situation of the country. How the industries are suffering due to the labour shortage. For instance,
    • In the past two years, the medical staff and essential workers are doing double and sometimes triple shifts in a day.
    • Flights were being cancelled due to a lack of ground staff. Fruits ripen but no one was there to pick them.
  • She also added the government understands that how the best minds were diverted toward countries like Canada, the UK and some European nations instead of Australia.

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Steps Taken by the Government

  • Australian Immigration gives more than 70 unique visa programs.
  • As per the minister, Australia’s immigration program is “fiendishly complex” and gives various opportunities to apply
  • The government would establish a panel to rebuild the Australian immigration programs not only in the interest of the country but also for the onshore as well as offshore candidates.
  • Additionally, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on the first day of the Jobs and Skills Summit in Canberra, that “180,000 free places would be offed in vocational education schools next year at a cost of 1.1 billion Australian dollars ($748,000) to reduce the nation’s skills shortage.”


In the present scenario, Australia is opening their various programs including states are also declaring their openings. On the other end, states are directly inviting candidates from different fields. As per the analysis, if you are an engineer, IT professional, professor (of a specific field), or skilled worker then you should start your Australia PR process at the earliest. Because in the present scenario the country is facing a huge labour shortage issue and only the new immigrants can fulfil the requirements.

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