Last Updated Oct 18,2022

Australia Immigration Update – DHA Invitation Round October 2022




Yet another spectacular round of invitations has been declared by the Department of Home Affairs. With the round of invitations, Australia invited 11,000+ candidates under subclass 189 whereas subclass 491 Family Sponsored has nominated 818 candidates.

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DHA Conducted The Latest Round Of Invitations On 6 October 2022

Visa Subclass Invitations
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) 11,714
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored) 818

Invitation Round And Process

Candidates who scored the highest points not only received the invitations but also who scored equal points got the invitation under the visa subclass 189 and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family-Sponsored.

Visa Subclass Minimum Points Score Latest Date Of Effect Month
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) 65 10/2022
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored) 65 10/2022

As per the above-mentioned table, the department has mentioned the latest date of the effect month as 10/2022 which may mean that even if any candidates who have submitted their expression of interest on 5th October 2022 and reached their points score may have also received the invitations.

Included Occupations In The Latest 6 October Round

Lowest Points Score – 65 – Date Of Effect Of EOI – 10/2022
Occupations 189 491
Offshore Onshore Offshore Onshore
Aeronautical Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Agricultural Consultant 65 NI 70 NI
Agricultural Engineer 65 NI 90 NI
Agricultural Scientist 65 NI 65 NI
Architect 65 NI 65 NI
Biochemist 65 NI N/A* NI
Biomedical Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Biotechnologist 65 NI 75 NI
Botanist 65 NI 85 NI
Cartographer 65 NI N/A* NI
Chemical Engineer 65 NI 70 NI
Chemist 65 NI 65 NI
Civil Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Electrical Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Electronics Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Engineering Professionals NEC 65 NI 70 NI
Engineering Technologist 65 NI 65 NI
Environmental Consultant 65 NI 75 NI
Environmental Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Environmental Research Scientist 65 NI 95 NI
Environmental Scientists nec 65 NI N/A* NI
Food Technologist 65 NI 70 NI
Forester 65 NI 75 NI
Gastroenterologist 65 NI N/A* NI
Geophysicist 65 NI N/A* NI
Geotechnical Engineer 65 NI N/A* NI
Hydrogeologist 65 NI N/A* NI
Industrial Engineer 65 NI 70 NI
Landscape Architect 65 NI 100 NI
Life Scientist (General) 65 NI 70 NI
Life Scientists nec 65 NI 70 NI
Marine Biologist 65 NI 85 NI
Materials Engineer 65 NI 80 NI
Mechanical Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Metallurgist 65 NI 70 NI
Meteorologist 90 NI N/A* NI
Microbiologist 65 NI 80 NI
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 65 NI 75 NI
Natural and Physical Science Professionals NEC 80 NI N/A* NI
Naval Architect 65 NI N/A* NI
Nuclear Medicine Technologist 70 NI N/A* NI
Petroleum Engineer 65 NI 80 NI
Production or Plant Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Quantity Surveyor 65 NI 65 NI
Structural Engineer 65 NI 65 NI
Surveyor 65 NI 65 NI
Transport Engineer 65 NI 80 NI
University Lecturer 65 65 65 65
Zoologist 65 NI N/A* NI


After the detrimental effects of the Wuhan COVID – 19 pandemic Australia has not only rejuvenated fast but also brought some significant changes in its immigration policy. These two recent draws are precise examples of the current trend of Australian Immigration.

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