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    Study Masters of Pharmacy in Australia: Top Universities, Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process

    Jan 05,2024

    Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    The Masters of Pharmacy in Australia represents a significant academic pathway for individuals aspiring to advance their expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and healthcare. This two-year program not only gives graduates official recognition for Pharmacist registration in Australia but also opens doors to a promising international career in the growing pharmaceutical industry. With the pharmaceutical industry continually expanding and offering attractive career opportunities, Masters of Pharmacy in Australia ensures participants stay updated on the latest research and developments in the dynamic field of pharmacy.

    MS in Pharmacy or Masters in Pharmacy in Australia program offers an extensive curriculum covering pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and clinical pharmacy, equipping students for crucial roles in healthcare and the pharmaceutical sector. Emphasizing practical experience and creativity, participants actively participate in research projects and hands-on training, ensuring they graduate as skilled professionals prepared to navigate the dynamic healthcare environment.

    In today’s definitive guide, we’ll zero down on everything about Masters of Pharmacy in Australia. Let’s get started!!!

    Why Study Masters of Pharmacy in Australia?

    Choosing to pursue a Master of Science or MS in Pharmacy in Australia offers a myriad of compelling reasons for prospective students. Here are a few of them:

    • According to the Australian Labour Market, the healthcare industry in Australia has been identified as the top-ranking sector with the highest demand, anticipating the creation of 252,600 jobs by the conclusion of 2023.
    • Pharmacists in rural and remote areas of Australia are experiencing an increase in salaries as there is a rising demand for professionals in both community and hospital roles.
    • In Australia, entry-level pharmacists can expect a salary ranging from $55,000 to $64,500, while experienced pharmacists can earn up to $110,000, depending on their level of expertise.
    • Pharmacy qualifications from Australia are well acknowledged worldwide, making it simpler for graduates to work or continue their studies in other countries.
    • Australian universities are renowned for their world-class education and cutting-edge research facilities, providing students with access to the latest advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. 
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    Overview of Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

    The Masters of Pharmacy in Australia is a two-year advanced program that educates students on the creation and dispensing of medications. It imparts an understanding of the effects different drug categories have on the body and mind, along with insights into their interactions when used together. 

    The course encompasses subjects such as chemistry, Medicine, and Biology, aiding students in grasping the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical sciences. MS in Pharmacy in Australia presents an exciting opportunity for students to progress in their pharmacy careers. This advanced course is available to students globally who have completed an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy or a related field and meet the eligibility requirements of Australian universities.

    ProgramMasters of Pharmacy / MS in Pharmacy
    Duration2 Years
    Program typePost-graduate
    EligibilityBachelor in Pharmacy or equivalent
    Language competency testsIELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE Academic
    Tuition Fees30,000 AUD to 55,000 AUD per year
    Average Salary70,000 – 1,40,000 AUD Per year

    Top Universities for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

    With numerous options available for pursuing a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, the selection process may become challenging for students. Several of these universities rank among the world’s finest. If you’re planning to pursue a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, here are some institutions worth considering.

    Sr. NOUniversityCityQS World Ranking
    1University of SydneySydney41
    2Monash UniversityMelbourne57
    3University of QueenslandBrisbane50
    4University of New South WalesSydney45
    5University of Technology SydneySydney137
    6University of TasmaniaHobart293
    7University of CanberraBruce, Canberra511
    8Griffith UniversityBrisbane300
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    Eligibility for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia 

    To qualify for pursuing Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, individuals generally need to satisfy particular academic and professional requirements. Here are the minimum eligibility requirements for aspirants pursuing MS in Pharmacy in Australia:

    • A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or a closely aligned field such as Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and similar disciplines is required.
    • Proof of English language competency , IELTS-7.0 , TOEFL: above 90
    • Minium GPA score 5.0 for your academic qualification.
    • Work experience in a related field such as registered pharmacist can benefit admission in some renowned universities.

    Required Documents for an MS in Pharmacy in Australia

    • A graduate degree obtained from an Australian educational institution or its equivalent Official academic transcripts of your previous qualifications 
    • Recently revised curriculum vitae (CV) 
    • Scores demonstrating proficiency in the English language (IELTS, TOEFL) 
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Work experience related documents( if any)
    • GRE/GMAT score (as per university requirements)

    Steps to Apply for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia

    Securing admission to a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia involves a series of steps. As a prospective student aiming to pursue higher education, it is essential to adhere to the following procedures to ensure successful enrollment in Australian universities.

    1). Research and Create a Shortlist: Explore MS in Pharmacy programs offered by various Australian universities, taking into account factors such as faculty, reputation, location. Generate a shortlist based on your preferences.

    2). Check Eligibility: Confirm that you meet the admission criteria, including academic qualifications, English proficiency, and any additional requirements such as work experience or standardized tests.

    3). Submit Application: Complete the online application, providing necessary documents like transcripts, CV, statement of purpose, and recommendation letters. Some institutions may require submission of GMAT or GRE scores.

    4). Application Review: The admissions committee evaluates your application, considering factors such as grades, professional history, and recommendations.

    5). Interview (if applicable): Some universities may conduct interviews through video, phone, or in-person sessions. Be prepared to attend the interview call.

    6). Confirmation of Admission: If selected, you will receive an offer letter specifying admission terms, program start date, tuition costs, and any conditions. Accept the offer by the given deadline and make the required payments to secure your enrollment.

    7). Apply for Australia Student Visa: International students should apply for an Australia student visa to study MS in Pharmacy and meet health, character, and financial requirements.

    Cost of Studying a Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    Tuition fees for MS in Pharmacy programs vary between universities, with prestigious institutions often having higher fees. Moreover, one must also think about additional costs that includes textbooks, research materials, and fieldwork. It’s advisable for students to create a comprehensive budget and explore potential scholarships or financial aid options to support their expenses while studying MS in Pharmacy in Australia. The table below presents approximate annual tuition fees in some top Australian universities for MS in Pharmacy.

    UniversityTuition fees (in AUD)Tuition fees (INR)
    University of Sydney54,00030,75,000
    Monash University49,50028,19,276
    University of Queensland49,30028,07,740
    University of New South Wales48,45027,57,300
    University of Technology Sydney58,38033,23,390
    University of Tasmania37,20021,18,620
    University of Canberra31,00017,65,570
    Griffith University37,50021,35,770
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    Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

    The cost of living in Australia for international students is a crucial factor to consider when planning their educational journey. While tuition fees are a significant part of the expenses, students must also account for accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, and personal expenses. Australian cities vary in living costs, with with cities like Sydney and Melbourne being on expensive side. Here is a breakdown of living expenses in Australia based on different factors:

    FactorAverage monthly expense( in AUD)
    Internet 80-100

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    Scholarships for Masters of Pharmacy in Australia for International Students

    Australia offers a range of scholarship options for international students, making it an attractive destination for those seeking higher education. Institutions such as the Australian Government, universities, and private organizations provide diverse scholarship programs that cover tuition fees, and research costs. These opportunities ensure that talented individuals from around the world have access to quality education in Australia.

    Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice International Student ScholarshipEnrolled in undergraduate/postgraduate course at The University of QueenslandAUD 6,935 to AUD 13,871
    International Scientia Coursework ScholarshipEnrolled in any program at University of New South WalesA yearly payment of A$27,742 towards the academic fees
    UC International Merit ScholarshipEnrolled at University of Queensland 10% tuition fee waiver
    Sydney International Student Award (India)Enrolled at University of SydneyUpto 20% tuition fee waiver
    Australia’s Global University AwardEnrolled in undergraduate /postgraduate program at The University of New South WalesAUD 10,000 waiver

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    Job & Career Opportunities after MS in Pharmacy in Australia 

    Upon completing a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, graduates access diverse career paths, including roles in community and hospital pharmacies, contributing to patient care and medication management. The research-oriented curriculum facilitates opportunities in universities or research centers, driving advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. 

    The pharmaceutical industry offers avenues in drug development and marketing. Graduates secure well-paying positions as Pharmacists, Clinical Trial Pharmacists,  and Molecular Biologists in the evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Here is a list of some of the common roles in Australia after MS in Pharmacy:

    Job PositionAverage Annual Salary
    Quality Control Analyst63,000
    Clinical Researcher80,000
    Research Scientist85,000
    Molecular Biologist80,000
    Drug Safety Associate78,000

    Top Companies Recruiting Graduates in MS in Pharmacy in Australia

    Leading companies actively hire graduates who have pursued a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, offering them diverse opportunities in areas like research, drug development, patient care and quality control. This makes Australia a prime destination for graduates seeking impactful and rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical sector. Some of the top Australian companies recruiting pharmacists are:

    • The Chemist Warehouse
    • Sypharma
    • Baxter Healthcare
    • Lipa Pharmaceuticals
    • Terry White Pharmacy
    • Amcal
    • My Chemist
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    End Note,

    Pursuing a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia is a transformative academic journey that blends cutting-edge pharmaceutical education with a rich cultural experience.  As a student, you not only gain comprehensive knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences but also develop critical skills for research, innovation, and patient care. With a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia, graduates can make meaningful contributions to the field and positively impact healthcare on a global scale.

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      01 What are the tuition costs for pursuing a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia?

      The average annual expense for pursuing a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia is around 38,000 AUD. Additionally, it’s important to take into account the cost of living, which is approximately 2,000 AUD per month.

      02 What credentials are required to enroll in a MS in Pharmacy in Australia?

      Basic admission criteria for the Master of Pharmacy in Australia:

      1. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
      2. Minimum GPA of 5.0 on a 7.0 scale.
      3. Relevant work experience as a licensed pharmacist or in related professional domains.
      03 What roles can I perform after studying Masters of Pharmacy in Australia?

      Graduates with a Masters of Pharmacy in Australia can pursue various career paths at community and hospital pharmacy centers, research roles in universities or research centers, and positions in the pharmaceutical industry involving the development or marketing of drugs. Common job positions after completing the program include Pharmacist, Clinical Trial Pharmacist, Quality Control Analyst, Clinical Researcher, Biochemist, and Molecular Biologist.


      04 Is Australia a good study abroad destination for pursuing an MS in Pharmacy?

      Definitely. Australia is one of the top 5 countries to study MS in Pharmacy, as it offers excellent education, diverse career opportunities, and valuable international experience. Study in Australia and give a dose of boost to your career!

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