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Mar 02,2022

Northumbria University UK

Northumbria University is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities the UK is holding today. Established in 1969, the university holds a place among the top ten universities functioning in the UK. Northumbria has students from above 130 nations. Engineering, Computing, Sciences, Business, Law, Design, Built and Natural Environment, Arts, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sport, and Health are among the subjects offered at the Northumbria University. The Northumbria University is dedicated to preparing you for the future by providing an exclusive learning experience. Northumbria University bestows students with well-equipped infrastructure, cutting-edge teaching methods, and world-class athletic facilities, as well as an environment that fosters learning and development with utmost care.

Why Northumbria University?

  • Northumbria University is one of the top ten universities in the United Kingdom.
  • The massive library, which houses thousands of books, is dedicated to the betterment of students.
  • Students benefit from world-class sports facilities as part of their overall development.
  • The huge array of course options enables students to pick the course of their choice.
  • Financial aid is offered in the form of scholarships and bursaries.
  • Work on part-time basis is permitted by the university.
  • It is possible to obtain a Post-Study Work Permit.
  • The process to get a UK student visa is moderate. 
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Admission Process at Northumbria University

How to Apply Admission?

The application process to secure admission at Northumbria University include the following steps

  • Look over the application form

As different courses have different application forms, it is imperative to verify the form you are choosing. 

  • Keep an eye out for the deadline

The form must be submitted before the specified deadlines to enhance your chances of securing admission. 

  • Keep an eye out for the prerequisites

Different courses have different prerequisites, so be aware of what your selected course’s prerequisites are and make sure you meet them.

  • Submit the application and all supporting documentation

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps, it’s time to submit the application along with the required documentation.

Let’s Start with Step 1

Eligibility and Document Requirement

Based on your home country, the requirements to study at Northumbria university may differ. Also, the requirements may vary depending on the type of program you choose. For example, to pursue a post-graduate course, you must have

  • a bachelor’s degree with at least 55 percent marks or a master’s degree with at least 55 percent marks. 
  • a language proficiency test scorecard such as IELTS (minimum 6.5) or PTE (minimum 62). 

Similarly, for a graduate certificate, you need

  • an undergraduate degree with at least 45% marks.
  • a language proficiency test scorecard such as IELTS (minimum 6.0) or PTE (minimum 54).

Document requirement

To reserve a seat at Northumbria University, you must present a list of mandatory documents which include

  • An application form
  • Email id
  • Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Resume
  • SOP
  • Proof of financial stability

Northumbria University UK intake 2024-2025

The university primarily offers admissions in three intakes – September intake, January intake, and May intake. The admission deadlines for Northumbria University upcoming intakes 2024-2025 are as under

May 2025 intake – 30 March 2024

September 2024 intake – 30 July 2024

January 2025 intake – 05 November 2024

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Northumbria University: Part-Time Work

International students are allowed to work while studying at Northumbria University, but only for 15 hours a week. The university also assists students in finding work through various platforms. Students can work as Digital Content Creators, Student Event Representatives, Undergraduate Outreach Representatives, Postgraduate Outreach Representatives, and NECOP Mentors, however, there are other positions too.

Northumbria University: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Northumbria University understands the financial difficulties faced by meritorious students and offers a number of excellent scholarships. These merit and need-based scholarships are a huge benefit to overseas students who want to Study in UK. If they meet the eligibility conditions, full-time international students can fund their study in UK with the help of various scholarships. The following are some of the most well-known scholarships and bursaries available at Northumbria University.

  • EU scholarships and bursaries
  • Merit scholarships
  • Country scholarships and bursaries


In recent years, youths have been more interested in study in UK. However, not everyone achieves their desire due to the problems they face when completing the UK student visa process and other requirements.

Are you among the ones planning to study in UK for a long? The UK intakes 2024-2025 could be a good opportunity to give it a shot. Feel free to contact our UK student visa consultants at any time for thorough information on the UK intake, to better understand and streamline your UK student visa process, or to get answers to the questions about study in UK. Our UK Student Visa Consultants are happy to assist you with the finest information and services.

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