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    Georgian@ILAC Toronto – Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission

    May 12,2023

    Georgian@ILAC Toronto Campus

    While the Covid-19 outbreak is slowing down globally, many international students are planning to Study in Canada for successful career opportunities. Georgian @ILAC Toronto offers various post-secondary programs with highly engaging student activities. Your path to getting Canada Student Visa is now easier with the Georgian @ILAC Campus. The college is now offering various programs for September-2022 and January-2024 intakes in Canada.

    About College

    ILAC (The International Language Academy of Canada) is one of the most extensive and most awarded English language schools in Canada, with six campuses located across Toronto and Vancouver.

    20,00- students from approximately 100+countries study at ILAC every year. In partnership with Georgian, a publicly-funded college located in Ontario, Canada, students can enrol in various Georgian programs at ILAC, Toronto. The college has:

    • One of the largest IELTS Testing Centers.
    • Beautiful and modern classrooms.
    • Easy to access location in Toronto downtown
    • Easily accessible by subway trains and buses, and a few steps away from Sherborne station.
    • Variety of social and educational activities throughout the year, including local tours, music concerts, festivals, etc.
    • The college offers full-time diploma programs with co-op and apprenticeship opportunities.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible to apply to Georgian College, students need

    1. A minimum average of 50% in all subjects combined in 10th and 12th and (Degree if you are applying for Postgraduate programs).
    2. A minimum of 55% marks in English in 10th and 12th.
    3. A minimum of 55% in core subjects depending on the program you are applying for (a few programs require a higher percentage).
    4. We will not accept applications if students have done BDS /MBBS.
    5. Deferrals/program changes are allowed only if the student has paid a minimum non-refundable deposit of CAD 2500 to secure a program seat.
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    Document Checklist

    The following documents are required during the online application process. The documents must be in English and certified by authorised translators.

    • English Language Proficiency test result – IELTS or Duolingo (Students can also apply for conditional letter).
    • All educational documents from grade 10th onward. Graduation certificate/diploma and transcripts.
    • Passport.
    • Resume/work experience documents.

    Important Notes

    • Cumulative academic gap / work experience of more than two years for diploma and five years for Graduate Certificate Programs is not accepted. (For exceptional cases, please call and discuss the profile)
    • No more than eight backlogs in 4 or 5 years of Degree, four backlogs if it is three years, and 4 for two years of education are accepted.
    • NIOS/open school or distance learning education is not accepted.
    • Pass Class students will not be accepted.
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    Application and Tuition Fees

    Application Fees: $100 CAD (Non-Refundable) (Credit Card Only)

    Tuition Fees: $16,000 to $19,000 CAD

    Fees are subject to change. Check the current fees at Georgian College admissions page.

    Language Proficiency Requirements

    ProgramsIELTS- Academic onlyDuolingo Language Test
    Diploma, Adv. Dip & Certificate6.0 (with no band less than 6.0)105-110
    Graduate Certificate6.5 (with no band less than 6.0) 125-130
    Degree Studies6.5 (with no band less than 6.0)115-120
    BSc- Nursing7.0 (with no band less than 6.0)135-140
    Pharmacy Technician6.5 (with no band less than 6.0)N/A  
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    Georgian@ILAC Program Availability for January (Winter) Intake – 2024

    1. Graduate Certificate Programs in Georgian@ILAC

    Bachelor Degree 55% or above – IELTS Score Overall 6.5 Bands Not Less Than 6.0 Bands

    Program Type: Graduate Certificate

    Duration: 1- 2 Year

    Program NameAdmission Requirements
    Global Business Management (GBMT)– Bachelor’s degree required with minimum 55% or above, B.B.A, B.Com, M.B.A, M.Com.

    – Resume, Education or Experience in a Business setting is desirable.

    – Duration: 2 Years

    – Approx Tuition Fees: $18,540 CAD per year
    Project Management (PRJM)– Bachelor’s degree with minimum 55%, Resume required (only technical degree) Updated Resume required.

    – Applicants who do not possess the above academic requirement may be considered upon submission of a resume and reference letters which demonstrate relevant work experience.

    – Duration: 1 Year

    – Approx Tuition Fees : $17,360 CAD per year
    Human Resources Management (HRMN)– Bachelor’s degree required, B.B.A, B.Com, M.B.A, M.Com Resume & Letter of intent required (1 Co-op Work Term).

    – Duration: 1 Year

    – Approx Tuition Fees : $17,360 CAD per year
    Business Management (BMGT)– Bachelor’s degree required with minimum 55% or above, B.B.A, B.Com, M.B.A, M.Com, (Resume).

    – Duration: 1 Year
    Marketing Management (MKMN)– Bachelor’s degree required with minimum 55% or above, B.B.A, B.Com, M.B.A, M.Com, (Resume)

    – Duration: 1 Year
    Supply Chain Management – Global (GSCM)– Bachelor’s degree required with minimum 55% or above, or equivalent; education or experience in a business setting is desirable (Resume)

    – Duration: 1 Year
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    2. Diploma Programs in Georgian@ILAC

    Grade 12th – 50% or More – IELTS Score Overall 6.0 Bands Not Less Than 6.0 Bands

    Program Type: Diploma

    Duration: 1- 2 Year

    Program NameAdmission Requirements
    Business (BUSN)– Minimum 55% in grade 12th, Maths is required in grade 12th (except for students from commerce/business background).

    – Duration: 2 Years

    – Approx Tuition Fees: $16,130 CAD per year
    Computer Programming (CMPG)– Overall 55% or above in Grade 12; min Math 65%

    – Duration: 2 Years
    Computer Systems Technician – Networking (CSTN)– Overall 55% or above in Grade 12; min Maths 65%

    – Duration: 2 Years
    Office Administration – Health Services (OFAH)– Overall 55% in grade 12; min 55% in English recommended. Students with science background preferred

    – Duration: 2 Years
    Choose Your Desired Program

    Payment Method

    Please note that fee payments are accepted through FlyWire / Peer Transfer method to pay your tuition fee for the Georgian College program.

    FlyWire Transfer: –

    • To pay your tuition fee for Georgian College program, please note that fee payments are accepted through FlyWire/Peer Transfer method. The details of this payment method is given on the 3rd page of your letter of acceptance. You will register online (through the link https://www.peertransfer.com/school/georgiancollege on your offer letter or
      https://www.flywire.com/school/georgiancollege ) and mention the amount. You then receive particular account details for Yes Bank Kochi. Registration is a must before transferring the money.
    • You can use the receipt generated by FlyWire to apply for your visa.
    • When the student pays a tuition deposit for a term, they are issued a receipt, deposit receipts can be found in Student Portal/ Document Hub. The student login is student number@student.georgianc.on.ca
    • The student password is the date of birth: YY/MM/DD (last two digits of year)
      Once you have made the transfer, you receive a payment receipt from FlyWire (With Georgian logo) in 24-48 hours. You can use this receipt to apply for your visa.
    • You may refer the agents and students to http://www.georgiancollege.ca/international/future-students/methods-of-payment-tab/ for complete information about Flywire both of the links you provided will take them to the correct website:https://www.flywire.com/pay/georgiancollege/

    “Georgian College has partnered with Flywire to make international tuition payments easier for international students. With Flywire, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. In addition, the payment posting into your Georgian College account will be faster, and you will be notified via email when it is received. You must have a valid Georgian College student number in order to proceed with payment through flywire.”

    Step 1
    Go to Flywire begin the payment process. You will need your nine-digit student number and current Georgian College password to complete your payment. You can find your student number on your letter of admission. If this is your first time logging in, your password will be your date of birth in the format YYMMDD.

    Step 2
    To get started, select the country from which funds will be coming and the payment amount in Canadian dollars you wish to make to Georgian College.

    Step 3
    In most cases, the Canadian dollar amount will be converted into your home currency at preferential exchange rates, which will translate into savings for you.

    Step 4
    After providing basic information, You will be asked to visit your bank (via phone, online or in person) to send funds from your local bank to Flywire OR If you have selected an online payment method such as credit card or e-wallet, you will be guided through the necessary steps to complete the payment.

    1. NOTE: Canadian credit cards will not be accepted. Flywire Support will send an email to the applicant with the payment confirmation. We receive payments through flywire daily and receipts are issued within 2 days. For more detail on how it works, please refer to https://www.flywire.com/how-it-works

    Step 5
    Flywire will then forward the Canadian dollar amount to Georgian College where it will be directly credited to your student account.

    Step 6
    Through the Flywire student dashboard you will be able to track where your payment is in the transfer process. You will receive an email confirmation from Flywirewhen your payment is deposited into the Georgian College bank account.

    Step 7
    Georgian College will issue a receipt for new applicants stating the program and tuition payment that is deposited to the applicant’s Georgian student account. The email will be sent to the applicant’s agent/representative or directly to the applicant if the applicant applied independently to Georgian

    Please note if you make payment by Flywire, any applicable refund will be returned via the original method of payment and to the original holder’s account. At any time, you will have a dedicated Flywire customer service team reachable via chat, Skype, email and phone to answer any of your question.

    Refund / Withdrawal Policy


    1. If visa denied and/or refusal by any reason from Canadian High Commission, For Study permit refusals, A Full refund of Tuition fees paid will be issued. Proof of study permit refusal must be provided to be eligible for refund. New Delhi then Georgian College deduct administrative charge approximate.

    2. If withdrawal by any reasons then the Georgian College deduct from $2,500 CAD (Non Refundable) depending on the cost of student program.

    3. Refund request is required to be submitted through student portal. Student portal login details are mentioned on the pre-admit letter also. Refund processing time is 6-8
    weeks – Visit www.georgiancollege.ca -> Log in to your student portal (under login option on top right) -> enter username and click next (user name is your student number@student.georgianc.on.ca) -> enter password (date of birth: YY/MM/DD (last two digits of year) -> go to academics on top left -> check withdrawal on the left. Once the refund request is successfully submitted, a message will be displayed along with processing times. Kindly do not write to us for the refund status before that time. Refund request process time 6 to 8 weeks.

    4. For anything related to refund, you can reach out to Withdrawals Withdrawals@GeorgianCollege.ca and mark a copy to me. Communicated earlier – To be eligible for full refund in case of visa refusal, the withdrawal request must be submitted within two weeks from the date of refusal and before the withdrawal deadline for a particular intake. Outside this period, a hold back fee may be applied even in case of visa refusal.

    5. Complete an International Student Withdrawal Form and submit it (with all supporting documentation) to the international office on or before the first 10 school days of the
    semester. Because Georgian is a govt. College and they have strict refund policy. http://georgiancollege.ca/wp-content/uploads/withdrawal1.pdf

    6. Georgian College will refund only by Bank Draft mode into respective given account of student by courier to student’s agent/representative.

    Note: if a student changed colleges, Georgian College would transfer the refund amount of the student to the college he/she was changing to. From this intake onwards, Georgian College will no longer follow that policy. Georgian College will instead be sending the bank draft of the refund amount in the name of the student to the student’s agent in their home country. In case of Visa refusal and/or withdrawal, student must have to bear difference amount while getting refund money from college due to dollar rate fluctuation. It will be less approximately Rs. 50,000/- to 60,000/-

    International Student Services

    College will arrange Airport Pick-up & Accommodation for International Student (100 CAD $)This $100 package includes:

    1. Airport pickup from Toronto Pearson International and drop to Travelodge Barrie
    2. Accommodation on a quad-sharing basis for 3 nights at Travelodge Barrie.

    Booking for this package can be made by clicking on this link: Georgian College Airport Pick up & Temporary Accommodation Package In order to avail of this package, the student must complete the information requested, make their payment online using Visa / MasterCard / American Express credit card only.

    Terms and Conditions Overview:
    a. Students can avail of this package ONLY if they have booked this package.
    b. Students must book the airport pick up as directed for this package.
    c. Students will have to share on a quad-sharing basis (4 persons to a room).
    d. Students will be assigned rooms on same-gender basis.
    e. Regular accommodation rates per room will apply once the 3-night period is over.
    f. Should the student choose to withdraw from the college, a service fee of $500 will apply and be deducted from the student’s refund amount


    1. https://georgianatilac.com/accreditation/
    2. https://www.georgiancollege.ca/international/student-life/housing/
    3. https://www.georgiancollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/residence-housing/on-campus-residence/barrie-residence/
    4. https://www.georgiancollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/residence-housing/on-campus-residence/orillia-residence/
    5. https://www.georgiancollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/residence-housing/on-campus-residence/owen-sound-residence/

    Georgian College offers different accommodation options for you through the International Center. Your options include Homestay (Include Meal Charge 750 $ Per month & Without Meal Charge 500 $), Residence or Off-Campus housing (Rent charge estimated Cost 500 $). It is paid services. Student need to fill accommodation application form and signed the form and send to college for this service.

    Refund Policy

    If a visa is denied or refused for any reason by the Canadian High Commission, For Study permit refusals, the College will issue a full refund of tuition fees. Students must provide proof of study permit refusal to be eligible for a refund.

    International Student Services

    1. Georgian College offers international students airport pick-up and accommodation facilities for $100 Students should make a Booking for this package in advance in an online application form.
    2. The College provides a variety of housing options to international students and helps them settle in a homely environment.
    3. Health and wellness services are available to students at Georgian College.
    4. The College has Georgian stores, where you can purchase everything from textbooks to bus passes.


    Georgian@ILAC in Toronto has a reputation for providing a great learning experience for students willing to pursue Study in Canada. The College offers a range of postsecondary programs for business, computer programming, management studies, and health services. Georgian@ILAC provides an excellent alternative for students to learn in the most diverse language school with students from over 90 countries.

    Do you want to attend Georgian@ILAC? Our Study Abroad Consultant will assist you in getting a Canada Student Visa. Book an appointment with your Overseas Education Consultant for more information about the admission process.

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