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    Cambrian College, Canada – Admission Criteria, Course, Fee & Scholarships

    Mar 07,2023

    Cambrian College

    Cambrian College is a public college established in 1967. The college is a dominant post-secondary institution functioning in north Ontario. The college stands at 22nd position on the list of top 50 research colleges existing on Canadian land. Cambrian College has a total of three campuses. The college offers around 80 full-time programs and around 900 part-time programs, however, it offers only full-time programs to international students. Cambrian College is located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario.

    The city is the education, health care, business, shopping, and entertainment hub of Northern Ontario. Cambrian College is an excellent option to Study in Canada while assuring affordability, safety, and a plethora of study benefits.

    Reasons to Study at Cambrian College

    • Cambrian College is the biggest college in north Ontario.
    • Welcomes students from over 30 countries giving you to chance to live in a multicultural environment.
    • Equipped with all modern amenities (such as advanced learning spaces, labs, and workshops) required to make the learning more effective and impactful.
    • Gives you the chance to participate in practical learning opportunities like co-ops and community projects.
    • Holds expert and friendly staff having remarkable industry experience and deep knowledge of the latest tools and technologies.
    • Offers phenomenal scholarships to aid international students manage their expenses while studying at the college.
    • Provides cost-effective on-campus accommodation so interantional students need not worry about searching a place to live in Canada. 

    Cambrian College Campuses and Locations

    Campus NameAddressCityProvince
    Barry Downe 1400 Barry Downe Road, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    P3A 3V8
    Manitoulin7 Water St E, Little Current, Ontario, Canada
    POP 1KO
    Little CurrentOntario
    Espanola91 Tudhope St., Suite 101, Espanola, Ontario, Canada
    P5E 1S6

    Cambrian College Application Fee for International Students

    The application fee for undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programs at Cambrian College is $95 and which is non-refundable. This application fee must be paid for admissions with the completed application, required paperwork, SOP, and LOR.

    Cambrian College Acceptance Rate

    Cambrian College Visa Success Rate is 70%. However, be sure you are eligible for any institution’s programs and courses before applying.

    Cambrian College Courses for International Students

    Cambrian offers study programs in a variety of fields including 

    • Health Sciences and Emergency Services
    • Skills and Trades Training
    • Engineering Technology
    • Business and Information Technology
    • Community Services
    • Law and Justice
    • Creative Arts, Design and Music
    • Safety and Environmental Studies
    • General Studies
    • Graduate Certificates

    Collaborate with a well-versed team of Overseas Education Consultants to know which program is the best for you.

    Find Your Perfect Program

    List of Programs at Cambrian College for International Students

    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level
    ANPGAnimationAdvanced Diploma
    BUADBusiness AdministrationAdvanced Diploma
    ACBUBusiness Administration – AccountingAdvanced Diploma
    CHLPChemical Engineering Technology – Lab and Process ControlAdvanced Diploma
    CYCPChild and Youth CareAdvanced Diploma
    CVTYCivil Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma
    CETYComputer Systems TechnologyAdvanced Diploma
    EETYElectrical Engineering Technology – IndustrialAdvanced Diploma
    EMTYElectromechanical Engineering Technology -MechatronicsAdvanced Diploma
    PAGDGraphic DesignAdvanced Diploma
    MASGMassage TherapyAdvanced Diploma
    MNTYMining Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma
    PATMMusic – PerformanceAdvanced Diploma
    PWTYPower Engineering Technology (PWTY)Advanced Diploma
    WSPGWorkplace Safety and Prevention TechnicianAdvanced Diploma
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level
    AFPGArt and Design FundamentalsCertificate
    BFPGBusiness FundamentalsCertificate
    CRPGCarpentry Renovation TechniquesCertificate
    CSSPCorporate Safety and SecurityCertificate
    PSWPPersonal Support WorkerCertificate
    PHPGPre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and DegreesCertificate
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level
    BUAPBusiness accountingDiploma
    CVTNCivil Engineering TechnicianDiploma
    CJSPCommunity and Justice ServicesDiploma
    CPINComputer Programming Internet of Things (CPIN)Diploma
    CETNComputer Systems Technician (CETN)Diploma
    ADSPDesign and Visual ArtsDiploma
    DSWPDevelopmental Services WorkerDiploma
    ECEPEarly Childhood EducationDiploma
    EETNElectrical Engineering Technician – IndustrialDiploma
    EMTNElectromechanical Engineering Technician – MechatronicsDiploma
    EVTNEnvironmental TechnicianDiploma
    FPROFitness and Health PromotionDiploma
    HDTNHeavy Equipment TechnicianDiploma
    HRMDHospitality Hotel and RestaurantDiploma
    IMTNIndustrial Mechanical Millwright TechnicianDiploma
    METNMechanical Engineering Technician (METN)Diploma
    METYMechanical Engineering Technology (METY)Diploma
    MCOMMedia CommunicationsDiploma
    MNTNMining Engineering TechnicianDiploma
    TCTNMotive Power Technician Truck and CoachDiploma
    VMTNMotive Power Technician – Service and ManagementDiploma
    OPTAOccupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist AssistantDiploma
    PFPGPolice FoundationsDiploma
    PWTNPower Engineering TechnicianDiploma
    PSIPProtection, Security and InvestigationDiploma
    SSPGSocial Service WorkerDiploma
    SSISSocial Service Worker – Indigenous SpecializationDiploma
    WFTNWelding and Fabrication TechnicianDiploma
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level
    ADMHAddictions and mental health PGPost Graduate Certificate
    BAPGBusiness AnalyticsPost Graduate Certificate
    BAP2Business Analytics (BAP2)Post Graduate Certificate
    CHSNCommunity and Health Services NavigationPost Graduate Certificate
    CAGCCrime AnalyticsPost Graduate Certificate
    CSECCybersecurityPost Graduate Certificate
    EMPDEnvironmental Monitoring and Impact AssessmentPost Graduate Certificate
    HAGCHealth AnalyticsPost Graduate Certificate
    HMP2Human Resources Management (HMP2)Post Graduate Certificate
    HMPDHuman Resources Management (HMPD)Post Graduate Certificate
    IBGCInternational Business ManagementPost Graduate Certificate
    IBG2International Business ManagementPost Graduate Certificate
    BAGCIT Business AnalysisPost Graduate Certificate
    BAG2IT Business Analysis (BAG2)Post Graduate Certificate
    MAPDMobile Application DevelopmentPost Graduate Certificate
    MOGCOrganizational ManagementPost Graduate Certificate
    MOG2Organizational Management (MOG2)Post Graduate Certificate
    PMPDProject ManagementPost Graduate Certificate
    PMP2Project Management (PMP2)Post Graduate Certificate
    PRPDPublic RelationsPost Graduate Certificate
    SCGCSupply Chain ManagementPost Graduate Certificate
    SCG2Supply Chain Management (SCG2)Post Graduate Certificate
    HVTNHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning TechnicianPost Graduate Diploma
    Choose Your Desired Program

    Intakes in Cambrian College for International Students

    Cambrian College has three intakes – January, May, and September.

    Application Process for International Student at Cambrian College

    1. Organize documents

    To secure admission in Cambrian College, you will require to provide several documents including 

    • Academic records
    • Proof of English language proficiency
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Resume/portfolio and so on.

    Appropriate and timely organization of these documents will help you to get admission without difficulty. Connect with experienced overseas education consultants to get the comprehensive list of necessary documents and arrange them without trouble. 

    2. Lodge online application

    You are raise your application using OCAS international. Although, you can select a maximum of three programs, please be careful while selecting the programs as you will not be allowed to make changes after making the application. You can check the status of your application by logging in into your OCAS account.

    Knowledgeable Abroad Education Consultants can assist you to make your application faultlessly and within the specified deadlines.

    3. Wait for Letter of Acceptance (LoA)

    If the college accepts your application, it will send you a letter of acceptance. 

    4. Settle Fees

    Now, it’s your turn to accept the offer for admission. Below steps should be followed to accomplish the task

    1. Sign in into your OCAS online account.
    2. Accept offer for admission.
    3. Download the letter for future use.
    4. Make the necessary payment to confirm your seat in the college.
    5. Save the payment receipt as you will need it later on.

    Contacting a professional team of overseas education consultants is an intellectual move to make your study in Canada process smooth. 

    5. Apply for Canada study permit

    Once you reserve a seat in the college, it’s time to apply for Canada study permit. Canada study permit is a mandatory documents without which you may not be able to Study in Canada. You may find the process hard and troublesome if you apply by yourself. 

    A skilled team of abroad education consultants can make the process understandable and super easy for you. Get in touch with knowledgeable overseas education consultants to acquire your Canada study permit with ease.

    Start the Admission Process

    Cambrian College English Language Requirements

    Diploma / Certificate
    Overall 6.0 (no band under 5.5)
    Grad Certificate
    Overall 6.5 (no band under 6.0)
    Diploma / Certificate
    550 (paper-based test)
    80 (internet-based test)
    Grad Certificate
    570 (paper-based test)
    84 (internet-based test)
    PTE (Pearson)
    Diploma / Certificate – 58
    Grad Certificate – 61

    List of Available Courses for January (Winter) Intake 2024 at the Cambrian College

    • Course Duration: 1 Year to 2 Years
    • 50% at least in last education**
    • For Diploma/ Certificate Programs

    IELTS Band Requirement : 6.0 (no band under 5.5)

    -PTE Band Requirement : 58

    • For Graduate Certificate Programs

    -IELTS Band Requirement : 6.5 (no band under 6.0)

    -PTE Band Requirement : 61

    • For Degree Programs

    -IELTS Band Requirement : 6.5 (no band under 6.0)

    PTE Band Requirement : 58

    • Exam Accepted: TOFEL, PTE, Duolingo is acceptable
    Animation (ANPG)Jan-24
    Business (GEBU)Jan-24
    Business – Accounting (BUAP)Jan-24
    Business Administration (BUAD)Jan-24
    Business Administration-Accounting (ACBU)Jan-24
    Business Analytics (BAP2)Jan-24
    Business Analytics (BAPG)Jan-24
    Business Fundamentals (BFPG)Jan-24
    Game – Design (GAME)Jan-24
    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technician (HVTN)Jan-24
    Human Resources Management – Graduate Certificate (HMP2)Jan-24
    Human Resources Management – Graduate Certificate (HMPD)Jan-24
    I.T. Business Analysis – Graduate Certificate (BAGC)Jan-24
    I.T. Business Analysis – Graduate Certificate (BAG2)Jan-24
    Industrial Mechanical Millwright Technician (IMTN)Jan-24
    International Business Management – Graduate Certificate (IBGC)Jan-24
    International Business Management – Graduate Certificate (IBG2)Jan-24
    Massage Therapy (MASG)Jan-24
    Mobile Application Development (MAPD)Jan-24
    Organization Management (MOGC)Jan-24
    Organization Management (MOG2)Jan-24
    Organization Management (MOHP)Jan-24
    Personal Support Worker (PSWP)Jan-24
    Pre-Health Sciences (PHPG)Jan-24
    Project Management – Graduate Certificate (PMP2)Jan-24
    Project Management – Graduate Certificate (PMPD)Jan-24
    Supply Chain Management (SCGC)Jan-24
    Supply Chain Management (SCG2)Jan-24
    Tourism (TOHP)Jan-24


    Cambrian college is a popular hub for international striving to Study in Canada. The college welcomes around 1,600 international students from 30+ countries. The college offers admissions on a first come first serve basis, hence, making the application well in advance is highly imperative to study at Cambrian College. 

    Meet our well-informed team of Overseas Education Consultants to understand the application process, requirements, deadlines and grasp other necessary details. Our team is happy to assist you anytime!

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