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Quebec Immigration Program

Of the ten provinces that constitute Canada, Quebec is the largest. The province has its own immigration process. The well-liked immigration destination in Canada enjoys a great deal of freedom in its immigration laws and policies and hence is separate from Canada PNP. The candidates who want to immigrate to Quebec are required to undergo a different immigration process the details of which are covered below

Quebec Immigration Process

The province of Quebec has two different immigration processes: selection and admission. 


The selection occurs at the provincial level, where the candidate raises an application to the government of Quebec to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). The government chooses applicants it believes have what it takes to effectively settle in the province and issues them a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ). 


The admission takes place at the federal level where the applicant applies to IRCC for Canada PR. The CSQ obtained in the selection stage is mandatory to make this application. To immigrate to Quebec, one must fulfill the criteria of both processes. 

The applications for immigration to Quebec are administered through the Arima portal. The procedure that must be completed through Arima varies depending on the program under which you are applying.


Popular Quebec Immigration Programs

The province, which primarily speaks French, hosts over a million immigrants and offers a number of immigration programs that allow skilled workers, students, and entrepreneurs to get permanent residency in Canada. The Quebec Experience Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and a number of smaller business immigration programs are the main ones, accounting for the majority of individuals who are granted permission to live in the province.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is the most popular Quebec immigration program, enabling skilled individuals who can contribute to Quebec’s economy to get permanent resident status in Canada. QSW uses a points-based ranking system, where candidates are given points based on age, qualification, employment experience, language proficiency, and other factors. The candidates with the highest points are chosen.  

The program accepts applications from throughout the world and does not demand prior Quebec experience from candidates. The candidates selected under the program are allowed to take their family members along to the province. 

To qualify for the program, acquiring a job offer is not mandatory. There is no specific list of approved occupations for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Irrespective of their profession or area of expertise, applicants get qualified for the program provided they fulfill the requirements established by the immigration department of Quebec. 

Quebec Self-Employed Program

For self-employed individuals who want to migrate to Quebec, Quebec runs a program called Self-Employed Program.  The applicant must demonstrate a personal net worth of $100,000 CAD and at least two years of self-employed experience in the field they wish to practice in Quebec. In addition, in order to be considered for the program, the candidate must achieve the minimum point total specified on the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Points Assessment Grid.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program [QIIP]

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is an investment-based immigration that allows investors to get permanent residency in Canada. The program is intended for rich individuals willing to make a large investment in the province. Because of the program’s passive nature, investors are not obligated to start or actively run a business in the province.

To be qualified for the program, applicants must have a personal net worth of at least CA$ 2 million and contribute a minimum of CA$ 1.2 million. Candidates for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are awarded points based on six factors including age, language proficiency, qualification, work experience, etc. under the Quebec Economic Class selection grid for the program.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The program is suitable for experienced business professionals who want to begin a new business or buy an existing one in Quebec. To be eligible for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program, candidates must have both financial ability and the necessary skills.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

Candidates having prior experience in Quebec—as either temporary foreign workers or international students—can apply to immigrate to the province under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). French language proficiency must be proven in order to be accepted into the program. In addition, there are further eligibility requirements to be able to participate. The program is one of the finest ways for applicants with work or education experience in Quebec to move to Canada.

Language Proficiency Requirement

The majority of Quebec is a French-speaking province. Although there are immigration options available for non-French speakers as well, those with proficiency in French are given preference. The likelihood of your immigration to the province, therefore, increases if you are well-versed in the French language. 


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