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    Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s fastest-growing provinces. One of the most beautiful provinces in Canada is very successful with immigration. Immigration to Saskatchewan, Canada is provided through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 

    The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, officially known as the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), offers people with the necessary skills and experience the chance to settle in the province. The program was launched in 1998 with the intent to address economic and labor market needs through immigration to the province. It is a collection of immigration pathways planned for prospective immigrants who may not succeed in immigrating to Canada through a federal program. 

    The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program runs several immigration streams broadly divided into the following categories

    1. International Skilled Worker Category
    2. Saskatchewan Experience Category

    The category is for those who are already living and working in the province and want to get permanent residency status in Canada.

    1. Entrepreneur Category

    The category is for those interested to establish their own business in the province. 

    Along with fulfilling the other mandatory requirements, the applicants should have a minimum net worth of CA$ 500,000 and a minimum of three years of experience in the relevant field to qualify for the program. Saskatchewan PNP Program offers an easy pathway to those interested to immigrate to Canada.

    The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a provincial Nominee Program(PNP) that enables skilled migrant workers from foreign nationality to become Canadian Permanent residents with several immigration pathways. Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program was implemented to address the province’s economic and market needs through effective immigration streams. Saskatchewan PNP has different immigration streams divided under the following categories that benefit the province and skilled foreign workers.

    1. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

    International Skilled worker Category is for individuals willing to live and work in Saskatchewan. This category is further divided into three streams that target individuals with experience in sectors with high labor shortages or workers with employment letters from a Saskatchewan-based employer.

    • Saskatchewan Express Entry
    • In-demand Occupation
    • Employment Offer 

    2. Saskatchewan Experience Category

    Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals living in Saskatchewan on valid work permits or international graduates willing to settle in Saskatchewan permanently. There are six streams for students and workers currently living in Saskatchewan, and most streams  prioritize workers with experience in sectors with a labour shortage.

    • Skilled Worker with existing work permit
    • Semi-skilled Agriculture worker with an existing work permit
    • Health professionals
    • Hospitality Sector Project
    • Long-haul truck Driver projects
    • Students

    3. Entrepreneur and Farm Category

    This category is a collection of two different streams. While the Enterprenuer stream is dedicated to individuals willing to own and operate a business in Saskatchewan, the Farm Owner and Operator are designed for entrepreneurs working in the Farming sector.

    • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur
    • Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators

    Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility

    Different streams in Saskatchewan PNP have different eligibility criteria depending on the needs of the local labour market. Hence, checking the eligibility requirements of the specific Saskatchewan PNP stream you intend to apply is essential. If you are applying for Saskatchewan PNP through Express entry, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Must score a minimum of 60 points in the SINP Points assessment grid.
    • Language proficiency that meets Federal Express entry requirements.
    • Proof Of funds or settlement plan.
    • Must have finished Post-Secondary graduation, training, apprenticeship, degree, diploma, or certificate relevant to your occupation.
    • Must have previous skilled work experience:
      1. For skilled Professionals: one year experience in the past ten years.
      2. For skilled tradesperson: two years of work experience in skilled trades in the last five years.
      3. For CEC(Canadian Experience Class)candidates: Work experience of a minimum of one year in at least the last three years (for skilled tradespersons and skilled professionals in Canada).
    • Your work experience must be related to your qualification and your job.

    How to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP?

    1. Like most Provincial Nominee Programs, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program works on the Expression Of Interest(EOI). Candidates who meet the minimum requirements of a stream can register their profile online on the SINP portal. Your EOI will remain active for one year from the date of submission. All the applicants must provide true and accurate information to avoid the chances of rejection.
    2. Once the profile is submitted, candidates will be ranked against other candidates using SINP Ranking System based on various factors. Candidates with the highest ranking will receive an invitation to apply during SINP draws conducted by the State government.
    3. SINP nominates candidates based on the labour market demand. Hence the number of selections made will be decided by the provincial priorities and the number of applications processed in the last EOI selection.
    4. Candidates must submit a complete application to Saskatchewan immigration upon receiving the invitation within the given time frame. You will also have to pay a non-refundable fee of $350 for application processing.
    5. After receiving the provincial nomination, applicants will receive an additional 600 points, which will significantly receive their CRS score. It also ensures the chance of getting an invitation to apply(ITA) in the next Express Entry draw.
    6. After receiving ITA, candidates must submit a complete application along with their documents for Canadian Permanent residency. Applications for permanent residency through the Express Entry system are generally processed within six months.

    Saskatchewan PNP Points

    To apply for SINP, applicants must score at least 60 points based on several factors. Have a look at the following point grid to know your eligibility for SINP. This point grid is also used to rank candidates’ EOI. (Expression of interest).

    Factor 1: Labour market Success

    • 1. Age:
    • 2.Language ability:
    • 3. Work Experience:
    • 4. Education & Training:
    Age Points
    Less than 18 years 0
    18-21 years 8
    22-34 years  12
    35-45 years  10
    46-50 years 8
    More than 50 years  0

    A. First Language Test:

    Band socre Points
    CLB 8 & higher 10
    CLB 7 8
    CLB 6 6
    CLB 5 4
    CLB 5  2
    English or French speaker without test results  0


    B. Second Language Test( English / French)

    Band socre Points
    CLB 8 & Higher 10
    CLB 7 8
    CLB 6 6
    CLB 5 4
    CLB 4 2
    Not Applicable 0

    A. Work experience in 5 years prior to date of submission

    Work Experience  Points
    5 Years 10
    4 Years 8
    3 Years 6
    2 Years 4
    1 Year 2


    B. Work experience in 6-10 years prior to date of submission

    Work Experience  Points
    5 Years 5
    4 Years 4
    3 Years 3
    2 Years 2
    Less than 1 Year 0


    Course Points
    Master’s or Doctorate Degree(Canadian Equivalence) 23
    Bachelor’s Degree or atleast three year degree at college or university 20
    Trade certification equivalent to journeyperson status in saskatchewan 20
    Diploma, Degree or certificate (at least 2-year program) 15
    Diploma, Degree or certificate(minimum  one year study program or equivalent to a trade certificate 12

    Factor 2: Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market and Adaptability

    • Points for Employemnt
    • Points for Occupation

    Points for Employment Offer Sub-Category Only:

    High-skilled employment offer letter from a Saskatchewan employer: 30 Pts

    Points for Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Categories Only:

    • Close family relative in Saskatchewan: 20 points
    • Work experience in Saskatchewan(at least 12 months experience in past five years) – 5 points
    • One year full-time post-secondary study program in a recognized institution in Saskatchewan – 5 points
    • Maximum points for factor-2: 30 points 
    • Total maximum points(Factor1+ Factor 2): 110 points

    Documents Required for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

    A Valid Passport

    Valid Passport

    High end Education System

    ECA(Educational Credential assessment)

    Receipt of an Application Payment

    Letter Of employment

    Academic Certificates

    Police Clearance Certificate

    Health and Character Certificates

    Medical Report

    Proof of Funds

    Proof of funds/ Bank Statement

    Passport size photograph (in digital format)


    An excellent nature, technology, and cultural mix

    Documents of Your Spouse/ Dependent Children(if they are included in the application)

    Application Processing Time

    Application processing times for Saskatchewan provincial Nominee Program are subject to change and are updated quarterly to show the average time taken for processing applications in that specific quarter. The current application processing time for international skilled workers under the Express Entry stream is 24 weeks, and for occupation, in-demand is 32 weeks.

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