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    Atlantic Immigration Program

    The Atlantic Immigration Program, formerly known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, is a Canadian immigration pathway that enables skilled workers and international students to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

    AIP allows Canadian employers to hire international talent based on their needs; however, to do so, they must adhere to the criteria to become designated employers. To recruit through the AIP, Labour Market Impact Assessment is not required by the employers.

    AIP has been a huge success for both immigrants and employers, providing Canada PR to dozens of foreign talents each year. The program was introduced in March 2017 as Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and is now recognized as the Atlantic Immigration Program. Those living abroad or in Canada on a temporary resident visa can aid from the employment-driven program.

    AIP Provinces

    The Atlantic Immigration Program, which aims to boost the economy in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, is a collaboration between the provinces and the government of Canada.

    The program is a federal immigration program that provides Canada PR to competent workers interested to settle and work in the aforementioned Canadian provinces. 

    Atlantic Immigration Program – Eligibility Requirements

    Only those who meet the predefined eligibility criteria can take advantage of the Atlantic Immigration Program. The criteria says

    • The candidate must either be a degree holder of a publicly funded institute in Atlantic Canada or a skilled worker who satisfies the desired requirements.
    • An offer of employment from a Canadian employer is mandatory.
    • The candidate must hold language proficiency. English and French are the two options. 
    • The candidate must be capable of managing the expenses of both himself and any family members accompanying him to Canada.

    Document Requirement

    1. Academic transcripts
    2. Language proficiency test scorecard
    3. Evidence of financial stability (not mandatory for the applicants already living and working in Canada on a valid work permit)
    4. Work experience certificates
    5. A valid passport
    6. Job offer letter
    7. Health certificates
    8. Police clearance certificate
    9. Settlement plan
    10. Educational Credential Assessment
    11. Certificate of endorsement 

    Job Offer Requirements

    To qualify for Atlantic Immigration Program, candidates must have a job offer from a designated Canadian employer. The job offer you receive must comply with certain requirements which include but are not limited to the following 

    • The position must be full-time
    • The job offer should not be seasonal
    • The job offer must not be from a company in which the applicant or his or her spouse owns a majority stake

    How Atlantic Immigration Program Works

    AIP is mainly intended to bring skilled workers to Atlantic Canada in order to fulfil the labour requirements of the local employers and communities in the region. 

    When a designated Canadian employer finds a candidate who meets both their staffing needs and the programme standards, the employer extends an offer of employment to him. If the offeree accepts the job, the employer hooks up him to the designated settlement service provider organisation so he can make a settlement plan. 

    Getting a settlement plan is critical after receiving a job offer from a designated Canadian employer. The plan assists you and your family in settling into your new home.

    Atlantic Immigration Program Categories

    The Atlantic Immigration Program is divided into three categories to facilitate candidates with varying characteristics and qualifications.

    Atlantic International Graduate Program

    Those with a degree, diploma, or other credentials from a publicly funded institution in an Atlantic province are eligible for this category. In addition, the candidate must have spent at least 16 months in an Atlantic province in the two years preceding the completion of their degree, diploma, or credential. Furthermore, the candidate must be financially sound and have strong English language skills. There is no requirement for work experience to be eligible for this category.

    Atlantic High Skilled Program

    Professionals with at least a year of experience in technical or management fields are eligible for this category. Aside from that, the candidate must be financially stable and have strong language proficiency skills in order to be considered for the programme. In addition, the related educational criteria must be fulfilled.

    Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program

    This category is for applicants who are experienced in a job that necessitates a high school diploma and/or job-specific training. The experience must be at least a year long. Other qualification criteria (language skills and financial stability) remain unchanged.

    Atlantic Immigration Program Processing Time

    Usually, AIP applications get processed in 6 months. If required by the employer, the skilled worker can enter and work in Canada on a temporary work permit by the time his AIP application gets processed. The work permit is valid for a year duration and permits the applicant to work only for the employer who has offered the job to him. 

    Funding Requirement

    Only skilled workers who have enough funds to afford the expenses of themselves and their family members are permitted to apply for AIP. The requirement does not apply to candidates who already residing in Canada and working under a valid work permit; however, all other applicants must show proof of minimum funds available. 

    The minimum funding requirement, in this case, is not the same for all candidates and varies according to the number of dependents the primary applicant has. The following table summarises the general idea.

    No. of family members Minimum fund requirement (in CAD)
    1 3,303
    2 4,112
    3 5,055
    4 6,138
    5 6,962
    6 7,852
    7 8,742
    7+ (for each additional member) 890
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