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    Determine the appropriate assessment body for your occupation when applying for an Australian visa and ensure a successful immigration process.

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    Assessment Authority

    The idea of migrating to Australia would attract a huge amount of our surrounding people. Duo to this constant interest Australia’s migrant process has many steps that may be confusing for some. If you are an individual, a specialist in your business area, the best way is to apply through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program.

    What is the Immigration Assessment?

    Applying for a skilled migration type visa has some mandatory steps that you cannot advance without. A very crucial part of the procedure is the Australian Immigration Assessment. Getting your migration skills assessment should be done in the beginning of the procedure, even before the Expression of Interest in SkillSelect is submitted, as it may determine the whole outcome. It is favored by the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and is needed for a number of visa subclasses.

    We need to mention that this assessment does not guarantee the receiving of a visa; neither does it guarantee a steady job. It is just a step in the whole migration procedure. In 2018 the immigration Point Calculator is used in 5 countries only and unfortunately Australia is one of those.

    What does the Australian Assessing Authority Need?

    The standard for skill assessment in Australia is entirely determined by the responsible authority and is in accordance with the Immigration Government. Another important thing is that this skill assessment is not a permanent document. It is only valid until the expiry date that is written in the paper. Three years is the maximum functioning period, so if the date on the paper is longer than that, the assessment will not be valid three years after the date it’s issued.

    Be aware that the assessing authority will not give any personal advices on the expected success of your visa application; neither will reply to any job requests. Our team uses the knowledge acquired through the years to give certain expectations, but we can never be 100% sure – as we are not part of the government.

    How Can We Help?

    At Aspire Square we offer everything you need for the assessment completion. Our experience in the field showed us what are the important aspects and we rely on this know-how. We will provide a document checklist; we will guide you through the completion of all documents and forms; and will provide follow-up information from the Australian Assessing Authority.

    Don’t let your dream fade out! Move and work in Australia in 2018! Don’t waste any more time and contact us with your personal inquiry today!

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