How to Practice PTE Reading Section

Although reading appears to be a simple module in PTE, it is always advisable to follow a planned approach for being even, at par in it.

In order to give a fair shot in real PTE reading test, one needs to understand every single question type with their relative integrated weight age and time constraints.

As preparing yourself for worst scenarios can surely help you in keeping your PTE exam worries at bay, all you need to do is to Spare just 15 minutes of your time to practice at least one question– type each of the reading section.

Try to identify the logical approach while practicing every single question of this module. This will help you to attain the kind of reasoning skills, the test taker is expected to possess, and will certainly help you to understand the exam pattern plus relative time management strategies that are required to be applied for earning the desired score in this critical yet crucial section of PTE.

The whole section of PTE reading comprises of 4 major question types.

Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

This is the first question type of PTE reading test. You may expect around 2 to 3 these kinds of questions in real PTE test. Prompt length of paragraphs in these questions is estimated to be around 110 words.

Since the whole PTE reading task is time-bound for 32-35 minutes, one can ideally spend just 2 to 3 minutes on one such kind of question. If you really want to know the tips and strategies for cracking these questions well, follow the link

Multiple-Choice, Choose-Multiple Answers

You may expect around 2 to 3 such questions in real PTE test. A prompt length of such paragraphs is usually around 300 words. Since, these questions include the element of partial credit, it is advisable to just click on the responses you are very sure about because there is no point in scoring one mark for a correct response while losing another for an incorrect response selection. Remember that, one is better than zero…so if you are skeptical about any option, it’ll be better to leave that inert.

Reorder Paragraphs

This is one of the most critical and time-consuming portions of reading module and aims at concurrently evaluating the core reading skills while testing corresponding reasoning and grammar proficiency of PTE exam takers. To get important tips on solving re- order paragraphs, click on

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks form a substantial part of reading section in PTE. Although one needs to build a decent vocabulary for giving a fair shot in this segment, better understanding of grammar, collocations and context-based approach certainly helps in creating a win- win situation. For getting detailed tips on solving FIBs, click on

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