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    FREE Australia Pr seminar at Ahmedabad
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    FREE Australia PR Seminar at Ahmedabad

    After evaluating the last three months’ data and the recent flow of invitations, it is not wrong to say that Australia PR के अच्छे दिन आने वाले हैं!

    Previously, because of the detrimental effect of the Wuhan COVID – 19 virus the country has suffered a lot. Australia closed their international borders nearly for two years. As result, not only the country has lost the diversion of skilled immigrants but also face a huge economic loss too. Now, the country is trying to rejuvenate and planning to bring a significant number of immigrants to the Australian shores.

    Something About Australia PR

    As far as migration is concerned, there are lots of people who undoubtedly select Australia to move there on a permanent basis. However, the reasons to select this beautiful country vary from a person to person. For instance,

    • Some like the Australian Weather and Climate
    • Because the country has the most liveable cities
    • It is the best pathway to obtaining the Australian citizenship
    • Some are impressed by the Australian wage rates, career opportunities, economy and the Australian dollar.

    Benefits Of Australian PR

    Whatever the reasons you may have to move to Australia permanently, you may have but there are several other exceptional benefits strongly attached to permanent residency. Such as,

    • Can live in Australia indefinitely
    • Can get all the work and study rights in Australia
    • Become a part of Australia’s national health scheme, Medicare
    • You will be eligible to apply for bank loans to buy property
    • After obtaining your Australian PR you are entitled to sponsor your eligible relatives for permanent residence
    • You will have a chance to apply for one of the strongest countries’ passports and citizenship
    • You will be allowed to work in New Zealand as well.

    Benefits Of Becoming An Australia Citizen

    On the other end, when you become an Australian citizen some more advantages are added in your citizenship. For example,

    • You will get one of the strongest passports
    • You will get the right to vote in Australian Government elections
    • Access to student loans
    • Get domestic students’ benefits
    • join the Australian Defence Force
    • Eligible to apply for Australian government jobs (based on eligibility)
    • You will have an automatic right to entry to Australia from overseas

    About The Australian PR Seminar

    Being a leading immigration consultant for Australia for the last 10+ years, we are bringing all our expertise and experience to one stage. The seminar will be fruitful for all the candidates who are looking to migrate to Australia and have a dilemma about whether their profiles are suitable for the country or not. Moreover, with such an extensive experience in the immigration industry, we know the ins and outs of the profiles and hold the nerves especially, for difficult cases. So you will also have a great chance to discuss your profile with our experts.

    The Profound Purpose Of The Seminar Is

    • To educate the Australian PR aspirant about Australian immigration & latest changes
    • Find out the basic qualifying criteria for the Australia PR
    • Subclass relevant information and criteria to be eligible
    • Clarification and classification for the Occupations are in-demand.
    • Description of your eligibility to your selection scope.
    • Your best chance of selection.
    • Case-relevant query discussion and solutions.

    The seminar will give you a road map to move ahead strongly toward your Australian Permanent Residency.

    • 27 Nov, 2022

    • @11:00 AM

    • Aspire Square Pvt Ltd

    Aspire Square Pvt Ltd



    Seminar Schedule

    11:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Event Organizer - Aspire Square


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