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    CELPIP makes it Possible - Canada PR
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    Canada PR? CELPIP makes it Possible

    Canada, Your Dream

    CELPIP, a Bridge to Your Dream.

    For decades, Canada has been one of the favorite destinations among Indians due to its friendly culture and Indian ambience at many places. According to Economic Times, a whopping figure of 432000 immigrants in 2022 is the target Canada has planned, and the country is paving its way to fulfill it. While Canada is welcoming many Indians, there is a big impediment most Indians meet while preparing for their Canada dreams. You know what?


    …everybody knows it – IELTS!

    CELPIP is a new baby, but it is growing like a mushroom in rains. Just like Canada, CELPIP too is user-friendly and embraces all kinds of test takers’ responses. Well, more and more immigrant enthusiasts now opt for CELPIP because they want to make their dreams come true without any hassle.

    IELTS – aaargh…

    IELTS has been an old player and very popular. Reason? It was the ONLY option available to students and immigration-enthusiasts. IELTS enjoyed its monopoly for not just years but also decades. The standards and difficulty level set in IELTS have been almost the same with no mercy on the test-takers!

    CELPIP - Canada PR seminar

    Many of you have already taken (yes, you don’t ‘give’ exam, you ‘take’ it!) IELTS once or couple of times. And, what’s the result? Less than required score? Some unfortunate candidates miss the mark by just 0.5 bands! So poor of IELTS.

    • Are you tired of IELTS?
    • Are you afraid of IELTS?
    • Do you think that you never get required bands in Speaking and Writing?
    • Is Reading of IELTS lengthy?
    • Is Listening of IELTS tough?
    • Are you afraid of sitting in front of the examiner?

    If any of these concerns come with the answer ‘yes,’ you are fit for CELPIP!

    But what if you have not taken IELTS?

    Well, then you are SAVING time, money, and top of all brain! If you are taking CELPIP, the chances of getting the required score increases manifold! You will be amazed with the ‘ease’ CELPIP provides you while you take the test.

    Earlier, there were limited CELPIP test centers, but today, we have many, including Ahmedabad.

    We know you! We are pretty sure about these factors –

    You are passionate about moving out and settle in Canada, and you surely want to pass the test -whatever it takes. Let’s not waste time, money, and top of all your brain! CELPIP is soothing and it won’t bother you as much as IELTS does! Hence, today, there is a marked increase in CELPIP test takers, and I’m pretty sure the number will surpass the IELTS test takers in coming years.


    CELPIP Canada PR Seminar

    What’s covered in the topic?

    You are here to get rid of hardships! Yes, CELPIP hugs you with ease and removes all the hassles you have in your mind about English tests. It shall change your perspective and get you out of English-stigmas! We are going to cover…

    • What is CELPIP
    • How is it different (or easier!) than other English tests?
    • Modules
    • Question types
    • Sample questions
    • Discussion about the questions (overall)
    • Sample answer
    • FAQs

    You will have an overall glimpse of the CELPIP test so that you start ‘loving’ it.

    Who am I?

    Well, I’m Dr Maulik Vyas; yes, a doctor who pursued his passion over his profession! It’s been more than 15 years in the industry and I have had chances to teach over 9000 students (and, of course, counting!). I’m a novelist, UX Writer, and Content Creator.

    Top of all, I’m your certified tutor for PTE, CELPIP, and IELTS.

    Yes, I teach all three and therefore I know which one is better for you! 😊

    Details about the seminar

    • 24 Jul, 2022

    • @11:00 AM

    • AMA Ahmedabad

    AMA Ahmedabad



    Seminar Schedule

    11:00 am to 2:00 pm


    Event Organizer - Aspire Square


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