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Australia Visitor Visa Requirements, Process, Fees for Indian Citizens


The Australia Visitor Visa is a key that opens a door to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has multiculturalism and definite and distinct incidences. The Australia Visitor Visa is also known as the Australia Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) It allows people to discover the diverse cultural wealth of the country. They can see its natural wonders, famous landmarks, and stunning landscapes. This visa category is for many travel purposes. These include holiday visits, family events, and short-term business activities.

In today’s Australia Visitor Visa guide will cover what an Australia Tourist Visa is and how you can fulfill your dream to visit the land down under as a tourist with a Visa for Australia. Stay tuned, we’re about to begin!!!

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Australia Visitor Visa Details

An Australia Tourist Visa is a non-immigrant visa. It allows travellers from other countries to visit Australia for a short time. Indian citizens planning to travel to Australia as tourists need an Australia Visit Visa (Subclass 600). 

Australia Tourist Visa facilitates entry for business or tourism-related activities within Australia. The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 has four streams. These let tourists visit Australia for three, six, or 12 months.

Applicants can choose from the following four streams based on their purpose of visit:

  1. Tourist stream
  2. Sponsored Family stream
  3. Business Visitor stream
  4. Frequent Traveller Stream

Eligibility Criteria for an Australia Visitor Visa

Before applying for an Australia Visitor visa , you must ensure that you meet the specific requirements for the visa. For instance, you must have a valid passport to travel to Australia, have enough funds and adhere to Australia government’s standards for good health.

The basic criteria for getting an Australia Tourist Visa are:

  • Demonstrating adequate financial resources for personal support.
  • Expressing a clear intention to return to your home country.
  • Clearly stating the purpose of your visit.
  • Confirming the absence of any outstanding debts to the Australian government.
  • Refraining from accepting or seeking employment.
  • Prohibiting any form of study under this visa.
  • Adhering to the laws of the country during your stay.
  • Providing evidence of good health.
  • Demonstrating good character.
  • Presenting documentation verifying a clean criminal record.
  • If you are travelling to meet your family and friends, then you must provide an invitation letter.
  • If you intend to visit for medical reasons, then you must show your medical documents.
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Things You Can Do with an Australia Visitor Visa

The Australia Tourist Visa permits you to engage in certain activities while staying in the country, but it also imposes limitations on certain actions. Let’s look at what you can and can’t do with an Australia visitor visa:

Australian Visitor Visa allows you to:

  • Travel to Australia for a vacation or cruise.
  • Visit friends and family if they invite you and live in Australia.
  • Participate in business-related activities like making deals or going to trade events.
  • Enroll in a short course or study for up to three months.

It Restricts You to:

  • Enroll in a course or pursue studies exceeding a three-month duration. 
  • Engage in employment or the sale of goods. 
  • Attend a trade fair or conference with financial compensation from the organizer. 
  • Travel to Australia for medical treatment or health-related purposes.

Steps to Apply for Australia Visitor Visa from India

To get your Australia tourist visa, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. To begin with, open an account with the official website of Australia Immigration online.

2. Provide your details at the Australia Tourist Visa Application for Subclass 600.

3. Complete the process by submitting the necessary documents along with two passport-sized photographs taken within the last three months.

4. Make the visa application fee payment.

5. Send the application form duly filled.

6. Schedule a biometric & health appointment as per the embassy recommendation.

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How Long is the Australian Visitor Visa Valid for Indian Citizens?

For Indian citizens, the Australia Visitor Visa is usually valid for 12 months. However, the visa’s validity can vary based on factors like your reason for travel or how long you plan to stay. Typically, Australia visitor visas are issued for three, six, or 12 months.

Processing Time for Australia Visitor Visa from India

The processing time for Australia visitor visa applications varies depending on the number of applications received at the embassy,  the complexity involved in filling out forms and submitting required documents; and taking time to verify information provided. Hence, Australia Visitor visa processing time usually varies with every application. However, the general processing time for Australia tourist visa is

Tourist Visitors:

  • 25% of applications processed in less than 1 day
  • 50% of applications processed in 6 days
  • 75% of applications processed in 26 days
  • 90% of applications processed in 37 days

Business Visitors:

  • 25% of applications processed in less than 1 day
  • 50% of applications processed in 3 days
  • 75% of applications processed in 9 days
  • 90% of applications processed in 25 days

Sponsored Family Visitors:

  • 25% of applications processed in 28 days
  • 50% of applications processed in 36 days
  • 75% of applications processed in 45 days
  • 90% of applications processed in 50 days

Documents Required for Australia Tourist Visa from India

The essential documents required for an Australia visitor visa include the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Clear criminal record
  • Completed visa application form 
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during the visit
  • Sponsorship letter or documentation showing the purpose of your visit
  • Three to six month old bank statements
  • Return air ticket proving you are flying back to your home country 
  • Travel insurance
  • Itinerary
  • Proof of your accommodation in Australia
  • Medical test results
  • A detailed cover letter declaring the purpose of your visit 
  • Any other documents asked by the immigration authorities

Australia Visitor Visa Application Requirements in India

While applying for a visit visa, it is important that you meet all the necessary conditions. Here is a list of additional documents that can be requested by Indian nationals applying for travel to Australia:

  1. Your active passport copy which should have the photo page as well as immigration stamps.
  2. A copy of your identification (if applicable).
  3. Applicant photo – If unavailable, you can utilize our cost-effective and convenient digital passport photo service.

Moreover, Australian Immigration may ask you to provide additional documents such as:

  • Evidence of financial resources, such as bank statements or details of financial assets.
  • Records that will establish a link with India that includes documents showing proof of employment or attendance of an educational institution.
  • Copy of an itinerary or scheduled activities that the traveler had planned on their Australian trip.
  • Any letters of invitation from relatives or friends in Australia (if any).
  • A police certificate.
  • Form of family members and their registration (if necessary).

Remember, if your documents are not in English then they must be translated. Therefore, have them all ready so that your application can go through. For a stress free processing it is recommended that you seek advice from competent Australian visitor visa consultants such as Aspire Square.

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Australia Tourist Visa Cost from India

The visa application fee for an Australia tourist visa depends upon the subclass you are applying for. The Australia tourist visa fee for Indians in 2024 is AUD 190, which is equivalent to 10,645 INR.

More About Australia Visitor Visa Financial Requirements

For the individuals who are willing to travel to Australia with a tourist visa, it is recommendable to have adequate amount of money to cater for their needs in that country while they are there.

Thus, to demonstrate your financial stability in your home country and a genuine intention to travel to Australia, you must submit the following documentation:

  • Certified true copies of the bank statements with official bank stamp.
  • Salary slips or your employment agreement. 
  • Documents which contain information on taxes paid or income tax return or credit card statements etc.
  • Proof of title to a property or lease agreement. 
  • A verification letter from your employer.

 More About Australia Visitor Visa Passport Requirements

  • Indian passport holders planning to get an Australia Visitor Visa must hold a passport valid for at least three months after their entry into Australia.
  • You must carry your original passport during your travel.

Australia Visitor Visa Requirements for Children in India

If you plan to travel to Australia with your children, it’s important to note that minors require an Australian Visitor Visa as well. The following documents must be included in your child’s application for Australia tourist visa:

  1. You’ll need your child’s birth certificate, which should have the names of both parents on it, or a family book that has both parents’ names.
  2. ID cards of both parents or adoption papers along with the IDs of the guardians.
  3. If your child is travelling alone or with only one parent, Form 1229 must be included in the application. This form needs to be filled out and signed by both parents or legal guardians, accompanied by a copy of their driver’s license or passport (or another form of identification with a signature and photo).
  4. If your child is travelling without a parent or guardian and not staying with a relative or participating in an organized tour, Form 1257 – Undertaking Declaration must also be included. This form should be completed and signed by the individual providing accommodation and assuming responsibility for your child during their stay in Australia, with the nomination of this person by the parents or legal guardians.

Australia Visitor Visa Photo Requirements

As a part of your application for Australian Visitor Visa, you must also provide recent passport-sized photographs with the following specifications:

  • Coloured copy of a photo is required
  • Photo size: 35 mm* 45mm
  • A photo must be with a white background.
  • One must show neutral expressions.
  • A recent photograph (not less than 6 months) is required.
  • Glasses must be removed.
  • Clothes should not merge with the background.
  • The head should be well-centered.
  • Wearing headgear is prohibited unless for religious purposes.

Preparing for the Australia Visitor Visa Interview in India

The Australian visa interview is an essential part of the visa application; but not everyone has to do it. If you do have an interview, it’s really important to get ready for it so you can pass and get your visa approved. The interview aims to understand your identity, character, background, aspirations, and supporting documentation.

Sharing personal information can establish a connection with the interviewer. It reveal your personality. You should practice likely questions. This will boost your confidence and ability to make flexible answers. 

Here are few tips to prepare for the Australia Visitor Visa interview:

  • During the interview, engage as a listener, and avoid providing brief answers. Use this opportunity to communicate details. You can’t include it on the form. You need to persuade the visa officer about your travel’s purpose.
  • Show the visa officer you’ve got strong reasons to go back home, and that you don’t plan to stay in Australia for good.
  • If uncertain or unclear about a question, refrain from guessing. Instead, request clarification from the officer before responding.
  • Phone interviews with the Immigration Department usually take around 15-20 minutes. It’s important to answer each question confidently.

Getting help from experienced Australian Visitor Visa Consultants, like Aspire Square, for practice interviews can help. We help with the visa application. We make sure all documents are checked. We also help prepare for the interview. This increases the chances of success.

How Can Aspire Square Help You for an Australia Visitor Visa?

At Aspire Square, we have the experience to assist you obtain an Australian Visitor Visa without any hassle. Here is how our efficient team of Australia immigration consultants can guide you:

  • Give information on visa regulations and travel requirements.
  • Eligibility Assessment and document preparation
  • Submit your application, ensuring compliance.
  • Provides regular updates on your application status.
  • Addressing any issues that may arise during the process.

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FAQ's: Australia Visitor Visa

01 What makes Australia one of the most popular tourist destinations?

Australia’s popularity as a tourist destination stems from its diverse natural landscapes, unique wildlife, vibrant cities, and rich indigenous culture. Tourist travel to Australia to witness iconic landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. The country’s friendly locals, adventure activities, high-quality infrastructure, safety, and stability further enhance its appeal.

02 What are the types of Australian visitor visa?

The various categories of Australia Visitor Visa include:

  • Subclass 600 (Visitor Visa)
  • Subclass 601 (Electronic Travel Authority)
  • Subclass 651 (eVisitor)
  • Subclass 771 (Transit visa)
  • Subclass 417 (Working Holiday Visa)
  • Subclass 462 (Work and Holiday visa)
03 What are the various categories within the Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) ?

Different streams under Australia Visitor Visa include:

  • Tourist stream (apply in Australia)
  • Tourist stream (apply outside Australia)
  • Sponsored family stream
  • Business visitor stream
  • Approved Destination Status stream
  • Frequent traveller stream
04 Is Australia Visitor Visa multiple entry?

Yes, the Australia Visitor Visa is generally multiple entry, allowing travellers to travel to Australia multiple times within the visa’s specified validity period. Specific conditions may vary, so it’s important to check the visa grant details for accurate information.

05 Is it easy to get an Australia Visitor Visa?

Yes, it is easy to acquire this type of visa since there are clearly laid down qualifications. Basically, individuals who would like to be granted permission must show that they will only stay for a short period while having enough money for the trip and strong ties within their home country. Therefore, one’s chances can be increased by making sure all necessary documents are provided when applying.

06 What is the validity of the Australia tourist visa?

For international voyagers, they can be allowed into Australia for twelve months. During your holiday here, you are permitted to spend three months maximum.

07 Can I enter Australia more than once with my Australia Tourist Visa?

Yes! With a multiple entry visitor visa, one is able to revisit Australia as many times as possible until it expires.

08 Is it possible to request an extension for the Australia Tourist Visa?

Yes, it is possible to request an extension of the Australia tourist visa provided- 

The absence of 8503 conditions, also referred to as the “no further stay” condition,.

Your passport must be from a list of selected countries.

The passport should remain valid for at least an additional six months.

09 What does the 8503 condition on your Australia Visitor Visa mean?

 If your Australian visa has a rule called ‘No Further Stay’ (Condition 8503), it means you usually can’t ask for another visa to stay longer in Australia, unless there are very special reasons.

10 Is it possible to work with an Australia tourist visa?

No, generally, you cannot work using the Australian tourist visa. This type of visa is designed for short term visits such as tourism and visiting family. Therefore employment is restricted under this category.


11 Is it possible to study with an Australia tourist visa?

Yes, you can study with an Australian visitor’s visa, provided that the course lasts no longer than three months. However, if you plan on taking up a degree program, then it will be necessary for you to apply for a student’s (study) permit before commencing your studies in Australia.

12 Is it essential to have a visa stamp on your passport for the Australia Tourist Visa?

No, the visa for Australia does not need a stamp in your passport since it is digitally linked to the applicant’s passport number.

13 Is travel or health insurance compulsory for the Australia tourist visa?

While travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting Australia, it is advisable to arrange one in advance for your safety during the travel. However, the Australian government’s travel authority highly recommends having insurance to ensure visitor’s safety.

14 Are there any restrictions on the number of times that you can visit Australia on a multiple-entry Australia Visitor Visa?

No, there is no specific limitation on the number of visits you can make to Australia with a multiple-entry Australia Tourist Visa. However, it is essential to be aware of the visa’s expiration date and any other conditions attached to it to ensure compliance with immigration regulations.

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