Australia PR – Partner Points Changes Effect In Nov’2019

Immigration department of Australia already introduce the new points system for Australia Immigration process, which will be in effect from 16/11/2019. Among the changes needs to understand the major changes in Partner Points and its ranking.

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Partner Points Allocation:

  • Single Applicant – 10 Points
  • Married Applicant + Competent English (Partner) + Skill Assessment (Partner) – 10 Points
  • Married Applicant + Competent English (Partner)– 05 Points
  • Married Applicant without Partner’s skill and Competent English – 00 Points

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From this chart you can understand the points system and approx. application with partner, partner with skill assessment and single applicant.

Ranking and priority System for partner points effective from 16th Nov for 189, 190 and 491 visas (489 visa will be no longer available from 16th Nov – 2019)

  • First – 10 Points – Single applicant without partner
  • Equal First – 10 Points – Married applicant + Partner Skill Assessment + Competent English
  • Second – 05 Points – Married applicant + Competent English
  • Third – 00 Points – Married applicant without partner skill assessment and partner’s competent English.

As per available database and online sources, we can get an overall idea about your future competition with other EOI in the pool.

Australian Partner Visa Facts

  • 60% – Currently 60 to 65% application in EOI pool having a partner.
  • 40% – 35 to 40% application in EOI are single applicant.

Now from this database we can assume that,

40% applicant from EOI will get 10 additional points from 16th November 2019 being single.

Almost 5% applicant currently claiming partner points with suitable skill assessment and competent English so they will also get additional 10 points.

Almost 20% applicant may get additional 5 points form their partner’s competent English ability. So, what are you waiting for? Join our PTE Coaching Classes Today to Learn English Language Efficiently.

Where 35% to 40% applicant have chance to stay at their current points due to partner’s lake of English capabilities and without skill assessment.


If you are single applicant then you don’t need to worry about future changes as it will not affect your application, even you will get the extra benefits from being single.

Married applicant with Partner Valid Skill assessment and competent English also no need to worry about the same, as they are also going to get extra 10 points from 16th Nov’2019. Hone Your Partner’s English Skill to Achieve Extra 10 points.

Married applicant without partner skill assessment and competent English capacity, can start the process of partner skill assessment if partner has the skills and qualification to get it, also need to get prepared for competent English.

Married applicant without partner’s skills eligibility can try to get 5 points from partner’s competent English.

Being Expert Australian Immigration Consultant in Gujarat, we are here to help you out to understand the future changes in Australia Immigration process.

Stay tuned to get upcoming changes, which might potentially make effect on your current or future Australia immigration plan.

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