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When you consider Australia is your destination for permanent residency, then seeking for quality consultancy is highly recommended for your process cause of complexity of process & the time involved in it.

The various visa category introduced by DIAC (Department of Immigration & Citizenship of Australia) for the various categories applicant. Like Skilled Professionals, Business stream, Family Stream, Student Visa. With the various categories of visa subclass it is importance to choose the best suitable visa subclass for your Immigration visa with your specific educational & professional background. With various visa subclasses, three Visa Subclass is mainly importance for Aspirants who want to apply on the bases of their skill. Visa Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) is for the applicant who wants to apply independent visa application without any support of State Nomination or relative nomination. Visa Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa) is for the applicant who wants to apply with the support of nomination of state, in case if you have the less points to reach the pass mark of 60 you can get extra points with the nomination of State & Territories. Visa Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa), this visa is a provisional visa, applicant need to get the nomination from the state & territories for specific regional area.

Aspire Square assists with Australian Immigration Process.

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Maulik Raval

Founder and director of Aspire Square began the journey solo in 2008. Today he has over 50+ teammates and holds offices across Gujarat. A graduate with Political Science and Law, He has been known for his Integrity, Ethics and Accessible nature. In his decade of the journey, he led the team of qualified MARA agents and he himself holds QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counselor) certificate. Being Precise; Showing up Honesty in every case and making it successful with re-search and embassy guidelines is the only approach

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