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    All About Sandwich Courses in UK

    May 20,2022

    All About Sandwich Courses in UK

    Many of the UK’s leading universities offer sandwich courses, bounding learners to think about what they are and how they can benefit them. Let’s go over everything in detail.

    What is a Sandwich Course?

    A sandwich program is a four- to five-year program that integrates a degree with a corporate experience. The program allows you to work for a period ranging from 9 months to a year in between sessions and gain meaningful professional experience.

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    Types of Sandwich Course

    A sandwich course in UK can be either thick or thin type.

    Thick Sandwich Course

    Thick sandwich courses provide a single one-year internship or professional experience in a company. The programs are generally of 4 years in which students can study full-time at the university for the first two years, then finish a year-long traineeship in the third year and then return to the university to finish the remaining year.

    Thin Sandwich Course

    Students can study and work simultaneously with thin sandwich courses. They’re normally part of a three-year program and include two to three internships or six months of employment over the course of the year. For example, your first year of study may include six months of professional experience, followed by another six months in the third year.

    Why Take Up a Sandwich Course?

    • When you hit the real-time job market, the work experience you obtain is extremely valuable.
    • Since these courses are long, you can stay in the UK for an extra year and explore the culture.
    • A year of industry experience can help you find a full-time job at a higher level than entry-level.
    • You get the chance to convert your theoretical knowledge into practical experience.
    • Non-vocational sandwich degrees may involve a year of study abroad, allowing students to broaden their cultural and language experiences.
    • Your professional abilities develop swiftly, allowing you to confidently enter the real-world employment market.
    Select Your Suitable Course

    Cons of a Sandwich Course

    • The course takes more time to complete than a regular degree.
    • Sandwich courses are available only for a limited range of programs which comprise undergraduate and post-graduate degrees usually.
    • You are required to apply for placement during your studies. This may interfere with your focus on your studies as you need time to make applications as well as go through multiple interviews.

    Difference Between a Sandwich Course and a Full-Time Course

    Sandwich CourseFull-Time Course
    Includes a placement and work experience year.A regular program does not involve a placement or work experience year.
    The internships of only up to 12 weeks may be available.Employment duration lasts from 9 to 12 months.
    Undergoing employment is mandatory to complete the degree.Not mandatory in the case of regular courses.
    The duration of courses is longer.The duration of courses is shorter.
    Since you are already trained for the job market, you are more likely to find work quickly.Gaining employment may take some time.

    Requirements to Study a Sandwich Course in UK

    • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
    • Evidence of English language proficiency
    • GMAT/GRE scores (to pursue a master’s degree)
    • CV
    • Academic transcripts
    • You may also need to present a portfolio if your chosen course demands
    Choose Your Desired Course

    UK Universities Offering Sandwich Courses

    Sandwich courses are not Provided by All UK Universities. Even if a university offers sandwich courses, they can be limited to only a few disciplines and programs. Sandwich courses in UK are generally available in subjects including Business, Humanities, Engineering, Computer Science and Maths.

    Below are given a few UK universities offering sandwich courses at different levels of study

    UniversityProgramDurationPlacement Duration
    Middlesex UniversityFashion Design (BA Hons), Business Management (BA Hons)18 months and 24 months6-weeks or 1-year    
    Manchester Metropolitan UniversityBanking and Finance (BSC Hons), International Hospitality Business Management (BSC Hons)3-years full-time1-year
    Staffordshire UniversityMechanical Engineering (Bachelors and Masters), Cyber security (BSC Hons)4-years full-time1-year
    Kingston University LondonMasters in Business Administration (MBA)2-years full-time1-year
    Leeds Beckett UniversityAccounting and Finance (BA Hons)3-years full-time1-year
    University of BathArchitecture (BSc Hons)4-years full-time1-year
    University of SunderlandMBA18 months and 24 months1-year
    Loughborough UniversityMBA2 years4 months

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    Sandwich Course in UK – Cost of Study

    Sandwich courses in the United Kingdom are less expensive than full-time courses. To cover the costs of a sandwich course, you can also apply for a tuition price loan. You can contact an intelligent team of overseas education consultants to learn about your cost-effective University and Course Options to study a sandwich course in the UK.

    UK Student Visa to Study in UK

    For international students, acquiring a UK student visa is mandatory to study in UK. The set of steps you need to follow to Apply for a UK Student Visa are as follows

    • To apply for a UK student visa, you must meet certain requirements. Make sure you have an acceptance letter from a reputable UK university and enough money to cover your tuition and living expenses while you Study in UK.
    • To obtain a UK student visa, you may be required to present a lengthy list of documentation. Prepare these documents ahead of time to avoid any problems that may arise due to a lack of time.
    • Make an account on the official website and submit an online application.
    • Pay the necessary fees.
    • To complete the final steps, make an online appointment at the visa application center.
    • Visit the application center at the scheduled date and time.
    • Wait for the decision.
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    Sandwich courses are in high demand and are among the compelling Choices to Study in UK. As they deliver graduates who are prepared for the industry in advance, they are an influential choice to gain potential employment.

    You can contact a reputable team of overseas education consultants for advice on which UK university to attend and which sandwich program to enroll in. We can also help you comprehend the UK student visa process and obtain a UK Student Visa quickly and easily.

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