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About Us - Aspire Square


The USA is home to ample top-class universities. The country is one of the favorite destinations for international students to pursue higher studies. Aspire Square is the best USA student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand), capable of making your US student visa process smooth and successful and helping you to study in USA. Our team understands the USA student visa requirements very well and can also guide you on the USA study visa fee needs.

If you are looking to apply for a US student visa and are seeking reliable assistance in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, or V.V. Nagar area, contact the USA study visa consultants of Aspire Square. Book an appointment with a USA student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand) of Aspire Square to understand your eligibility criteria and us study visa requirements to study in America and complete your America study visa process without hassle.

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Why Us



American student visas are of different types. Choosing the right visa category, mainly the F1 visa USA, is imperative to accomplish your purpose of studying in the USA. Mingle with our American student visa team to know the visa category that fits your needs.

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Being the best US student visa consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we can guide you to find the right solutions to your needs in the most sought-after ways. You can also make the organization mandatory documents and perform other chores in an effortless and relaxed manner by mingling with us.

Free Counseling - Aspire Square


Our highly experienced team of USA study visa consultants has everything you expect from an ingenious team. The team is committed to helping students interested in studying in a reputed USA university in every possible way.

Free Counseling - Aspire Square


We are available in many parts of Gujarat. Hence, you can easily reach us while saving your precious time and endeavors. Our branches exist in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and V.V. Nagar.

Free Counseling - Aspire Square
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Our Services


Realize your aspiration of studying in USA with our unbeatable range of flawless services.

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Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

Admission & LoA Services

Securing admission to a US university and obtaining a letter of acceptance are requisites to get your American student visa. Our team offers comprehensive support to help you gain entry to your aspired university and receive a letter of acceptance from that. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

GIC A/C Application Advice

Get immaculate GIC account application advice to open your GIC account in a precise and exemplary manner. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

Financial Documentation Guidance

Our team of Amercia study visa consultants knows your financial document requirements and promises to provide the best guidance in that respect. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

Tuition Fees Payment Assistance

We help you to comprehend your tuition fee payment requirements and make timely payments to guarantee a seat in your desired university. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

GIC Amount Payment & Certification Services

Our intact GIC amount payment and certification services are persuasive to help you make consummate GIC amount payments and get your GIC certificate with ease. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

Medical Examination Support

Seize the immaculate medical examination support to conclude the desired medical examinations required to assure the obtainment of your America study visa or an F1 visa USA. 

Admission & LoA Services - Aspire Square

Visa Form Filling to Submission

Perform impeccable F1 visa USA application form filling and complete flawless submission by contacting our USA study visa team of experts. 



Few facts reveal the success stories Aspire Square, a distinguished US student visa consultant, has created so far. Our definite knowledge of America study visa requirements and commitment to excellence is the core behind the numbers we have achieved in the past years.

  • 1053+


  • 569+


  • 92+

    Australia Visa Grant

  • 116+

    Canada Visa Grant

  • 48+

    UK Visa Grant

  • 23+

    USA Visa Grant

  • 37+

    New Zealand Visa Grant

  • 8073+

    Case Studies


5 Reasons to Study in USA

  • The degree acquired from a recognized USA university is appreciated and accepted globally. This enhances the job prospects for students at a significant level and allows them to work in any of their desired countries.
  • The USA provides great scholarships to talented international students. Hence, deserving international students facing financial dilemmas can study in USA by leveraging these scholarships.
  • The USA presents a plethora of course choices in a single stream. Hence, it is easy for the students to pick a course that matches their interests and career goals.
  • The USA provides splendid facilities to international students to help them adjust to their new home swiftly and efficiently. The support is organized and bestowed in the form of training programs, orientation programs, workshops, language training, and so on.
  • The superb research opportunities waiting for international students in the USA are hard to expect from any other country.



    Once you sign up with Aspire Square to check your America student visa eligibility, you have our proficient guidance and committed service.

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      • Accuracy in every report
      • Detailed Overview
      • Eligibility of Visa Program
      • Free of cost
    • Eligibility Report - Aspire Square


      • Transparency of complete cost overview
      • Fixed service charge detail
      • Fees Analysis
      • No hidden cost
    • Eligibility Report - Aspire Square


      • Reliable time frame outline
      • Know your every step
      • Meet timeline
      • Education Assessment to Visa Grant
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    Our client's love us!

    Priyanshi Patel

    Since childhood, I wanted to study in USA. Aspire Square made my dream come true. The proper guidance and support of Aspire Square’s USA study visa consultants helped me to complete my US student visa process hassle-freely and get my F1 visa USA very easily. Only because of Aspire Square’s American student visa consultant team was I able to fulfill my aspiration of studying in the USA. Thank you, Aspire Square team. You are the best in Ahmedabad.

    Nupur Patel

    I had a great experience with Aspire Square. The team is intellectual, humble, and very understanding. The way they explain the USA student visa requirements and student visa USA process is awesome. Today, I am pursuing an MBA in the USA only because of the Aspire Square team. I will recommend Aspire Square to every aspirant looking to get a US student visa seamlessly and study in USA.

    Shraddha Patel

    Outstanding company. Provides flawless assistance to get the US student visa process hassle-free. They also help us to choose the right visa category as well as the right university and course. The pre and post-departure support is also unbeatable. I am going to study in USA soon only because of this USA study visa team. Thank you for all the efforts you have put into me and in me.

    Mansi Bhatia

    Aspire Square is a good America study visa consultant that can guide students at every step on their way to study abroad. I contacted them to get my America student visa process done. The team listened to my requirements and handled the entire process so nicely. I am waiting to get my US student visa sanctioned, and the result is going to be positive. My wish of studying in USA will come true shortly. Thanks to the Aspire Square team.



    What are the types of US student visas? Can your USA study visa consultants help me to choose the right one?

    A US student visa can be majorly divided into three types – M1 visa, J1 visa, and F1 visa USA. Different USA study visa types intend to accomplish different purposes. To know which USA student visa requirements type is an ideal fit for your purpose, you can contact our intellectual team of US student visa consultants. We are operating in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and V.V. Nagar.

    Does a US student visa allow international students to work while they study in USA?

    Yes, international students holding a valid US student visa can work while they study in USA. However, the students must strictly follow the work conditions imposed by their USA study visa to retain the validity of the same. To understand these work conditions in detail, you can talk to our US student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, and Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand).

    Can the authorities reject my America student visa application? If yes, what can be the reasons?

    Yes, the authorities can indeed reject your America student visa application if you.

    • Submit an incomplete or faulty US student visa application.
    • You miss the deadlines while submitting your USA study visa application and necessary documents.
    • You need to prove your financial ability while attempting to get your US student visa.
    • You need to pass your visa interview, and so on.

    Contact our team of US student visa consultants to guarantee timely and faultless completion of your American student visa process and attain your aspiration of study in USA. You can reach us in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and V.V. Nagar.

    How can I apply for a USA study visa? What steps does a USA study visa process involve?

    You need to follow a specific set of steps to apply for a USA student visa. Contact our USA study visa consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, and Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand) to know these steps in detail and complete them with the utmost perfection and accuracy.

    What are the main USA study visa requirements? Can your student visa USA consultants help me with the details?

    Yes, you can connect with our team of USA study visa consultants to know the USA study visa requirements in detail. Collaborate with our team, USA study visa Consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, and Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand), at a date and time convenient to you.

    What are the approximate US student visa fees? Can your US student visa consultants give me a rough idea?

    Though the cost can vary slightly depending on the type of student visa USA you are applying for, the approximate cost to apply for America student visa lies around $160. To know the precise figures, talk to our expert team of American student visa consultants. Our team is available in several parts of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and V.V. Nagar.

    What is the appropriate time to apply for an America student visa?

    You can apply for an America student visa 120 days prior to the commencement of the study program you are planning to study in USA. If you are still determining which study program you should study in the USA, get help from our USA student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand).

    Why should I consider you as a dependable US student visa consultant?

    We have an organized and rational team of US student visa consultants that has already helped hundreds of students to get their America student visa in a timely manner. Our team’s experience and up-to-date knowledge are the top reasons behind the success rate we have reached in recent years.


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