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    Popular Universities

    UK is a dream destination for numerous youths seeking to pursue higher education outside the boundaries of their home country. One of the prominent reasons behind this is – the presence of several world-class universities. UK is a hearth for many qualitative universities making the country a feasible option for international students to study abroad. The most recommended universities existing in the UK are given as under

    Top Universities to Study in the UK

    1. University of Greenwich

    The University of Greenwich is one of the leading academic institutions present across the globe. Established in 1890, the university is a public university situated in London, UK. The university provides a total of 60+ courses including many undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The wide scale of available courses in almost all the trending fields like accounting, finance, science, pharmacy, law, and others makes the university an ideal fit to pursue your desired program without compromising the quality.

    2. University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and the most perceptible universities existing in the world. The university was commenced in 1096 and since then it has been making significant contributions to build the future of both local as well as international students. The university welcomes a total of 6000+ international students every year and bestows them with an excellent education.

    3. University of Glasgow

    The University of Glasgow is a public university located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The university came into existence in 1491. The university comprises many campuses with the main campus situated at Hillhead. The university educates around 30,000 students coming from over 140 countries every year.

    4. University of Leeds

    The University of Leeds is a leading name in the list of top 40 international universities present universally. The university has accepted international students for more than 100 years and is the most preferred choice for Indian students. The university offers a total of 200+ academic courses including masters, bachelors, engineering, computer, science, and other levels and fields.

    5. University of Cambridge

    The University of Cambridge is a commendable public university that was founded in 1209. The university is the fourth-oldest university existing worldwide. The university’s popular colleges and winning infrastructures are persuasive to draw the instant attraction of the youths and bound them with a superb education and campus life.

    6. University of Manchester

    The University of Manchester is a public research red brick university located in Greater Manchester, UK. The university is a respected name in the world’s leading research institutes. With their world-renowned teaching approaches and innovative solutions, the university is constantly creating brilliant minds for the well-being of the world and society.

    7. University of Hertfordshire

    The University of Hertfordshire is another public university running many research centers in the fields like arts and humanities, health and human sciences, and science and technology. With the contribution of three campuses, the university supports more than 3500 international students to gain expertise in their chosen fields.

    8. University of Edinburgh

    The University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university located in the boundaries of Scotland. The university was established in 1582 and soon became the most appreciated open institute in Scotland. The university offers nearly 30 courses in almost all the high-demand domains and subject areas.

    9. University College London

    Commenced in 1826, the University College London is the third-largest university present in the world. The university is recognized as the first university in London that welcomed students from all parts of the world without taking their gender and religion into consideration.

    10. Imperial College London

    The Imperial College London is one more dominant public research university located in the UK. Started in 1907, the university mainly focuses and provides courses in the fields of science, engineering, business, and medicine. The university welcomes students and staff from over 140 countries. The outstanding teaching patterns together with highly-qualified staff make the university a top choice to study abroad.