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    Post Study Option

    The maximum validity of a PGWP is three years. To obtain a PGWP, you must satisfy a specific set of eligibility criteria which says –

    • You must complete an academic, vocational, or professional training program from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada and the duration of the course must be at least eight months
    • You must hold full-time student status in all the academic sessions of the underlying study program
    • You must hold an official letter from the DLI saying that you have satisfied all the requirements needed to complete the study program

    Duration of PSW

    The PSW duration usually depends on the length of the course you pursue. An eight months course can get you a Post Study Work Permit of eight months. Similarly, the courses involving a long duration of two years (such as masters or some Post Graduate or undergraduate programs) can avail you a Post Study Work Permit of up to 3 years.

    Alternatives to a post-study work permit

    Open work permit

    An open work permit is the other route that gives you the chance to stay and work in Canada in case you do not qualify for a post-study work permit. There is a specific set of eligibility criteria associated with an open work permit as well that you must satisfy to acquire an open work permit successfully. The criteria include but not limited to the following points

    • You must be a student who does not have the funds to manage your studies.
    • You must hold temporary residence in Canada.
    • You must graduate from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada.
    • You must have applied for Canadian PR.

    Employer specific work permit

    This is another type of work permit that allows you to reside and work in Canada post your studies but under strict work conditions. You can only work for a specific employer and have to provide the duration of work beforehand you join the employment. Also, the details about the employment location are required to be given.

    Work rights for international students

    An excellent benefit of choosing Canada to study abroad is – the Canadian government gives international students the freedom to work (part-time) during their studies. The cash earned from part-time employment serves as a great help to manage livelihood and other obvious expenses while studying. The allowed work duration is 20 hours per week that can be extended during holidays and breaks.

    To leverage the work rights offered by a Canadian student visa, you must be a full-time student in a Designated learning institute in Canada. The visa permits both off-campus as well as on-campus employment to the visa holders. Off-campus employment refers to joining employment outside of the university or college. If you work for the university or college where you study, that comes under on-campus employment.

    It is important to note here that your forthcoming employment plans do not affect the financial status you have to demonstrate while applying for the Canada student visa. It means you are still required to prove your financial stability to gain your visa successfully. Also, the employment cannot be started before the commencement of the study program you are enrolled in.