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More and more students are yearning to study in Canada with each passing day. Do you know the reasons behind it? Canada offers a plethora of study and other benefits that attract students from all corners of the world and insist them to study in Canada. The top-most reasons that bound international students to study in Canada are given below

Advantages of Study in Canada

High-quality Education

The education system of Canada is a remark of excellence. The quality of education and experiences that the students gain while they study in Canada is unbeatable and unforgettable. Canada is home to more than 25 world-renowned universities contributing to educate the youths in the right direction and take the world to new heights of success.


Yes, you require funds to study abroad, however, when it comes to affordability Canada leads the list of top overseas student destinations. You can find a huge difference in both the tuition fees as well as living costs when you compare Canada with other optimal choices (such as the USA, UK, and Australia).

Secure Living Environment

Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with a significantly lowered crime rate. Hence the country is ideal to leverage a secure living environment which is, of course, the topmost concern for the students leaving their family, friends, and home country and planning to route to a completely new place.

Great Immigration Possibilities

The Canadian government encourages skilled youths to stay back and work in the country (via short-term work permits) after they complete their Study in Canada.  Hence, the students have a great chance to gain some valuable overseas work experience. Also, the immigration possibilities are higher for talented professionals through the express entry and provincial nomination programs.

Employment of Freedom While Studying

Canada Student Visa gives you the freedom to work while you study in Canada (only for restricted hours). The work experience you earn this way boosts your skills and empowers your CV when you enter the real-time job market. Also, the money earned this way makes it easier for you to manage your livelihood and other primary expenses while you study in Canada.

An Excellent Nature, Technology, and Cultural Mix

Canada is a great blend of high-end technology, nature, and a bilingual environment. The facilities like telecommunication, digital media, and aeronautical engineering hold a strong presence in the boundaries of Canada. Also, the bilingual environment (particularly English and French) is ideal to enhance the language skills required to get ready for the international job market.

Superb Standard of Living

The major cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal hold a strong position in the list of the world’s top 50 student cities. Whether we talk about affordability, security, or employment opportunities, the cities are just perfect to go with.

Wide Range of Available Courses

The Canadian universities offer an outstanding range of courses in a variety of fields. The youths can easily choose a course based on their interest and career preferences without the need to make compromises.

A Degree Valued Across the Globe

A degree obtained from a Canadian university is appreciated all over the world. You can easily get your desired job in any of your dream countries if you hold the degree from a reputable Canadian university.

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Available Scholarships to Study in Canada

Of course, Canada is a craved destination for many international students aspiring to study abroad. However, the dream does not come true for all due to the lack of sufficient funds. Luckily, many scholarship options are provided by the Canadian government, institutes, and universities to help economically unstable students to manage funds for their studies. However, a student must meet the required eligibility criteria to take advantage of the same. The most striking scholarship options available in Canada are as under

Government and Non-government Scholarships

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • IDRC Research Awards
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program
  • Canada Memorial Scholarship
  • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships
  • NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

University Specific Scholarships

  • Dalhousie University Scholarships
  • Carleton University Awards for International Students
  • McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid
  • Queen’s University International Scholarships
  • UBC Graduate Scholarships and so on.

The eminent scholarships presented by the Canadian government include Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, IDRC Research Awards, Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program, NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program. The non-government scholarships include Anne Vallee Ecological Fund, Canada Memorial Scholarship, Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship, and Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships.

Apart from the above-mentioned scholarships, many top universities in Canada also provide commendable scholarships to international students. A few on the list are Carleton University Awards for International Students, Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards, Dalhousie University Scholarships, International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada, and McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid.

Check Your Eligibility for Scholarships to Study in Canada


What are the admission requirements to study in Canada?

You are required to satisfy different admission requirements based on the level of study program you want to study in Canada.

To Pursue a UG Course:

  • The students must hold at least 70% marks in their 12th class
  • The students must have cleared TOEFL or an equivalent exam
  • If the student is looking to pursue business studies or a computer course, he/she must have studied maths in class 12th
  • If the student is looking to undergo an engineering course, he/she must have studied English, Chemistry, Physics and Maths in 12th class.

  • To Pursue a PG Course:

  • The student must have completed a 4 years bachelor’s degree and acquired a minimum of 70% aggregate marks.
  • Some universities in Canada ask the students to present GMAT or GRE scorecards. The student must have obtained the required minimum score accepted by the underlying university to secure admission in the same.

Above are generalized requirements. To know the admission requirement pertaining to your selected university and course, you can connect with our overseas education consultants anytime. 

How can you help me apply for study in Canada?

We can help you to understand your eligibility criteria, choose the right course and university, know your scholarship options, lodge your Canada student visa application faultlessly, understand your accommodation options, and in many other ways. Reach us to understand and improve your chances to study in Canada and get every other help to unblock your way to study in Canada.

Which stream/field should I choose to study in Canada?

Canada offers an ample range of study programs in every single stream. Choose a stream and study program that matches your interest and background. Exploring the future job prospects is also important before selecting a stream to study in Canada. Take help from our overseas education consultants to know the best stream to study in Canada.

What kind of accommodation is available for Indian students in Canada?

Accommodation has always been a top concern for the students who wish to study in Canada. Most of the universities in Canada offer on-campus accommodation to international students. If on-campus accommodation is not available, the students have a lot of off-campus housing options as well. In a situation where a huge range of accommodation options are available, picking an optimum one becomes troublesome. Reach our team of overseas education consultants to discover the best option for you.

Can I apply for a post-study work permit in Canada?

Yes, you can apply for a post-study work permit in Canada provided you are eligible. To understand the eligibility criteria to apply for a post-study work permit in Canada, you can have a chat with our team.

Is it mandatory to have a job offer to apply for a post study work permit in Canada?

No, it is not mandatory. You can apply for a post study work permit even without having a job offer in hand.

Which English language proficiency test should I undergo to study in Canada?

There are many options but IELTS is the most preferred and respected one. IELTS is accepted by almost all universities and institutions existing in Canada. Contact our team to prepare for the IELTS exam and secure the required score.

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