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    Fanshawe College Canada – Programs, Admission Process, Fees, Requirements & Scholarship

    Feb 24,2022

    Fanshawe College is a public college located in London, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1967, the college is known for offering excellent education and is a compelling choice to study in Canada. The college holds a total of 21,000 students of which nearly 6,000 are international students. Fanshawe College is one of Ontario’s largest colleges, with over 200 diploma, degree, and certificate programs to choose from. Fanshawe offers a variety of scholarships, some of which are specifically designed for overseas students.

    Why Fanshawe College

    • Fanshawe is one of Ontario’s biggest colleges. Over 21,000 full-time and 22,000 part-time students study at Fanshawe College. 
    • The college is home to over 3,500 international students from more than 70 countries.
    • International students can benefit greatly from the college’s financial assistance. The college  provides financial support to international students in the form of scholarships and bursaries.
    • With an employment rate of 87 percent, the college has the highest employment prospects in the province.
    • The college offers outstanding accommodation options to overseas students. 

    Contact our study abroad consultants to know more benefits of studying at Fanshawe College. 

    Top Programs at Fanshawe College

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing [B.S.N]4 yearsINR 22.5 L/Yr
    Bachelor Interior Design4 yearsINR 8.8 L/Yr
    Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Accounting4 yearsINR 8.8 L/Yr
    Diploma Business – Marketing2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
    Advanced Diploma Civil Engineering Technology2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
    Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
    Diploma Business 2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
    Graduate Certificate Business Analysis1 yearINR 9 L/Yr
    Advanced Diploma Computer Systems Technology2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
    Diploma Electromechanical Engineering Technician2 yearsINR 8.7 L/Yr
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    Fanshawe College Admission Process

    Admissions to Fanshawe College are available in three intakes: fall, winter, and summer. The college’s official website has an online application form. The student must submit an application form, scanned copies of all relevant documents, a scorecard from a language proficiency test, and payment (100 CAD). After receiving an offer of admission, the student can apply for a Canada student visa.To attain a Canada student visa, adopting assistance from experienced Canada student visa consultants is recommended. 

    September Intake 2022 – Program List

    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level Name
    ABT1Auto Body Repair TechniquesPost Secondary Assistant
    ASR1Aircraft Sturctural Repair TechnicianPost Secondary Assistant
    CHF2Culinary SkillsPost Secondary Assistant
    CRQ1Carpentary and Renovation TechniquesPost Secondary Assistant
    CSI1Customer Service Fundamentals InsurancePost Secondary Assistant
    DFN1Design FoundationsPost Secondary Assistant
    FAF1Fine Art FoundationPost Secondary Assistant
    FSS1Fire Safety SystemsPost Secondary Assistant
    GAP1General Arts and SciencePost Secondary Assistant
    PSW6JPersonal Support Worker SIMCOEPost Secondary Assistant
    PSW6SPersonal Support Worker St ThomasPost Secondary Assistant
    PSW6WPersonal Support Worker WoodstockPost Secondary Assistant
    RPA1Community Pharmacy AssistantPost Secondary Assistant
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    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level Name
    BCA1Honours Bachelor Of Commerce (Accounting)Applied Degree
    BCM1Honours Bachelor Of Commerce (Management)Applied Degree
    BDM1Honours Bachelor Of Commerce (Digital Marketing)Applied Degree
    BED1Honours Bachelor Of Enviromental Design and PlanningApplied Degree
    BID1Honours Bachelor Of Interior Design Applied Degree
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level Name
    ATY1Architectural TechnologyAdvance Diploma
    CEY2Civil Engineering  TechnologyAdvance Diploma
    CFA1Commercial Fight and Aviation LeadershipAdvance Diploma
    CMY3Construction Engineering Technology MangamentAdvance Diploma
    CYW2WChild and Youth Care WoodstockAdvance Diploma
    CYW4Child and Youth Care Advance Diploma
    DFS4Fashion DesignAdvance Diploma
    ELY6Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op)Advance Diploma
    ENT1Enviromental TechnologyAdvance Diploma
    GRD1Graphic DesignAdvance Diploma
    VGD2Game Design Advance Diploma
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level Name
    AEL1JAdventure Expeditions and Interpretive Led=adershipPost Secondary Diploma
    ANI1AnimationPost Secondary Diploma
    AVM4Aviation Technician Avionics Maintence (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    BAC2Business AccountingPost Secondary Diploma
    BEM2WBusiness Enterpreneurship and MangementPost Secondary Diploma
    BIN3Business InsurancePost Secondary Diploma
    BIN5Business Insurance (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    BLS3Business Supply Chin and OperationsPost Secondary Diploma
    BLS4Business Supply Chin and Operations (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    BMK1Business MarketingPost Secondary Diploma
    BMK2Business Marketing (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    BPM2Baking and Pastry Arts MangamentPost Secondary Diploma
    BRJ1Journalism BroadcastPost Secondary Diploma
    BRR4Broadcasting Redia and Media ProducationPost Secondary Diploma
    BRT3Broadcasting Television and Flim ProducationPost Secondary Diploma
    BUS2Business (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    CLM4Culinary ManagementPost Secondary Diploma
    CRT1Carpentry and Renovation TechnicianPost Secondary Diploma
    DSW1GDevelopment Service WorkerPost Secondary Diploma
    ECE1WEarly Childhood Education WoodstockPost Secondary Diploma
    EDS1WEducation SupportPost Secondary Diploma
    ELN2Electrical Engineering TechnicianPost Secondary Diploma
    EMN2Electromechnical Engineering Technician (Co-op_)Post Secondary Diploma
    FBM8Food and Beverage Manegement (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    FMC3Fashion Marketing and ManagementPost Secondary Diploma
    GRM2Glof and Club Management (C-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    IDP3Interactive Media DesignPost Secondary Diploma
    ITD1Interior DecoratingPost Secondary Diploma
    IWD2Web Development and Internet ApplicationsPost Secondary Diploma
    LCK1Law ClerkPost Secondary Diploma
    MEN1Manufcturing Engineerig Technician (Co-op)Post Secondary Diploma
    MNC2SMechnical Technician CNC/CAMPost Secondary Diploma
    MTA7Motive Power Technician (Automotive)Post Secondary Diploma
    MTD7Motive Power Technician (Diesel)Post Secondary Diploma
    OAE3Office Administration ExectivePost Secondary Diploma
    PHT1PhotographyPost Secondary Diploma
    HMT8GHospitality Hotel and Resort Services Management Co-op (Toronto)Post Secondary Diploma
    RET3SRenewable Energies Technician (Co-op) St ThomasPost Secondary Diploma
    RLD2Recreation and Leisure ServicesPost Secondary Diploma
    H141Events PlanningPost Secondary Diploma
    TTC6Tourism TravelPost Secondary Diploma
    Choose Your Desired Program
    Program CodeProgram NameProgram Level Name
    ADC1Advanced Communications for Professionals Graduate Certificate
    AGM2BAgri Business ManagementGraduate Certificate
    AMD2Applied Mechnical DesignGraduate Certificate
    AMF2Applied Aerospace ManufacturingGraduate Certificate
    ANC13D Animation and Chaarcter DesignGraduate Certificate
    AMH1GAddictions and Mental Health (Toronto)Graduate Certificate
    APR1Audio PostProducationGraduate Certificate
    BAN2Business AnalysisGraduate Certificate
    BIA1BBusiness and Information Systems ArchitectureGraduate Certificate
    BMT1BBusiness ManagementGraduate Certificate
    CAM1Composites and Advanced Materials Aerospace ManufaturingGraduate Certificate
    COR3Public Relations Corporate CommunicatinsGraduate Certificate
    CPJ2Construction Project ManagementGraduate Certificate
    CRM2Customer Realtionship Marketing And Sales ManagementGraduate Certificate
    DCM1Digital Commucation ManagementGraduate Certificate
    FSP1Professional Financial ServicesGraduate Certificate
    GDP1Game Development Advanced ProgramingGraduate Certificate
    GIP2Gerontology Interprofessional PracticeGraduate Certificate
    GIP2GGerontology Interprofessional Practice (Toronto)Graduate Certificate
    GIS1Geographic Information SyatemsGraduate Certificate
    HCT1BHealth Care Administation ManagementGraduate Certificate
    HSY2Health Systems ManagementGraduate Certificate
    IMS1Intercative Media SpecialistGraduate Certificate
    IRM1Insurance and Risk ManagementGraduate Certificate
    ISM1Information Security Manaemtn Graduate Certificate
    ITI2BInformation Technology InfrastructureGraduate Certificate
    MAP1Mobile Application Development (C-op)Graduate Certificate
    MKM1Markeitn MangementGraduate Certificate
    NSA1Network and Security Architecture (C-op)Graduate Certificate
    OPM2Oprations ManagementGraduate Certificate
    PAC1Professional AccountingGraduate Certificate
    PEM1Practical Element of Mechnical EngineeringGraduate Certificate
    RES2Reserch and Evalution (Co-op)Graduate Certificate
    RPS1Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems Commerical OperationsGraduate Certificate
    RRM1BRetirement Residence ManagementGraduate Certificate
    SMM1Sport and Event MarkingGraduate Certificate
    SST3Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op)Graduate Certificate
    TCS3Costume ProducationGraduate Certificate
    TES2Technical English to Specking of Other Language and Intercultural CompetenceGraduate Certificate
    THM1GHospitality and Tourism Operations Management (Tornto)Graduate Certificate
    TSS2Technical Systems Anaysis (Co-op)Graduate Certificate
    TVN1Broadcast Journalism Television NewsGraduate Certificate
    VEE1Visual Effect and Editing for Contemporary MediaGraduate Certificate
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    Tuition Fees to Study at Fanshawe College

    Tuition fees at Fanshawe College vary depending on the duration and level of your selected study program. The table below summarises the average cost along with the program type.

    Type of ProgramCost (Per Term) in CAD
    Undergraduate Courses8,000- 15,000
    Post-secondary Courses6,500- 10,000
    PG Certificate Courses8,000-10,000

    Fanshawe College Admissions 2022

    To get admitted to Fanshawe College, international students must have a 2.5 GPA, an English language proficiency test scorecard, and some documentation. The college accepts international applications in the fall, winter, and summer, with application deadlines shown below

    Deadline Date 
    Equal consideration1 February
    Confirmation of the offers of admissions1 May
    For level two and above (Fall)1 April
    For level two and above (Summer)1 February
    For level two and above (Winter)1 October
    Check Your Eligibility

    Degree CourseDuration
    Certificates/Diplomas/Advanced DiplomasOffice Administration – General1 Year
    Certificates/Diplomas/Advanced DiplomasPersonal Support Worker1 Year

    Fanshawe College: Courses & Details

    Post Secondary Diploma

    Campus – LC – London Campus

    Intake – Jan 2022

    Entry Criteria – Grade 12 with 50% for any stream

    Language Requirements – Overall 6.0. Each module score of 6.0 or above (one module 5.5 is accepted)

    Course Duration
    Business – Accounting2 years
    Business – Accounting (co-op)2 years
    Business – Finance2 years
    Business – Finance(Co-op)2 years
    Business – Human Resources2 years
    Business – Insurance2 years
    Business – Insurance (Co-op)2 years
    Business – Supply Chain & Operations2 years
    Business – Supply Chain & Operations (co-op)2 years
    Business – Marketing2 years
    Business – Marketing (Co-op)2 years
    Baking and Pastry Arts Management2 years
    Business2 years
    Business (Co-op)2 years
    Culinary Management2 years
    Computer Systems Technician2 years
    Developmental Services Worker2 years
    Early Childhood Education2 years
    Food and Beverage Management (Co-op)2 years
    Hospitality and Resort Service Management (Co-op)2 years
    Interactive Media Design2 years
    Internet Applications and Web Development2 years
    Law Clerk2 years
    Law Clerk (co-op)2 years
    Motive Power Technician (Automotive)2 years
    Motive Power Technician (Diesel)2 years
    Office Administration – Executive2 years
    Office Administration – Executive2 years
    Office Administration – Health Services2 years
    Photography2 years
    Social Service Worker2 years
    Events Planning2 years
    Choose Your Perfact Course

    Post Secondary Advanced Diploma

    Campus – LC – London Campus

    Intake – Jan 2022

    Entry Criteria – Grade 12 with 50% for any stream

    Language Requirements – Overall 6.0. Each module score of 6.0 or above (one module 5.5 is accepted)

    Course Duration
    Architectural Technology3 Years
    Civil Engineering Technology3 Years
    Computer Programming and Analysis3 Years
    Cyber Security3 Years
    Child and Youth Care3 Years
    Fashion Design3 Years
    Graphic Design3 Years

    Post Graduate Program

    Campus – LC – London Campus

    Intake – Jan 2022

    Entry Criteria – Grade 12 with 50% for any stream

    Language Requirements – Overall 6.0. Each module score of 6.0 or above (one module 5.5 is accepted)

    Course Duration
    Advanced Communication for Professionals1 Year
    Agri-Business Management1 Year
    Applied Mechanical Design1 Year
    Applied Aerospace Manufacturing1 Year
    Autmotive Service Management1 Year
    Autism and Behavioural Science1 Year
    Business Analysis1 Year
    Business and Information Systems Architecture2 Years
    BIM and Integrated Practice1 Year
    Business Management2 Years
    Public Relations – Corporate Communications1 Year
    Construction Project Management1 Year
    Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales Management1 Year
    Digital Communication Management1 Year
    Electronics and Embedded Systems Development1 Year
    Professional Financial Services1 Year
    Gernotology – Interprofessional Practice1 Year
    Health Care Administration Management1 Year
    Human Resources Management1 Year
    Health Systems Management1 Year
    Information Security Management1 Year
    Insurance and Risk Management1 Year
    Interactive Media Specialist1 Year
    International Business Management1 Year
    Infomration Technology Infrastructure1 Year
    Mobile Applications Development1 Year (3 Levels)
    Marketing Management1 Year
    Network and Security Architecture1 Year
    Operations Management1 Year (3 Levels)
    Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering1 Year
    Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering1 Year
    Project Management1 Year (3 Levels)
    Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems Commercial Operations1 Year
    Retirement Residence Management1 Year
    Supply Chain Management – Logistics (Co-op)1 Year
    Sport and Event Marketing1 Year
    Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op)1 Year (3 Levels)
    Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management2 Years (5 Levels)
    Technical Systems Analysis (Co-Op)1 Year (3 Levels)
    Pick Your Selected Course


    For international students, Fanshawe College provides a variety of study options, including certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, postgraduate certificate programs, Honours Bachelor Degrees, and more. If you’re stumped by the admissions procedure, the student visa process, or the course selection process, I recommend contacting a competent study abroad consultant. Our team is available to assist you at any moment!

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