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Mar 03,2024

Coast Mountain College

Coast Mountain College is one of the most brilliant places to Study in Canada. Established in 1975, the college offers courses in a variety of disciplines including Arts, Business, Health & Social Services, Science, Trades, Upgrading, and so on. The accredited post-secondary education offers education to diverse communities and is an eminent choice to gain quality education in Canada. The Coast Mountain College offers top-notch education in a budget-friendly manner which makes it a perfect choice for international students. Located in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, the college is an excellent option to enhance your learning with rich and innovative study programs. The Coast Mountain College holds a total of five campuses in distinct beautiful regions of Canada.

Perks of Studying at Coast Mountain College

Coast Mountain College is an exceptional destination serving students with a phenomenal learning experience. A few reasons to study at the Coast Mountain College Canada are

  • Top-class, cost-friendly education.
  • Intellectual and experienced faculty.
  • Secure campuses.
  • Advanced study programs.
  • Diverse and friendly crowd.
  • Availability of outstanding scholarships to study at Coast Mountain College.
  • Great accommodation choices.
  • Carrer-oriented curriculums.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
Find Your Perfect Program

Steps to Apply at Coast Mountain College

Step 1: Understand the requirements

Different programs have different admission requirements, hence, the first step towards securing admission to the college is reviewing the requirements of your chosen program. This may include the English language proficiency requirements, criminal record check, prior learning evaluation, and so on.

Take help from reputed Overseas Education Consultants to know the admission requirements pertaining to your selected program in detail.

Step 2: Apply to the program

The next step is to apply for your desired program. You can contact experienced overseas education consultants to raise an error-free application. 

Step 3: Submit the necessary documents

There is a huge list of documents that you need to submit to study at Coast Mountain College. Appropriate and timely organization and submission of these documents are essential. Hence, organize all supporting documentation in proper format and assure to submit them before the specified deadlines.

Step 4: Wait for acceptance

If you meet the requirements, you are likely to be accepted in the program. You can confirm your seat in the college by paying the required sum. The deposit amount varies as per the program you choose and will be mentioned in your letter of acceptance. 

Step 5: Apply for Canada study visa

Once you receive the letter of acceptance and secure your seat in the college, it’s time to apply for your Canada study visa. Applying for Canada Study Visa is a long process and can trouble you in many ways. However, if you adopt assistance from dependable overseas education consultants, you can make the acquisition of your Canada study visa pretty easy. 

Start the Admission Process

Coast Mountain College – English Language Proficiency Requirements

The international applicants willing to get admission to the Coast Mountain College are required to showcase their proficiency in all four components of the English language – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The task can be accomplished via prevalent language proficiency exams. The list of accepted exams and the required minimum score for the same are given in the below table

Test NameScore
Cambridge English ExamsC1 (180+)B2 (160-180)
IELTS6.5 overall
International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)ILAC PW Level 3.1
TOEFL90 overall7068 overall

Coast Mountain College Study Permit – List of Required Documents

Any international student who wants to study at Coast Mountain College must have a hold of a Canada study permit. For this, the students are responsible to arrange and present certain documents. The list includes

  • Proof of enrolment in the college.
  • A valid passport.
  • Visa fee application.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • Proof of financial stability.
  • Academic records.
  • Proof of English language proficiency and so on. 

Courses & Requirements to Study at Coast Mountain College

  • Intake: January 2025
  • Duration: 1 Year to 2 Years
  • UG – Overall 6.0 Bands with no band less than 6.0
  • PG – Academic IELTS 6.5 not less than 6
TerraceAssociate DegreeGeneral Studies (Associate of Arts Degree)English 12 + Math 11 required to complete the degree
TerraceAssociate DegreeArchaeological & Cultural Resource Management Specialization  (Associate of Arts Degree)English Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); math 11 required to complete the degree
TerraceAssociate DegreeSustainable Communities Specialization  (Associate of Arts Degree)English Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); math 11 required to complete the degree
TerraceDiplomaCriminology DiplomaEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); math 11 required to complete the degree
TerraceCertificateCommunity, Crime & Social Justice (CCSJ) CertificateEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); note that a Police Certificate may be required for some Practicum placements
Prince RupertPost-GraduatePost-Degree Business Administration DiplomaEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); Bachelor Degree or higher; and Senior Secondary with Math
Prince RupertDiplomaBusiness Administration  DiplomaEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent) and Senior Secondary Math
Prince RupertAssociate DegreeGeneral Studies (Associate of Sc Degree)Grade 12 with English 12 + one science (Life Sciences/Biology)
Prince RupertAssociate DegreeEnvironmental Geoscience Specialization    (Associate of Sc Degree)English 12 only, but courses have individual pre-reqs
Prince RupertDiplomaApplied Coastal Ecology  (Diploma)English Proficiency (Grade 12 Equivalent); Senior Secondary level math, biology, and chemistry
Prince RupertPost-GraduateApplied Coastal Ecology  Post degree DiplomaEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 equivalent); 6 credits biology and Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, at the University level;
SmithersUnder Graduate & Post-GraduatePre Business Program(BAEAP)If students have an IELTS score with no band less than 5.0 or have met our English requirement but are missing the math pre-requisite this program is for them!
TerraceCertificateEngineering CertificateEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 Equivalent); Senior Secondary Math with a grade of ‘C’ or better; at least two of the following at the Senior Secondary level – chemistry, physics, Math.)
TerraceUnder Graduate & Post-GraduatePhysical ScienceEnglish Proficiency (Grade 12 Equivalent); Senior Secondary Math with a grade of ‘C’ or better; at least two of the following at the Senior Secondary level – chemistry, physics, Math.
TerraceUnder Graduate & Post-GraduateEarly Childhood Care & EducationHigh School Graduation or Mature Student,English Studies 12
TerraceDiplomaWest Coast Culinary DiplomaGrade 12 or Mature Student, English Studies 10, English First Peoples 10 or equivalent AND Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10 (AWM 10) or higher, OR Successful completion of a CAT Assessment

September 2024 Intake

General Studies (Associate of Arts Degree)OpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Archaeological & Cultural Resource
Management Specialization
OpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Sustainable Communities SpecializationOpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Criminology DiplomaOpenTerrace
Community, Crime & Social Justice (CCSJ) CertificateOpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Post-Degree Business Administration DiplomaOpenTerrace
Business Administration  DiplomaOpenTerrace
Social Service Worker DiplomaOpenTerrace
General Studies (Associate of Sc Degree)OpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Environmental Geo science Specialization
(Associate of Sc Degree)
OpenTerrace Prince Rupert
Applied Coastal Ecology  (Diploma)OpenPrince Rupert
Applied Coastal Ecology  Post degree DiplomaOpenPrince Rupert
Pre Business Program(BAEAP)OpenPrince Rupert
Engineering Transfer CertificateOpenTerrace
Physical SciencesCloseTerrace
Early Childhood Care & EducationCloseTerrace
West Coast Culinary DiplomaOpenTerrace
Education Assistant | CertificateOpenTerrace

Language Requirement


Undergraduate Programs

  • Overall 6.0 bands with no less than 5.5 in each module

Postgraduate programs

  • Overall 6.5 bands with no less than 6.0 in each module


Undergraduate Programs

  • Overall 52 bands with no less than 48 in each module

Postgraduate programs

  • Overall 58 with no less than 54 in each module


Undergraduate Programs

  • Overall 80 bands with no less than 20 in each module

Postgraduate programs

  • Overall 90 with no less than 22 in Reading, Listening and 23 in Writing, Speaking


Coast Mountain College is a splendid choice to Study in Canada. There is a variety of reasons (a few are mentioned above) that insist the students to study at Canada’s Coast Mountain College. Checking specifications is crucial before raising your application for admission otherwise you will end up wasting your time and money. If you want to know the admission requirements in detail, lodge a flawless application, want to understand the Canada student visa process precisely, and acquire your Canada Student Visa without hassle, our skilled overseas education consultants are the right point to contact.

Our team is available in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and V.V. Nagar!

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