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    Prince Edward Island

    Canada’s smallest province Prince Edward Island is inviting immigrants from all over the world to become permanent residents of Canada by applying through Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. This province is located on North America’s East coast and is a great place to study, work, and raise a family.

    From the time of its introduction of the PNP in 2001 and the Atlantic Pilot Program in 2017, the province has welcomed thousands of immigrants yearly and continues to invite them. Through Prince Edward Island PNP, the prospective applicant with skills, qualifications, and experience may receive a nomination from the province as identified by skill shortages in the PEI labour market. Prince Edward Island Immigration has different streams for individuals interested in migrating to Prince Edward Island. It thus allows a potential candidate to contribute positively to the province’s economy.

    Prince Edward Island Immigration Categories

    1. Business Impact

    The Prince Edward Island PNP business impact category is for an individual planning to invest in a business in PEI or actively managing a business in the province. This base category is further divided into three immigration streams:

    • 100% Ownership (Closed)
    • Partial Ownership (Closed)
    • Work Permit stream

    As of September 2018, PEI has closed two business impact streams -100% ownership and Partial Ownership. However, the province supports foreign nationals interested in operating a business in PEI who would like to apply for permanent residency through the PEI PNP Work permit stream. Interested individuals must get a work permit and operate a business in PEI for at least one year before receiving the nomination.

    2. Labour Impact

    Labour impact category is for individuals willing to work and live in Prince Edward Island. Thus, the applicants must possess relevant skills, education, and experience to contribute to the needs of the local labour market. This category is further divided into two streams:

    • Skilled Worker Stream
    • Critical Worker Stream

    3. PEI Express Entry 

    Prince Edward Island, PNP Express entry is for applicants who are already in the Express Entry pool(or willing to apply through Express entry) and have an Expression of interest(EOI) for living in PEI. Unlike many other provincial nominee programs, applicants do not need a job offer from a Canadian employer when submitting their EOI. Candidates whose skills and experience match the province’s labour market needs will be eligible for Express Entry PNP.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To qualify for the PEI PNP Express Entry system, candidates must have an existing profile in the Federal express entry pool and meet the eligibility requirements of at least one of the immigration programs under the express entry system.

    These Programs for Immigrants are Classified as Follows:

    • Federal skilled worker program
    • Canadian Experience class
    • Federal skilled Trades program

    How to Apply?

    1. PEI express entry system is based on Expression Of Interest(EOI). Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria must submit their profile in PEI’s EOI system. Based on the information provided in the profile, you will score points as per the point gird(the maximum you can score is 100 points).
    2. In the periodic draw, PEI PNP invites high-scoring candidates to submit a complete application for provincial nomination.
    3. Candidates have 60 days to complete and submit the documents and employer forms to PEI’s Office of immigration.
    4. Successful candidates will receive a provincial nomination upon complete assessment. Candidates will then accept the provincial nomination through their IRCC account.
    5. Once the candidate accepts the nomination, their CRS score will increase by 600 points, ensuring their chance of getting an invitation to apply(ITA) in the next Express Entry Draw.
    6. After receiving ITA, candidates must submit a complete application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) within the designated time frame.

    Express entry applications for permanent residence generally take six months of processing time.

    Points Allocation for PEI Express Entry System

    FactorWith Job OfferWithout job offer
    Work Experience 1520
    Max. points100100

    Selection Criteria

    • Age
    • Language Proficiency
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Employment
    • Adaptability

    Candidates can claim points for their age based on the birth date mentioned in their profile. Maximum points for age is 20.

    49 and above 0
    Maximum points20


    Language ProficiencyPoints
    CLB 9 & 1020
    CLB 825
    CLB 710
    Below CLB 7 0
    Maximum  points20
    Education Credential Points
    Master’s or Doctoral(PhD) level15
    Post-secondary degree program , full-time course for at least 3 years12
    Post-secondary Diploma in trade, full-time study for at least 2 years10
    High school0
    Maximum points15
    Work ExperienceWith Job OfferWithout Job Offer
    6 years or more1520
    4 to 6 years1515
    2 to 4 years1010
    1 year55
    Maximum Points1515
    EmploymentWith Job OfferWithout Job Offer
    Working in PEI on a work permit5
    Job offer in PEI in the area of study5
    Foreign qualification with regulated body in PEI55
    At least one year continuous full-time work experience in PEI55
    Maximum Points1510
    Having a close relative currently living in PEI for at least 12 months who are permanent residents or Canadian Citizens5
    Spouse or Common-law partner and /or their dependent children have language eligibility of CLB 6 or higher in English or French5
    Applicant currently owns a residential property in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months5
    Applicant graduated from a recognised post-secondary institution in PEI5
    Applicant’s spouse or common-law partner has at least 3 years of experience in last 5 years5
    Applicants dependent children have been enrolled in PEI education institution for at least 6 months5
    Maximum points15


    Individuals working in PEI on Post Graduate work permit are not eligible for PEI Express Entry unless they meet the following conditions:

    • Must be working for a PEI employer for at least six months; full-time experience will be considered.
    • They must have at least four months remaining in their work permit before submitting their application to PEI’s Office of Immigration.

     PEP PNP Express entry makes immigration to the province faster and easier for international skilled workers. Thus, if you are a foreign national willing to migrate to Canada, PEI PNP Express entry can be an excellent option for you.