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    Canada – Family Class Sponsorship

    The Family Class Sponsorship Program allows Canadian citizens or Canada PRs to sponsor their family members/relatives for Canada immigration. The person seeking sponsorship can be anyone including a parent, grandparent, spouse, dependent child or sibling.

    After becoming permanent residents in Canada through the Family Class Sponsorship, the sponsored members are free to study and work in Canada.

    Family Class Immigration Canada – Requirements

    Like any other Canadian immigration program, the Family Class Sponsorship Program also demands candidates (sponsor and sponsored) to fulfill specific criteria. 

    Requirements for the Sponsor

    • The sponsor must be above 18 years.
    • The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or someone holding Canadian PR status. 
    • The sponsor must have sufficient income to bear the expenses of the sponsored person after he/she arrives in Canada. 

    Who cannot Sponsor?

    • Those who are imprisoned.
    • Those who have declared bankruptcy.
    • Those who earlier sponsored some other relative and did not comply with the sponsorship agreement’s conditions.
    • Those who have been accused of a serious crime.

    Who can Gain Sponsorship? 

    • Dependent children.
    • Parents.
    • Grandparents.
    • Spouse or common-law partner. 
    • Siblings.
    • Adopted children.
    • Conjugal partner. 
    • Nephews, nieces, and grandchildren provided they are minor, orphaned and not married. 

    Sponsoring the Spouse/Common-Law Partner/Conjugal Partner

    A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his or her partner for permanent residence status in Canada. The sponsor’s relationship with his or her partner must fall into one of three categories: Spouse, Common-law Partner, or Conjugal Partner. At the time of application, proof of their relationship is required.

    Requirements for Spouse

    • The sponsor and the person being sponsored should be legally married.
    • Both must be at least 18 years old.

    Requirements for a Common-Law Partner

    • The sponsor and the person being sponsored should not be legally married.
    • Both must be over the age of 18.
    • The relationship must be at least a year old.

    Requirements for a Conjugal Partner

    • The sponsor and the sponsored partner have been together for at least a year.
    • Both must be over the age of 18.

    Sponsoring a Child

    The sponsor’s biological and adopted children are both eligible for sponsorship. At the time of application, valid proof of relationship between the two will be required.

    Requirements for a Child

    • The child must be less than 22 years old.
    • The child must be single.
    • Children over 22 years of age are eligible for the sponsorship if they are not physically or mentally fit and need financial support to survive.

    Cost of Sponsoring a Family Member for Canada PR

    The cost to sponsor a family member in Canada is made up of many factors including the sponsorship fee, right of permanent residence fee, biometrics fee and processing fee. The approximate costs associated with different aspects are given in the below table

    Sponsorship fee CAD 75
    Right of permanent residence fee CAD 500
    Biometrics fee CAD 85
    Processing fee CAD 475

    Family Class Immigration Canada – Processing Time

    The processing time varies from application to application. Based on the details of your scenario, it can take up to 12 months or even longer.

    How Many Members can I Sponsor for Canadian Immigration?

    As many as you wish. You must, however, submit separate applications for each member you want to sponsor.

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