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    Australia Parents visa-subclass 103

    We provide specialized assistance for obtaining the Subclass 103 Parent Visa, helping you bring your family together in Australia.

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    Visa Subclass 103

    The parent visa subclass 103 is for those parents whose children are settled and enjoying life in Australia. The visa enables the parents of an Australian citizen, Australian PR, or an eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate and stay in Australia for an indefinite period. The visa must be sponsored by the applicant’s child settled in Australia. If the child is a minor, the visa can be sponsored by the spouse/partner of the child, eligible relative of the child or his/her spouse, eligible guardian of the child or his/her spouse. The parent visa subclass 103 allows the applicant to include other family members such as the spouse and spouse’s stepchild in the application. 

    Benefits of Parent Visa Subclass 103

    • The visa holder can reside, study and work in Australia for an unlimited period.
    • The visa holder can fly from and to Australia without restrictions for a period of 5 years. 
    • The visa holder can register themselves in the public healthcare system available in Australia.
    • The visa holder can apply for Australian citizenship if they match the eligibility criteria.
    • The visa holder can travel anywhere in Australia.
    • The visa holder can sponsor his/her family member or relatives to migrate to Australia. 

    Parent Visa Subclass 103 – Eligibility Criteria and Document Requirement

    The parent visa subclass 103 demands candidates to satisfy the desired set of eligibility criteria and perform complete and appropriate submission of documents for successful acquisition. The generic eligibility criteria and list of documents required to obtain parent visa subclass 103 include

    • The applicant must meet the balance-of-family test requirements. 
    • The applicant must satisfy the required health and character requirements 
    • The applicant must have an eligible sponsor residing in Australia.
    • The applicant must not have any record of an earlier rejected or canceled visa if he or she had visited Australia in the past. 
    • The applicant must not depend on the Australian government for his survival while staying in Australia. 

    Document Requirement

    • Proof of nomination.
    • Proof of age.
    • Health and character certificates.
    • Proof of non-existence of prior visa rejections.

    Note – This is not a comprehensive list. You may require to present additional documents to gain the parent visa subclass 103 successfully. 

    Parent Visa Subclass 103 – Processing Time

    The parent visa subclass 103  processing time relies on the type of application raised and can vary from application to application. Generally, a correctly presented application takes little time than those submitted with incompleted documents and in a wrong manner. The processing time for the parent visa subclass 103 can increase if 

    • The application is faulty and deficient.
    • The application misses the mandatory documents.
    • The verification of the provided information is taking more time than usual. 


    Parent Visa Subclass 103 – Application Cost

    The general cost to apply for the parent visa subclass 103 lies around AUD 6,490 (for a single applicant). If you are including other members in the application, you will be asked to pay the additional charges. The payment can be made in two installments. The first installment can be settled at the time of application and the other can be settled later on. The other costs such as the cost pertaining to health checks, police certificates, and biometrics can also be associated and expected while applying for the parent visa subclass 103. 

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