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    Taking an exam at home instead of a testing center aids you to save the time you need to visit the test center. This time can be used to plan and study in order to improve your test score. The Duolingo English test is gradually gaining traction as a reliable alternative to IELTS and TOEFL, giving you a great chance to succeed. 

    Aspire Square is a highly reputed Duolingo coaching provider that offers comprehensive Duolingo coaching. Our detailed Duolingo training helps you to come up with the best strategy to take the Duolingo English test, improve your English language abilities, and increase your chances to ace the exam. We focus strongly on teaching with clarity and attempt to teach students according to their specific needs.

    What is the Duolingo English Test?

    The Duolingo English test is an English language proficiency test that intends to help overseas students secure admission at their favorite abroad universities. The 60-minute test can be completed from any location provided you have a computer and a sound internet connection. Duolingo English test evaluates all four English language skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The creative and unique language proficiency test has attained attention in the latest years and is now accepted by a wide number of institutions across the world.

    Perks of Duolingo English Test

    • Duolingo English test can be taken anytime and from anywhere.
    • The test provides results within a short span of 48 hours.
    • The test is a pretty cheaper option to complete an English language proficiency test charging just 49 USD.
    • The test can be completed in only around 60 mins.
    • One can send Duolingo  English test score report to any number of institutes.
    • It is easy to register for the test. One needs just valid id proof (such as a driving license) to register for the test. Also, registering for the Duolingo exam is a matter of only 1 or 2 minutes.

    Duolingo English Test Registration 

    The registration for the Duolingo English test must be done online. No complex documents are required to register for the Duolingo exam. Only valid id proof such as a driving license or any other government id proof will work. Here are the steps to register for the Duolingo English test

    • Make an account on the Duolingo English test website. You can accomplish this by providing basic information such as age, email id, password, and so on.
    • Once you will click the next button, you will be displayed a set of options. Choose a suitable option and move forward.
    • After your account has been successfully created, you can purchase the test by paying the desired sum.

    Duolingo English Test Format

    The Duolingo exam takes about 60 minutes to complete. The exam is divided into two sections. The first is the graded section, which focuses on the candidate’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. The second section is an ungraded video interview and a writing sample. The type of questions included in the Duolingo English test includes 

    • Listening to spoken words and selecting the real ones.
    • Reviewing written words and selecting the real ones.
    • Completing missing letters from a text.
    • Describing an image in writing or aloud.
    • Verbally answering a spoken question.
    • Typing out a statement and so on.

    Eligibility Criteria to Appear in the Duolingo English Test

    The Duolingo English test is not subject to any strict guidelines. There are no onerous documentation requirements or academic transcripts required. Anyone can download the Duolingo app and register for the Duolingo exam if they have a valid identification card. The Duolingo test does not have an upper age limit. Candidates who are below the age of 13 must acquire consent from their parents to take the exam.

    Duolingo English Test Syllabus

    The Duolingo English test does not have a specific syllabus. As shown in the examples below, Duolingo English test preparation can be done with any English resource.

    • Reading English newspapers, international magazines, and other materials that can contribute to enhancing your reading skills.
    • Interaction with English-speaking people.
    • Practicing writing on a regular basis.
    • Watching English movies. 
    • Practicing with the Duolingo exam material that is available online.

    Duolingo English Test Practice

    Duolingo practice papers are the most effective approach to prepare for the Duolingo English test. Aside from that, candidates can use books and other material to perform Duolingo English test preparation  A lot of Duolingo practice tests are also available online to help you boost your Duolingo exam score.  

    Candidates can benefit from Duolingo practice papers in a number of ways, including the following

    • You gain more confidence in your ability to take the test.
    • You identify your weak areas very easily.
    • You understand the exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the Duolingo English test.
    • You enhance your speed of attempting the test and learn to manage your time better.
    • In a situation where only a short time is left, Duolingo practice tests encourage swift and timely Duolingo test preparation.

    Duolingo English Test Preparation Tips

    • Comprehend the Duolingo English test pattern and types of questions asked.
    • Practice as many Duolingo mock tests as possible. The more Duolingo mock tests you will complete, the better will be your skills required while taking the test.
    • Focus on all sections.
    • Make a sound study plan.
    • Take the necessary steps to improve your English speaking skills.
    • Join a trustworthy Duolingo coaching centre.

    Rules to Take the Duolingo English test

    • You must choose a well-lit, serene environment.
    • Leave your ears open.
    • The face must be clearly visible. 
    • During the exam, no headphones or earphones should be worn.
    • Cell phones, notes, and textbooks are not permitted as external resources.
    • There should be no other people involved.
    • Neither writing instruments nor paper should be used.
    • You are not allowed to take your gaze away from the screen.
    • For whatever reason, you are not allowed to exit the test window.
    • The usage of any third-party web camera software is prohibited.
    • During the graded speaking segment, you have to speak for a minimum of 30 seconds period on the topics provided.
    • You cannot take the exam using someone else’s name or with someone else’s ID.

    Duolingo English Test – Score Analysis

    The Duolingo exam score ranges from 10 to 160 points.  Subscores are used to analyze the test taker’s proficiency in specific aspects. The details can be found in the below table.


    10 – 55
    • Basic English phrases and words can be understood by the candidate.
    • The candidate is able to talk on ordinary conditions using basic language.
    60 – 85
    • The candidate understands the basic rules of writing or speaking on common subjects like education and employment.
    • The candidate can discuss his or her goals, ideas, and experiences, but reluctantly.
    90 – 115
    • The candidate can successfully talk and understand data associated with multiple subjects. 
    • The candidate is smart enough to comprehend the key ideas of both concrete and abstract writing.
    • The candidate is able to interact well with expert English speakers.
    120 – 160
    • The candidate can understand difficult written and spoken languages, as well as complicated linguistic situations.
    • Indirect, symbolic, practical, and idiomatic language can all be deciphered by the candidate.
    • For cultural, intellectual, and professional reasons, the candidate can effectively perform communication.



    01 How many times can I take the Duolingo English test?

    You can take the Duolingo English test as many times as you want. 

    02 What are the benefits of the Duolingo English test over other language proficiency exams such as IELTS and TOEFL?

    The Duolingo English test differs from other language proficiency tests in a number of ways. It has a number of advantages over other language proficiency tests, the most notable of which is that it can be completed from the comfort of your own home. This saves you time and money on your trip to the testing centre. Other benefits include the ability for candidates to instantly register and take the test whenever they wish. A little cost is charged for the Duolingo exam. Duolingo English test exam results are accessible within 48 hours of the exam’s completion, making it a good choice for situations when quick results are required.

    03 Is the Duolingo English test reliable?

    Yes, the Duolingo English test is absolutely safe and reliable. The AI-based test uses innovative technology to preserve dependability and accuracy, and it’s a great alternative to demonstrate your language skills.

    04 What are the test requirements to complete the Duolingo English test?

    The basic requirements to complete the Duolingo English test include

    • An id proof.
    • A working computer.
    • An Internet connection.
    • A peaceful room and environment.
    • A microphone.
    • A front-facing camera.
    • Speakers.
    05 Are Duolingo mock tests helpful?

    Yes, definitely. Duolingo mock tests are excellent to determine your capability to pass the Duolingo exam. To perform well in the Duolingo exam, you should complete at least 10 Duolingo mock tests.

    06 From where can I get my Duolingo English test score?

    The results of the Duolingo exam can be accessed from the Duolingo website within 48 hours of finishing the exam. Follow the steps below to get a copy of your Duolingo test score report.

    • To get started, open the Duolingo website.
    • Log in to Duolingo and provide the details you supplied upon registration. Your Duolingo test score report will be provided to you right away.
    • Choose ‘Print’. 
    • The report is available for download.
    07 Which countries and universities accept the Duolingo English test?

    So many. Duolingo English test has now been accepted by a plenty of universities and institutes worldwide which makes the Duolingo exam an outstanding option to demonstrate your language proficiency while seeking admission in an international university. Some of the countries and universities that accept the Duolingo English test are


    • Harvard University
    • Auburn University
    • Arizona State University
    • Northeastern University
    • San Diego State University, etc.


    • Monash College
    • Australian National University
    • Melbourne Institute of Technology, etc.


    • Concordia University
    • Lakehead University
    • Memorial University of the Newfoundland
    • University of Alberta, etc.

    New Zealand

    • University of Otago
    • Massey University, etc.


    • Cardiff University
    • University of Aberdeen, etc.
    08 Do you provide Duolingo online coaching?

    Yes, to make the learning hassle-free for our students, we do offer both Duolingo offline coaching as well as Duolingo online coaching. To know about our upcoming Duolingo online batches and schedules, you can contact our team anytime.