CELPIP vs IELTS: Which One Should You Take?

There are six selection factors for Canada Permanent Residency eligibility criteria. Among them, language proficiency is an important factor and it is the fastest way to enhance the Comprehensive Ranking Score. Canada has 2 native languages English and French. To be eligible for PR candidates need to have a certain language score. There are certain official language tests approved by the CIC to apply for permanent residency. Here is the list of the eligible tests.

ielts or pte
  • English Language
    • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
    • IELTS: International English Language Testing System
  • French Language
    • TEF Canada: Test d’évaluation de français
    • TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du français

In India, candidates would like to appear for the English language test and there are certain reasons for that. First, the English language is one of the parts of the curriculum in the Indian Education System. Second, most of the people often use the English language in their day to day life. And third, the country has the highest number of people who can read, write, and speak fluent English.

In Gujarat, Aspire Square Immigration is known for the best quality coaching in IELTS. In the journey, we have added PTE Coaching centers in Ahmedabad, Baroda, and, Surat and now we are recognised as the best PTE Coaching Classes in Gujarat. Nowadays, only Aspire Square has the best CELPIP coaching classes in Gujarat. We at Aspire Square known to provide the best quality coaching of the English language and with highly trained tutors and well-equipped classrooms. In this blog, we are going to discuss both of the English language tests which will help you to understand their mechanism.

About the Tests

IELTS and CELPIP both tests are designed to measure the English language proficiency of test-takers. The tests include four categories that capture the main aspects of the language: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

On the world forum, multiple tests and courses are available to judge the English level proficiency. There are specific tests like IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, and TOEFL are approved if a candidate would like to migrate to Student Visa or Work Visa or Permanent Residency. Most of the English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, UK, etc. prefer the IELTS from over the years and now PTE and CELPIP have also won the attention.

Similarities between IELTS and CELPIP

The CELPIP and IELTS have vast differences in between but still, both have some similarities as well.

  1. First, both of the tests include four aspects to check the candidate’s linguistic skill. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  2. Second, both test results will be eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

Differences Between IELTS and CELPIP


  • The CELPIP targets only Canadian permanent residency and citizenship.
  • The test has designed to evaluate the candidate’s specific language skills.
  • British and American English languages can be used.
  • The exam has two types
    • CELPIP General Training is required to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.
    • CELPIP General – LS (Listening & Speaking) is needed to apply for Citizenship.


  • The Test is valid for multi types of visa processes such as Study, Work, and Permanent Residency.
  • Both types of languages British English and American English are allowed to use.
  • IELTS is divided into two segments,.
    • IELTS General Training is used for migrating any English-speaking country on a permanent or work visa.
    • IELTS Academic generally used to apply for the overseas study visa.

Key Components of the Test

Score breakdown A score has divided into 1 to 12 for every 4 sections, as per Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels. A score of 1 to 9 for each section; can score whole (e.g., 6.0, 7.0) or half (e.g., 6.5, 7.5) bands A score has divided into 1 to 9 bands into each 4 sections. It considers a whole band score (e.g. 6.0, 7.0) or half band score (e.g. 6.5, 7.5)
Listening 47-55 minutes; 7 components,
Nearly 40-46 questions (40 scored)
30 minutes; 4 components,
Around 40 questions
Reading 55-60 minutes; 4 components,
Nearly 38-45 questions (38 scored)
60 minutes; 3 components,
Around 40 questions
Writing 53-60 minutes; 2 components:
Writing an Email & Responding to Survey Questions
60 minutes; 2 components:
Writing a Letter and
Writing an Essay
Speaking 15-20 minutes; 8 components,
Nearly 8 short-answer questions
11-14 minutes; 3 components – Introduction, around 2- 3 minutes Individual Speech and Topics & Questions
Details Computer-based test only. Transition times is Included in between the test components. Two types of the Tests. Transition times are Included in between the test components in the Computer-Based Test. Transition times are Excluded in between the test components in Pen & Paper-Based Test.

Preparation Materials

Online Material There are several websites that can provide online material. However, it is advisable to purchase the material from reliable sources. Such as CELPIP’s official website; https://www.celpip.ca/prepare-for-celpip/study-materials/ On the other hand, you can rely on Aspire Square as well. We are providing genuine teaching with the valid test material. As well as, there are several mock tests available that help you to assess your test level. Over the years IELTS is a prominent choice for immigration-oriented candidates. As a result, multiple websites, coaching centers, and private agencies provide different types of materials. However, there is a long way to go to the Computer-Based IELTS test. Aspire Square has also a wide range of supportive material for the aspirants. Especially, for Computer Based IELTS test takers.
Offline Material Candidate can purchase the relevant books for the preparation. But the test is online so it always better purchases material that can be utilized offline. At Aspire Square, we provide multiple offline materials to the candidates. Such as mock tests, offline exercises, etc.  In the current situation, Aspire Square is the best coaching center for online CELPIP coaching in India. There is a very limited source for Computer Based IELTS tests. However, candidates generally, prepare from the physical material. Because there is no major difference between the types of tests. At Aspire Square a great number of preparation books & tests are available for Pen & Paper-based tests. Whereas, for Computer Based test we have readymade online material and tests. In the current situation, Aspire Square is the best coaching centre for online CELPIP coaching in India.

Factors Need to Consider

Location CELPIP is available in India in 3 locations. Chandigarh, New Delhi, and Ahmedabad (Gujarat) IELTS has multiple locations in India. Both the British Council and IDP both have more than 100 tests across the county.
Price CELPIP – General Test has fees of
₹10845.00 + Taxes.
IELTS – General Test have Fees of
₹14000.00 (Including Taxes)
Test Timings The CELPIP test takes nearly 3 hours. All modules finish in a single day only. Listening and Speaking modules may take a longer time to get complete. Whereas, Writing seems to may shorter than expected. However, it needs to be remembered that time breakdowns include the questions, answers, and transition times. IELTS Test is also taking nearly the same duration of 3 hours. However, the test usually takes 2 days to finish. Listening, Reading, and Writing are on the other day than Speaking. Time breakdown excluded the question, answers, and transition times in Pen and Paper Base Test. Whereas, in Computer Based Test the time breakdown is the same as the CELPIP.
Result Timings CELPIP Test usually gives the results in 4-5 calendar days. Computer Delivered IELTS test gives results in 5-7 calendar days. Whereas, Pen & Paper Bases IELTS gives results in 13 calendar days.
Difficulty CELPIP is 100% Computer Delivered Test. As a result, it is better for computer-friendly users and who have good typing skills. CELPIP also gives the spell check option, timer, and word count. That helps to test takers to be focused on the test. CELPIP test uses the Canadian English language slang mostly. IELTS has both options. In Pen and Paper base is comfortable for non-friendly computer users. It is also good for candidates who have good hand-writings. IELTS Computer-delivered is good for computer-oriented people. However, the Speaking module needs to appear in person with the examiner. IELTS test uses different English language slangs such as Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, British, and American.

CELPIP and IELTS are both approved and accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Their national language standards are known as the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). The CIC has described the eligible CLB level to migrate to Canada. Please refer to the CIC Website for an in-depth description.

CELPIP or IELTS Which is Easy?

The choice between the tests usually puts candidates in a big dilemma. There are lots of mix and match opinion come from the test takers. Here we tried out to figure out some basic justification from the people’s views. At Aspire Square, there are a number of aspirants come with the same question. We strongly encourage you to visit at any of the branches and get the right answers.

  • CELPIP and IELTS have their own importance and equallity.
  • Both test results are eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.
  • CELPIP or Computer-delivered IELTS
    • The people that carry computer knowledge and good hand-eye coordination should try CELPIP or computer-delivered IELTS.
    • There are some candidates that do not want come into direct conversation with examiner, CELPIP or computer-delivered IELTS is better for them.
  • Pen & Paper-base IELTS
    • The candidates that are comfirtable with pen or pencil writing and also have good hand-writings should appear for Pen and Paper based IELTS.
    • Generally, candidates who has previously appeared for pen & paper based IELTS they prefer to repeat the same.

Aspire Square has a long history of result-oriented coaching class in Gujarat. At Aspire Square we provide the additional privilege to the candidates with Free Demo Lectures of IELTS and we have also Free Demo Classes for CELPIP as well. As an official partner of the British Council and IDP, we have a well-trained coaching team that not only assists you with the best coaching but also guides you to crack the test successfully with some extra-ordinary tips & tricks. Currently, due to the pandemic situation, we are providing online coaching, and especially for CELPIP, we have batches available for the entire week, so plan your coaching accordingly.

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