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How To Get Canada Study Visa in 2021 - Aspire Square

How To Get Canada Study Visa in 2021 – Process, Requirements

July 26, 2021

Canada welcomes above 1,30,000 international students every year and allows them to study in Canada. A student must have a study permit allotted by the Canadian government to accomplish his...

Foremost Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

Foremost Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

June 22, 2021

Canada is one of the most prevailing study abroad destinations among international students. The top-class education and enhanced career opportunities make Canada an enviable choice to purs...

Study in UK with PTE AspireSquare

Study in UK with PTE – Get All Details Here

June 16, 2021

UK is an excellent place to live, discover and enjoy high-quality education. A large number of students aspire to study in UK every year. UK student visa is a document that all internationa...

Education in the UK Get Your Child Student Visa

Further Education in the UK – Get Your Child Student Visa at The Age of 16

June 15, 2021

Dear Reader, Are you under 17 and aspiring to study in UK? You have the option to do so. You can apply for a child student visa. A child student visa helps those students to study in...

Study in UK Without IELTS

How to Study in UK Without IELTS

June 10, 2021

Demonstration of language proficiency is one of the key requirements for international students to pursue education in an English-inclined country. IELTS is an eminent and widely accepted t...

International Students

Traveling to Canada in COVID Situation – A To Do List for International Students

June 1, 2021

In the current situation of COVID-19, health and safety is the primary concern of every student seeking to study abroad. The government of Canada is taking strict protective measures to con...

Grab your UK student visa on PTE-Exams

Grab Your UK Student Visa on PTE Exams

May 21, 2021

UK is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations across the world. Studying in the UK offers a range of unique benefits, however, like any other English-inclined country you must p...

USA Non Immigrant Visas

Different Types of Non-Immigrant USA Visas

May 14, 2021

Visa, an official document that allows you to enter a foreign country. There are various distinct categories of visas including work visas, student visas, tourist visas, business visas, and...

Master Study(MS) in USA

Master Study(MS) in USA – Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for International Students

May 7, 2021

USA is the most popular and highly-reputable study destination worldwide. Millions of youths apply for a USA student visa every year with a dream of undergoing higher studies over there. Th...

Life in Canada

Life in Canada as an international student – An Overview

May 6, 2021

Canada serves as a preeminent destination to pursue overseas education. The high-end education system, cultural diversity, economic living costs, and ample employment opportunities make Can...

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