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What We Offer

Aspire Square, As a Trusted Immigration Consultant for Australia enjoy high respect and no.1 rank in the Immigration industries even whole you can assured yourself that we deliver what we make initiate for. We strongly bound with our strong ethical policy and our commitment toward excellence Australian Immigration servicesfor aspirants dream to migrate to Australia.

As a leader in Australian Immigration & education sector we provide excellence services for Migrate to Australia whether it temporary or permanent. With the complex visa system with hundreds of visa subclasses it is often difficult for individual to choose their best and suitable visa category without professional guidance. Aspire Square being a Principle Australian Immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, India represent your Immigration case in strongest possible way with your suitable visa category.

Australian Immigration visa category divided mainly in Permanent Residency Visa of Australia and Temporary residence Visa. We provide you the excellence services in both categories. General Skilled Migration Visa, Partner (Spouse) Visa of Australia, Parent Visa, child Visa generally fall under Permanent Residency visa category of Australia, Where Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Student Dependent Visa fall under temporary visa category.

Aspire Square broad range of services classifieds into four main categories

  1. Basic Pre – Evolution (Assessment)

    Each & Every Immigration process for Australia requires you to satisfy the given eligibility prerequisites set criteria. These criteria typically cover your age, qualification, Employment history and English language ability. Our Principle Immigration Experts thoroughly study your Immigration profile against all the set conditions of Australian Immigration department. As a specialist Australian Migration Agent we understand that it is our responsibilities to assess each case with care & consideration of Australian Immigration Law. From this we come to the point of your main purpose of Migrate to Australia and initiate your Immigration process accordingly. More importantly is despite of our hard effort and research we provide you the Basic Pre-Evolution (Assessment of your profile) without any service charge. It is absolutely free Assessment with high quality research.

  2. Detail Consultation

    Our Qualified and experienced Immigration Professionals at Aspire Square provide the best and positive consultants related to individual Immigration profile. We do not have any specific fixed blueprint like others who follow for their visa processing to every client. We provide the detail consultation base on the systematic research of each individual case and its specific circumstances.

    We are providing assistance on selecting your university, visa subclass, your financial requirement and English language requirement for your Student Visa process of Australia.

    For General Skilled Migration Visa, After provide the basic free assessment we allow you to discuss with us for any specific matters if you have. We believe to solve your any queries before start the Immigration Process of Australia. From this we understand your particular requirement and strength, so we can guide you in strongest possible way for your Migration Process of Australia.

  3. Visa Process and Documentation

    Once you are agreeing to go ahead with Aspire Square for your Immigration process of Australia, we start the actual work on your Visa Application process. Filling up the incomplete information or application form, providing the unnecessary documents, or false or misleading information may lead to delays in process and might be chances to get the refusals. At Aspire Square, you will fill relax and sure because of our Expert Immigration professionals will help you to prepare and filling your right application form and required mandatory supporting documents. As a Qualified Australian Migration Agent we provide you the excellence services from deciding your visa subclass to visa outcome.

    We provide you the detail guidance on the which form you need to use and which mandatory documents you need to prepare for your visa application, we provide you the expert Immigration advice on Student Visa, General skilled Migration Visa, Partner (Spouse Visa) Visa, child Visa, Visitor Visa, Parents visa or any family visa.

    At, Aspire Square we have the trained and qualified staff who are expert in Migration process of Australia, carefully look into the particular requirements involving in preparation of documents. After the complete documentation process which involves the every required paper, documents and appropriately filled forms, we represent your case in the strongest possible way to the Immigration department of Australia for further process and decision on your application. Here that is not done. We keep regular hawk eye on you application process status and continuously in touch with Immigration department and keep you updated and fully informed on status of your Application process of Australia.

  4. Post Landing Services

  5. Migrate to Australia is a settlement into a new land; it can be a very challenging when you do not have any direct sources. But if you are with Aspire Square then keep smiling and be relaxed after your visa grant.

    While Aspire Square may not be physically present at Australia, We provide you the excellence post landing services listed below for our Immigration client who has their visa grant.

    • Pre-Arrival Services
    • On – arrival Services
    • House and job hunting services
    • On-going settlement services
You may contact Aspire Square for your on-going stage wise visa application procedure or complete application process from free assessment to post landing services.
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