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Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 Will Skill Select replace the current General Skilled Migration Visas?
Ans Yes, skill select will replace the current GSM trend and will also be replaced by new visa subclass, as of today anyone whose occupation is listed on the SOL list and scores 65 points is eligible for the migration visa to Australia, however with effect July 2012 best & brightest applicants selected electronically at regular interval will be eligible for migration.
Que 2 Will there any changes in Visa Subclass?
Ans Yes. The following visa subclass changes with their respective previous visa subclass.

1. Subclass 189 (skilled independent) (will replace subclasses 885 and 175)
2. Subclass 190 (skilled nominated) (will replace subclasses 886 and 176)
3. Subclass 489 (skilled regional) (will replace subclasses 487 and 475).

From 1 July 2012, intending migrants, both in and outside Australia may submit an expression of interest (EOI) for a 189, 190 or 489 visa. From 1 July 2012, points tested skilled migration visas granted outside Australia (subclasses 175, 176 and 475) will be closed for all new applications. From 1 January 2013, points tested skilled migration visas granted in Australia (subclasses 885, 886 and 487) will be closed for all new applications.
Que 3 What is an Electronic application?
Ans Electronic application is an online application which is also known as Expression of Interest (EOI)
Que 4 Will there be Capping & Ceiling?
Ans Best & brightest applicants will be shortlisted electronically subjected to OCCUPATION CEILING
Que 5 How often there will be Occupation Ceiling?
Ans Occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will be regularly reviewed to reflect mid to long term shortages in the Australian skilled labour market
Que 6 Which Australian Visas fall under Skill Select?
Ans From 1 July 2012, the following Australian visa programs will fall under the Skill Select program:

  • Independent Skilled Migration
  • State or Territory Sponsored Skilled Migration
  • Family Sponsored Skilled Migration
  • Business Skills
For a skilled migrant to apply for an Australian visa from any of the above programs from 1 July 2012, they will need to register their interest by submitting an EOI on the Skill Select database, and then receive an invitation from the Australian Government to make an application for a skilled visa.

The Skill Select database also offers skilled migrants the opportunity to express their interest in any of the following programs on their EOI, in order to be eligible for selection by an Australian employer:
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
  • Temporary Business (Long Stay), subclass 457 program

Skilled migrants who register on the Skill Select database are able to express their interest in more than one skilled migration program on one single EOI.
Que 7 What information do I need to include on an EOI for Skill Select?
Ans An EOI is not a visa application. It is only an expression of interest in being considered for the grant of an Australian skilled visa.

Depending on the visa(s) potential migrant wishes to be considered for, they will need to provide a range of basic information in their EOI, including:
  • basic personal information
  • details of the nominated occupation
  • relevant work experience
  • study and education qualifications
  • level of English skills
  • details of a Skills Assessment, related to the nominated occupation
Que 8 What documentation will I need to submit an EOI & how much will it cost?
Ans Submitting an EOI on the Skill Select database will be free of charge. No supporting evidence or documentation will be required in order to submit an EOI on the Skill Select database.

It is important, however, for intending skilled visa applicant’s to have the requisite information / documentation prepared prior to submitting their EOI, as an invitation to make a visa application may be issued shortly after their EOI has been submitted. On receiving an invitation, Applicants have just sixty days to prepare and submitted the necessary documentation to support of their skilled visa application
Que 9 Is it possible to lodge a Skill Select EOI without an English Language Test, Skills Assessment or Job Ready Program?
Ans Where an intending migrant submits an EOI for a visa(s) requiring an English language skills, or to complete a positive Skills Assessment or Job Ready Program, then the applicant will need to have completed these before they submit an EOI.

While it is not necessary to attach any documents to an EOI, it is necessary that all information included on the EOI is accurate and matches the information cited on any supporting documents (which would be included with a visa application if the potential migrant is invited to make one).

If a skilled migrant registered on the Skill Select database is invited to make an application for an Australian visa, the information submitted on the EOI will be used as part of the application, so it is important that any English Language testing, Skills assessments or Job Ready documentation is completed before submitting an EOI.
Que 10 There is no reimbursement for the cost of obtaining a Skills Assessment if an EOI is unsuccessful and does not result in an invitation to make a visa application?
Ans It is therefore crucial that any potential migrant wishing to submit an EOI to the Skill Select database seek professional advice from expert before they submit their EOI. This will help to ensure their submitted EOI is accurate, complete, and has the best chance of resulting in an invitation to make an Australian visa application.
Que 11 How do I apply or get selected?
Ans Australian skilled immigration law and procedure are constantly changing. If your occupation is in high demand, it is likely to be added to the Australian skilled occupation list (SOL) and also have more places within the skilled migration programme. The higher your score, the higher your chances of getting an Australian visa significantly increase. It is therefore before you start your application when professional advice is of the greatest importance to potential Australian migrant.

The advice and assistance you receive must consider your skills and characteristics as well as other variables such as Australian immigration department visa policy and Australian labour market forces.

This means that planned and correct information is required before an applicant starts the process or they may simply find themselves wasting prestige’s time and money in preparing to apply without any chance of a positive outcome.

The Australian government has indicated that the Australian migration programme must be flexible to deliver desirable mid to long term outcomes to the Australian economy and therefore, will continue to change.

If you want latest and accurate guidance and support in relation to immigrating to Australia then contact our Expert to discuss your best option on + 91 97 262 16161 or email us at info@aspiresquare.com.

We are happy to serve you better for your Immigration need towards Australia.
Que 12 What happens after an EOI is submitted to the Skill Select database?
Ans After a potential migrant has completed an EOI and submitted it to the database, the Skill Select system will provide the potential migrant with a ‘points score’ and ranking result, based upon the claims made in the EOI.

When an EOI is submitted, the potential migrant will be able to view their points score, but will not be able to view their ranking position in the database, because this will change as other potential migrants enter and leave Skill Select.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will then invite the highest ranked potential migrants from the Skill Select database to make a visa application, according to the number of available places within a particular stream of immigration. DIAC asserts that the ranking process will be an objective and automatic process, with no involvement by the DIAC staff.

Intending skilled migrants can update their EOI at any time. If the updated information changes the potential migrant’s points score, the Skill Select system will automatically update the ranking of that person.
Que 13 How long will my EOI stay in SkillSelect?
Ans Two years.
An EOI will remain in SkillSelect for a maximum of two years. If you are granted a permanent or provisional visa during this time, your EOI will be removed. You can also voluntarily suspend or withdraw your EOI from SkillSelect at any time. The department will also be able to remove your EOI at any time, if you breach the terms and conditions of SkillSelect.
Que 14 What if my circumstances change after submitting my EOI?
Ans You must update your EOI.
If your circumstances change, you are required to update your EOI in SkillSelect. You should update your details to reflect any additional qualifications or experience you have obtained. SkillSelect will automatically take the changes into account and, if appropriate, will update your ranking. This may increase your ability to be invited.
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