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Skilled Regional Visa - Subclass 489

VisaSkilled - Regional Visa
Subclass489 – Previously known as 475
Visa TypeProvisional(4 Years)
Nomination RequiredNomination by a state/territory government or sponsorship by an eligible relative living in a designated area.
Point TestYes
Pass Mark 50

About this visa: (features)

  • Provisional visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state/territory government or an eligible relative.
  • Valid up to four years.
  • Requires visa holder to live and work in a specified regional area.
  • Allows for the adding of certain family members as secondary applicants.
  • Pathway visa to permanent regional residence visa 887.

Basic eligibility requirements

Applicants for this visa must:

  • Nomination by a state/territory government.Nomination by a state/territory government or sponsorship by an eligible relative living in a designated area.
  • Invitation to Apply
  • Meet the Point test Pass mark
  • Be under the age of 50
  • Have competent English Language ability
  • Nominate an occupation listed on the Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
  • Hold a suitable Skills Assessment
  • Have met health and character requirements

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Submit EOI - Australia PR

To be able to lodge a valid 489 visa application you need to first submit an expression of interest (EOI) for this visa and then receive an invitation to apply.

EOI ApplicationOnline
Validity2 years

Nomination by a state or territory government

State and territory government agencies will have access to SkillSelect. If you are interested in being nominated by a state or territory government for this visa, you should indicate this in your EOI. If you are interested in a particular state you will have an option to indicate this state, or you may choose to be available to all states if you do not have a preference.

If the state/territory government nominates you, you will automatically receive an invitation from SkillSelect to apply for a visa.

Sponsorship by an eligible relative

If you are seeking an invitation for this visa on the basis of family sponsorship, when you submit your EOI you will need to include your sponsor's details. Your sponsor must be an eligible relative living in a designated area. You should refer to the 'Sponsor' tab for more information.

You can update or change your sponsor's details in SkillSelect at any time, however if you provide details of a new sponsor, they will still need to meet the eligible relative and designated area requirements.


The points test is a transparent and objective method of selecting skilled migrants with the skills and attributes needed in Australia. The Points Test awards points on the basis of a range of skills and attributes.

You have to meet the Points Test pass mark in order to be granted a visa. The pass mark is the total number of points you must score to pass the Points Test.

In order to submit a complete EOI you must meet the points test pass mark. Your complete EOI will then be ranked on the basis of your claims against points test factors. Invitations will be issued to those who achieve the highest rankings, subject to the operation of the occupational ceiling.

If you receive an invitation to apply and make an application, your application will then be assessed against the Points Test. Your points score against the Points Test must be equal to or greater than the number of points you claimed in your EOI.

Age Requirements

At time of invitation, you must be less than 50 years of age. This means that even if you are under 50 when you submit your EOI, it is your age at the time an invitation that is taken into account.

Skills Assessment

To apply for this visa you must nominate an occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that is current at the date an invitation is issued. The SOL lists all eligible occupations for points tested skilled migration.

Regardless of which points tested skilled migration visa you apply for, you must provide evidence that your skills have been assessed as suitable for your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

It is your responsibility to contact the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation and obtain skills assessment. Each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes and fees. You are strongly advised to contact the relevant assessing authority well before you submit your EOI to arrange your skills assessment.

To Know more about Assessment authority please visit this page:

Link of Different Authority Page:

English language requirements

At time of invitation, you will be required to demonstrate that you have at least Competent English. Competent English is defined as an International English Language Test System (IELTS) score of at least six in each of the four components of the IELTS test; or at least B in the Occupational English Test (OET) test; or being a citizen and passport holder of either the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland or the USA.

The validity of IELTS test result is 3 years.


When you submit your EOI you will not be asked to provide evidence to support your claims. However, if you are invited to apply, you will need to provide evidence to support all the claims that were in your EOI at the time you were invited.

Circumstances change while waiting for an invitation

EOIs remain active in SkillSelect for two years. During the time from when you submit your EOI to when you receive an invitation or your EOI ceases, information about your attributes and skills may change. SkillSelect will automatically calculate any changes to your age up to the period you are invited. However, for other factors, such as if you upgrade you English proficiency, you will need to enter this new information into Skill Select.
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Invitation to Apply

Application TypeOnline
Application Charge3060 AUD
DurationWithin 60 Days after getting Invitation

You can only apply for this visa if you have received an invitation from SkillSelect to apply for the visa.

If you receive an invitation, you will then have 60 days to make a valid visa application, before the invitation expires.

Note: If you do not make a valid visa application after receiving two invitations, your expression of interest (EOI) will be removed from SkillSelect

Application charge

You must pay a non-refundable charge when you lodge your application.

Other costs

In addition to the visa application charge, you will need to pay an assessing authority any fees or charges related to skills assessments or assessments of qualifications or skilled employment. Where applicable you will also need to pay for English language testing.

You are also required to pay for your Heath Assessment and for obtaining police checks. There may also be other costs associated with the application, such as translating documents into English.

Should a dependant applicant on your application aged 18 and over and have less than functional English you may also have to pay an English language instruction charge.

Including family members

You may include the following secondary applicants in your visa application:

  • partner
  • a dependent child of you or your partner
  • a dependent relative of you or your partner.
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After Lodge the Application

Priority processing arrangements

Priority processing arrangements apply to skilled migration applications. They determine the order in which the department considers applications. Applications accorded a higher priority under the arrangements will be processed ahead of lower priority applications, regardless of when the application is lodged.

If you have lodged a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa application but have not been contacted by a case officer to inform you that processing has commenced, you should refer to the current allocation dates.

Processing times

The department has visa processing time service standards for different types of visa applications. The department aims to process 75 per cent of cases within these service standards, however actual processing times may vary depending on a range of factors, including the complexity of the case and the completeness of documentation provided to support the application.

Travel to and from Australia

If you are outside Australia when you lodge your application and you wish to travel to Australia during the period your application is being processed you can apply for the relevant temporary entry visa.

If you are able to lodge an application while in Australia you will be eligible for grant of a Bridging visa A or C. If you want to travel outside Australia and return, you will need to apply for and be granted a Bridging visa B.

You should advise the office processing your skilled visa application of your change in contact details for the period of your travel.

Change of circumstances

If any of your personal information or circumstances relevant to your visa application change after you lodge your application, you should advise the department immediately. You should use Form 1022 Notification of Changes in Circumstances.

Withdrawing your application

You can withdraw your application at any stage during processing. To withdraw your application, you must advise the department in writing.

In order to withdraw, please send a signed written withdrawal advice with your full name, date of birth, date of application, file reference number/transaction record number (if known). All applicants over the age of 18 included in the application must sign the withdrawal letter.

Withdrawn applications are not eligible for a refund.

Refund of application fees

There are only limited circumstances available for the refund of your visa application charge. A refund is not available if you change your mind about your application.

Health assessment

To be granted a visa you, your spouse or de facto partner and your dependent family members (both those migrating and not migrating) will need to meet visa health requirements. The department will advise you when and where you need to undertake health assessments. Health assessments are generally valid for a period of twelve months from their date of issue.

Character clearances

Character and other police clearance certificates are generally valid for a period of twelve months from their date of issue. If they are due to expire before a decision has been made on your visa, you will need to provide new clearances.

Adding family members to your undecided application

During the time after you lodge your application but before a decision is made, you can only include a partner and/or dependent children with your application. You will need to demonstrate that they are members of your family unit and they will also have to meet any other specified visa requirements such as health, character and custody requirements where applicable.

Adding a new born child to your undecided application

A new born child can be added to your application at any stage during visa processing. It is important that you notify the office processing your skilled migration visa as soon as practicable.

Once the child is born you will need to provide the department with a copy of the child's full birth certificate. The new born child will also need to meet specified visa requirements such as health and custody requirements where applicable.

Visa decision

If your visa is approved

When a visa is granted, a visa grant number is assigned to the visa. This is a unique number that is used to identify you as the holder of a valid visa in the department's computer systems.

You will receive a grant notification letter at your nominated email or postal address. This letter will confirm your visa approval, visa grant number and any conditions attached to your visa.

If your visa is refused

You, or the person you have authorised to act and receive communication on your behalf, will be notified in writing of the decision to refuse your application. The decision record will explain why the decision maker was not satisfied you met the requirements for grant of the visa. You will also be advised if you are eligible to seek a review of the decision made and the time you have to do so.

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Rights & Obligation

Visa holder entitlements

This visa allows you and any family members included in your visa application to remain in Australia for up to four years. As a holder of this visa you are required to live and work in a Specified Regional Area in Australia.

The visa also provides a pathway to permanent residence through the Subclass 887 – Skilled Regional Permanent visa.

Health cover and/or social security payments

As temporary visa holder you do not have access to Medicare. Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa holders from countries with which Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement will have restricted access to Medicare.

People without access to Medicare are responsible for all their health costs incurred in Australia. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you arrange suitable private health insurance. You may be able to lodge your application for private health insurance before you arrive in Australia.

You will not qualify for Australian social security payments. You will only be eligible for limited Job-Search assistance to find employment after your arrival. It is very important that you understand that you should have enough money to support yourself (and your dependants) until you are able to gain employment.

Visa holder obligations

If you are outside Australia when your visa is granted, you will need to arrive in Australia within the specified period. This information is included in the letter sent to you after your visa was granted.

This visa allows you and your dependants to:
  • temporarily live and work in a designated regional area in Australia
  • study in a specified regional area of Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid
  • apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) after certain conditions have been met.

Visa conditions

If you do not comply with the conditions of your visa:

  • your visa, and the visas of any accompanying secondary applicant(s), may be cancelled; and
  • You may not meet the requirements to apply for permanent residence.

Settlement assistance

If you have not lived in Australia previously, 'Settlement' is the process of adjustment you experience as you become established and independent in Australia. Some migrants feel settled quite quickly, perhaps within six to 12 months. For others it may take some years. The Department produces a number of information booklets on settling into life in Australia as well as a checklist of the seven important things that you should do as soon as possible after arriving in Australia.

If you are outside Australia when your visa is granted, you will need to arrive in Australia within the specified period. This information is included in the letter sent to you after your visa was granted. If you are granted this visa you are able to live and work in any part of Australia and engage in any type of employment. You and any accompanying family members must comply with Australian laws. Failure to do so may affect your ability to remain in Australia.

Visa validity

This is a temporary residence visa. This visa also allows you to travel to and enter Australia for up to four years from the date the visa is granted.

Problem solving

Children born after visa grant

If you are a temporary resident and your child is born in Australia, your child is taken to have been granted the same visa as their parents. You will need to advise the department as soon as possible if you have a new born child.

If you are a temporary visa holder and your child is born outside Australia, you can sponsor your child as a subsequent entrant.

Adding other family members to your visa

You are eligible to sponsor a spouse or de facto partner and dependent family members as subsequent entrants. Any subsequent entrants will need to apply for a subsequent entrant visa. They will only be able to apply through the online application form on the department's website.

Future Possibilities

Pathway to permanent residency

You can apply for a Skilled - Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) visa after you have lived for at least two years and worked for at least one year in a Specified Regional Area. Work includes being self-employed.

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