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Get the benefit of Aspire Square’s 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t get the outcome as committed by Aspire Square, we will refund the money you paid to us for your application process. No questions asked. As simple as that. No better guarantee in the industry – we guarantee it!

We know the decision to Migrate another country is full of emotion as you are migrating towards a new land & may be you will be far from your beloved friends & supporter in the initial stage. Migration process also takes the lots of time & you also required to invest lots of money throughout the process.

We know that Migrate to Australia & give us the chance to process your application is taken by very carefully. So we also want to give revert you with our Assurance policy. We never entertain any hopeless case so we never work with the keeping in our mind about our Money Back Guarantee. We just introduce this policy to win your trust & that way we want to show you that we are not only working for Money. We want to win your trust & with this we will surely get the more business from your valuable reference.

You Australian Immigration process will compromise with stages like Assessment, State Sponsorship, EOI & Final Visa Application. We also charge for each stage separately as under. Hence you are eligible for the stage wise refund.

Aspire Square’s money back guarantee covers exclusively our service charge only. Department charges are non-refundable & not included in any of our money back guarantee.

How the process will go till your Visa Outcome.

  1. Registration
    1. Skill Assessment
    2. State Sponsorship
  2. EOI
  3. Invitation & Final Application

A. Money Back Guarantee for Skill Assessment: (First Stage)

  • If your Assessment outcome will benegative then we will provide our all service charge back to you whatever you paid at the time of registration to Aspire Square which are subject to below exclusion.

Exclusion of Money Back Guarantee

  1. If your assessment outcome base on the fraud documentation then you are not eligible for this money back guarantee scheme.
  2. If you will fail to deliver sufficient documents within given time line by Assessment Authority. (You will be notifying for deadline of documents submission to Authority by Aspire.)
  3. If you will fail to demonstrate your skill during any interview taken by Assessment Authority.

Money Back Guarantee on State Sponsorship

After getting the positive Assessment outcome if required then we will apply for State sponsorship.

We are highly recommended you to take patience for your Sponsorship Nomination. As the state nomination is very complex process because you need to satisfied the criteria satisfied by the State & Territories. We will defiantly inform you the particular requirement before your process start.

Exclusion of Money Back Guarantee

  1. If you fail to satisfied the agreed band as written advised by our expert
  2. If you fail to demonstrate your work experience required by the State & territories.
  3. If you provide any false or misleading information.

A. Money Back Guarantee on EOI

On meeting of all criteria for Expression of interest, we will apply for EOI. If you are not selected within two years from the pool then we will provide our service charge back to you for that particular stage.

Exclusion of Money Back Guarantee: (EOI Stage)

  1. If you agreed to get the required IELTS band suggested by Aspire Square which is in written & if you will fail to get the agreed score in IELTS then you are not eligible for refund.
  2. If we apply for EOI on the requirement of nomination of State Sponsorship without nomination of State & you fail to get that nomination then you are not eligible for the refund.
  3. If we apply for EOI on the basis of Relative nomination & your sponsor will fail to prove this nomination or your sponsor’s circumstances change & you will fail to get the Invitation then you are not eligible for refund.

B. Money Back Guarantee for Final Application & Outcome

After getting the Invitation from DIAC we have to lodge your application within 60 Days. After Application to the department within this time line if your Application outcome will negative then we will provide you our service charge back what you paid for that particular Stage only.

Exclusion of Money Back Guarantee: (Final Application & Outcome)

  1. If you fail to provide documents for the Application within time line given by the department for the lodgement of Application. Then you are not eligible for the refund
  2. If you provided any fraud documents with your application & the refusal of Application base on this reason then you are not eligible for any refund.
  3. If you will fail to demonstrate your skill in any interview taken by DIAC & the negative outcome provide by case officer of DIAC then you are not eligible for refund.
  4. If you will fail to provide any further documents request by the department within time line given by the Department & got negative outcome base on missing deadline for requested document submission to DIAC then you are not eligible for refund.
  5. If you will fail to meet the criteria set by department for Health or Character requirement then you are not eligible for the refund.

Terms & condition for refund policy

  • We will provide you the agreed refund amount as per our policy within 1 month from the date of finalisation of refund claim.
  • You need to produce our fees receipt for claim of your refund.
  • You are only eligible for the refund what you paid to us as our service charge. Any of the department or government charges (Like, Assessment Authority Charge, State Sponsorship charge, Final Application charge, Medical Charges, PCC Charges, Courier Charges, Translation, affidavit or any other miscellanies charges) are not include in our refund policy.
  • Before start your process we recommended you to read carefully & understand our refund policy.

We hope that you understand our policy for your refund process. We are really confident that you never require rendering the policy as your application progress till your outcome because after carefully consideration & evaluating your documents we believe that you are most eligible to get your visa in your hand.

Still we want to assure you about your Immigration Process & we value your money so we agreed to give you the Money back Guarantee for your process.
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