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  1. Apply For PAR@NZQA (If your Qualification Do Not fall in Exempt list)
  2. Apply for EOI
  3. Selection
  4. (A)Invitation (B) Full Assessment@ NZQA (If applied for PAR)
  5. Apply for EOI
  6. Apply to INZ
    1. Get Your Residence
    2. Get Job Search Visa
    3. Decline Your Application

Step: 1

Determination of your Qualification before Apply to EOI.

  1. If your qualification has been assessed by a New Zealand organisation as being comparable to a New Zealand qualification on Appendix 3: List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment then you can direct apply for EOI but

    See link 1A) : Qualification Exempt from Assessment In INDIA

    If an NZQA assessment is required for an overseas qualification, a Pre-Assessment Result must be undertaken to support your Expression of Interest. If you are invited to apply for residence your qualification will then have to be fully assessed by the NZQA.

  2. To be granted a Work Visa or Residence class visa under the work to residence policy to work in some occupation you also need to prove you can meet the occupational registration requirement.

    To work in some occupations in NZ are required by Law to be registered with the Appropriate Professional body of their Occupations.

    Most often registration is requiredin medical and health occupations but registration is also required for some other business and trade occupations.

    See: Registration Authority

    Fees for PAR: 138 NZD

Step: 2 EOI

After determination about the Qualification & the points for your Age, Work Experience, Partner Skills & bonus points you required to complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form, online or on paper, and tell to the Department about yourself, your family, your skills, and your experience. You do not provide evidence at this point.

There are two way to apply for EOI one is Online & Other is Paper Base.

Fees for Online EOINZ$440
Fees for Paper Base EOINZ$560

Step: 3 Pool

As you complete your EOI you will claim points. If your EOI has a score of 100 points or more, it goes into the pool of EOIs.

Every two weeks department automatically select EOIs with a points score of 140 or over from the pool. Then they select EOIs with a point’s score of between 100 and 139 which include points for a skilled job or job offer. If they still have spaces available, Department use additional criteria to select lower-scoring EOIs.

Step: 4 Selection & Invitation

When INZ has satisfied itself that the points claimed are correct the applicant is then Invited to Apply forResidence (ITA). This invitation takes the form of a 40 page compilation of information taken from the EOI formto which is required to be added all the original supporting documentation to confirm the information in the EOI.

Normal residence documentation (full birth certificates, medicals, Police/character clearances etc) are alsorequired at this time. It may also be necessary to add additional information and documentation necessary in anendeavour to satisfy INZ of applicant ability to successfully settle in and contribute to New Zealand. Theresidence application must be completed and lodged within 4 months of the date of the ITA otherwise theinvitation will be lapsed. Based on our experience this process should really only take between 3 - 6 weeks tocomplete.

Applicants who are invited to apply for residence should be confident their application will besuccessful if the information provided in their EOI is supported by the documentation included in theirapplication. Residence applications are presently taking anywhere from 3 - 9 months to process from the dateof lodgement and the actual time depends on the workload of the INZ Branch concerned and the verificationprocess involved.

You will have to pay a fee with your application. You also required to do the Full Assessment if you had applied for PAR previously.

Fees for Application: INR 79800 (If you are Indian Citizen & Apply from India)

Fees for Full Assessment@ NZQA: 746 NZD

Step 5

Applications that include employment offers will have their residence granted directly and will be issued aresidence visa (or permit if in New Zealand) and 2 year Returning Residents Visas (RRVs). These residencepermits/visas will require the applicant to work in the employment offered (and included in the application) for aperiod of 3 months within the first 7 months of their arrival in New Zealand or on the granting of the residencepermit if the applicant is already in New Zealand. If the principal applicant remains in New Zealand for 184 days(6 months) in each of the 2 years of the RRV then they and their family included in the original application willbe issued indefinite residence with no conditions at the end of the initial 2 year RRV period (there are also otheroptions to achieve this outcome).

If an application does not include an offer of skilled employment it is possible INZ will require further evidence,and possibly an interview, to determine if an applicant has the ability to successfully settle in New Zealand. Ifthe application is then successful, INZ have the option to still issue residence visas or to issue a 9 month Workto Residence visa. In this latter case the applicant will have 3 months to arrive in New Zealand and on arrival a9 month open work permit will be issued. Within this 9 month period the applicant must obtain a position ofskilled employment and work in this employment for 3 months to enable residence permits to be finally issued.

Should your decision be to proceed with ASPIRE SQUARE we look forward to the opportunity to be of service withthe success of your New Zealand immigration application.
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