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Introduction of Expression of Interest (EOI)

New Australia Immigration rules w.e.f July 2012

Skilled Migration Selection Model also known as “SkillSelect” will be implemented by Dept. of Immigration & Citizenship Australia on 1st of July 2012. The government of Australia has announced a Major reform to its General skilled migration visa programme & the way which Australia selects skilled migrants. The new programme will bring all GSM offshore visas at unique platform.

The new policy will bring best applicants in each occupation which will be identified electronically & selected first. The Australian government has announced that they will grant visas to highest scoring applicants first which means reaching a pass mark will not be enough to guarantee a visa.

How will the New Skilled Migration Selection Model work?

  • Potential applicant have to lodge “Expression of Interest”
  • Australian immigration dept. along with help of Employers & Australian States & Territory will short list candidate who are “Superlative & Brightest” at regular intervals
  • Applicant who are selected will lodge the Suitable visa application with the department
Potential applicants must first lodge an ‘Expression of Interest’ from which the Australian government, or Australian state governments, will select the applicants they deem to be the ‘best and brightest’, migrants to fill available places in the Australian migration programme.

Your expression of interest is valid for 2 years. If you are selected to apply for an Australian visa, you then must lodge your visa application within 2 months of the invitation.

This means that you must complete a skills assessment and sit and receive your International English Language Test Score (IELTS) before you lodge your expression of interest (EOI). If you do not complete these preliminary steps but receive and invitation to apply for an Australian skilled immigration, with our consultants you simply will not be ready to lodge a valid application in time.

Aspire Square Recommendation

If you are wish to apply under the new policy of Skill select we recommend you to contact our team at +91 97 262 16161 as under the new policy system, all information you provide in your Expression of Interest (EOI) will be considered when you apply for your visa. This means any errors, inaccuracies or false or misleading information provided in your Expression of Interest may lead to a refusal of your visa.

Therefore, lodging the expression of interest (EOI) under the new policy will be critical phase towards your Australia immigration process. Also, being assessed accurately on your Australian skilled points score is essential to avoid wasting time and money on skills assessments and IELTS. It is therefore important to have professional advice before starting your Australia migration process. You can also submit your interest for free Assessment section.

The Australian government has indicated that the Australian migration programme must be flexible to deliver desirable mid to long term outcomes to the Australian economy and therefore, will continue to change.
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