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In recent time the state nomination list changes become very frequent. By this article we like to update the changes and its impact on your immigration process. Nevertheless considering the fact about the closer of many occupations due to the end of the Immigration year, now it is the best possible time to get ready for the further preparation of your immigration process to take the maximum advantage of the upcoming fresh list which may commence from July 2014. I.e. at the commencement of the immigration year.

The Migration Year runs from July to June in Australia. So we can say that currently we are in the final quarter of this immigration year.

Major state having the list of occupations for either Permanent Visa (Visa Subclass 190) or Provisional visa (Visa subclass 489) for sponsorship under Skill Select Visa process.

Below are the details of major state which have the large number of occupation to sponsorship throughout the immigration year.

1. New South Wales: NSW

The target for visa subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa) for NSW met with rapid time frame from July to December only. At the end of the December 2013, NSW state government announced the closer due to the target met for this program year for Visa Subclass 190 and that they would not be accepting any fresh application for Skilled Nominated Visa for this program year.

If we think about the few years back situation for NSW state nomination then your understand how situation changed for the nomination for NSW. Before few years NSW occupation list having small numbers of occupation, in addition to additional requirement of English language requirement, specializing or more work experience requirements that applied to most occupation on the list. Due to this reason NSW quota never filled. NSW expanded its occupation list in 2011 and from time to time they removed the additional requirement for sponsorship criteria. Because of this reason Sydney become the most popular destination for Skilled Nominated visa, and without any surprise NSW's increased quota tends to fill half way of the program year.

NSW still continue the sponsorship for Provisional visa.

NSW's fresh quota of occupation list will be reopen in July 2014. The eligibility criteria and list of occupation will be posted on their website in July 2014.

2. Australian Capital Territory: ACT

ACT has most occupations in their occupation list in this Immigration Year. In February a major changed took effect on the ACT occupations list. Many occupations changes with the three categories like Open, Limited and closed.

Open category means that nominations for these occupation are available. Limited means application must be verified before apply. And Closes means currently working in Canberra candidate only apply. Without any prior notice in March end Canberra closed to accept any new application till any further notice.

Aspire Square having experience in verifying the Limited occupation and many of our applicants having successful outcome form ACT under Limited occupations category.

Many prospective applicants closely monitor ACT occupation list because of the variety of occupations in their list. For this reason ACT became most popular destination for Skilled Nominated visa. That why the ACT quota filled up by the third quarter of this program year.

3) South Australia (SA)

Like ACT, South Australia is also among the most popular destination for Skilled Nominated Visa and Provisional Visa. The occupation list is also having large numbers of occupations. The sponsorship list is a Live list, with the planning level set for each occupation for this Immigration year.

Once the occupation become special conditions apply quota i.e. the planning level reached for this occupation for the Immigration year and only available to the current South Australian Graduates.

High Availability – Large numbers of places available for the Nomination based on the Planning Level set by SA Government

Medium Availability – Realistic number of places available for the nomination based on planning level set by SA government

Low Availability – Very less numbers of places availablefor the nomination based on the planning level set by SA government.

Special Conditions Apply – No places available as planning level reached, Only South Australian Graduates can apply.

Due to liveliness of this occupation list, many occupations progressed from High Availability to downwards A as the program year in the last quarter. Many occupations have met their planning level and now only available with Special conditions Apply.

4) Western Australia (WA)

Western Australian Government announced their new criteria for Nomination on 1st March 2014 with the effect on the same date. The changes mainly relates to the English Language requirement and work Experience requirement.

Now for overseas applicant it is compulsory to demonstrate the minimum of three years' experience to get the Nomination for Invitation under Skill Select Visa.

All applicants are now required to demonstrate at least 1 year of work experience in their nominated occupation in Australia or 3 years overseas. In addition to this Professionals and Managers applying for sponsorship must demonstrate 7.0 bands in each module of IELTS test.

The three main categories in the list are as below:

Available – These categories occupations are available for sponsorship.

Restricted – These occupations are under review. No invitations issue until the outcome of review.

Closed – These occupations not closed for Invitations. i.e. no Invitations will issue under closed occupation category.

Occupations move regularly from Available to Closed as the migration year progresses.


In the recent time Aspire Square discussed the State Sponsorship list in detail with the criteria and changes with many of my potential applicants.

With vast experience of Australian Immigration consultant process in Ahmedabad, We had a massage to the all aspirants who want to migrate to Australia under General Skilled Migration Visa. This is the really good time to start the process for skills assessment and IELTS results; from this they would be able to place them up by the time of New Migration Yeas starts in July 2014. Most Skills assessment body take about three months of processing time to give the outcome.

From the New Immigration year starts in July, Aspire Square again would like to say you that the best time to apply for State Sponsorship is July to November. From November we may get the first sign of occupation ceiling. In order to apply for State Sponsorship around that time, Aspirants need to start the process from March to April to have a genuine chance of getting the Positive Skills Assessment by sponsorship Stage.

Having the tie-up with MARA agent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Aspire Square is able to assist you in whatever stage you are. If you have your Skills assessment in your hand and would like to know the chances of you further process then contact our Expert Immigration Adviser for Australia, We will give you the honest and realistic advice for your further process. Contact us on info@aspiresquare.com for more detail.

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